Friday, 25 March 2011


This week has been a little different than most weeks as we learnt about speech marks. I definitely have improved in my writing heaps, it is great. I am sure that what room four has learnt, they will always remember when they are writing.
Room Four also did Lexia, Reading plus and SRA. SRA really helps students and same with the other two. Reading Plus is for advanced readers and it is online, so it is really fun.
 Lexia is different. There are a lot of different levels on both of these, but lexia has a selection of activities for students to choose out of but they must complete all the activities before moving up a level.  
Here is an example of what a sentence looks like with speech marks: “Do you want to come to my royal palace?” said the Prince.
“I hope you enjoyed reading!”         
By Lincoln  

The 3 Pigs

Once upon a time there were 3 little pigs playing in the mud. Their names were Jayden, Asher and Ethan.
One day Mum Pig and Dad Pig went to get a safe house, so it would be safe from the big bad wolf.
“Bye my mud buddies!” Mum said
“Bye, bye, bye,” said the piglets.
“Now Mum and Dad Pig are gone we can do anything we want,” said  Jayden.
“Yay, yay, yay, mud fight!” said Asher.
“Here comes Mum and Dad,” said Ethan, “clean up!”
Mum and Dad opened the door
“Awwwww, what happened here? Clean up you filthy pigs!  It looks like a pigsty!” said Dad.
All the pigs laughed.

By Ethan

Hanging Out With the Interns

Hanging out with the Interns
Every Wednesday the people from Church of Christ come.
They all have something they’re good at.
Josiah takes ripper/tackle rugby. Jared does the hang-out group. Emily does art. Michael does mini ball. Alex does dancing. Dave does soccer, which I do, and Ryan and Sam do games.
By Aroha P


Friday 25th March
It’s AWESOME how you look at the stars and you spot different shape and size. If you spot the Southern cross that is AWESOME!!!
By Ella

Getting an Injection

Getting an Injection

On Tuesday 22 of March I had to have an injection on my left shoulder.  When I went into the injection room I was scared out of my skin. The needle was at least 5 centimetres long.  When I saw the needle I felt like fainting.  When the needle went in the pain started.  When the needle came out I was relieved that it was over and done with. After waiting 20 minutes we went back to the class room.
I was so glad it was over.

By Kase

Cinderella and Her Step-Sisters Conversations

“Cinderella come here would you” screeched Drizella
“Coming in just a minute” called Cinderella
Cinderella walked into Drezella’s room
“Yes, madam, I am here. How may I be of assistance?”
“ Oh, stop waffling on and get Smellerella. Chop, chop,” yelled Drizella.
“Excuse me, madam,” Cinderella said as she walked into Smellerella’s room, “your sister has required you.”
“Oh, it’s you, smelly brat.  What do you want, pest? You do realise I'm in the middle of my perfuming?” Smellerella said.
“Sorry to disturb you, Madam, but your sister requires you. Something about your daily teasing,” said Cinderella.
“Oh, of course I’ll come straight away. Cinderella you shall accompany me,” said Smellerella in delight.
“Oh, of course, madam, as you wish,” said Cinderella.
Smellerella and Cinderella entered Drizella’s room. “I am here with your sister as you wished,” said Cinderella.
“Oh, delightful,” screeched Drizella.  “Now stand in the middle of the room, Cinderella,” she said.
“Um, ok, as you wish,” said Cinderella.
“Now let the torture begin,” Smellerella and Drizella cried. “Mwah ha ha ha ha!” they screeched.

Please note the following may disturb younger viewers. (Mrs Rolls)

By Monica      

The Wolf and Grandma

When the Wolf went inside Grandma’s house, Grandma was in the kitchen.
She heard a noise at the front door and she saw the Wolf. The Wolf said, “Hello, what are you making in the kitchen?”
“I’m making porridge, and there is enough for 2,” said Grandma. “Would you like some?”
“Oooo goody,” said the Wolf. “So, where is this porridge?”
“It’s in the kitchen,” said Grandma. “Come on.”
The Wolf and Grandma had porridge that day.

By Cameron

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood was walking through the forest.
“Hello,  may I see what’s in your basket?” said the wolf.
“No, sorry, these are for my grandma,” said Little Red Riding Hood.
"Where does your grandma live?" asked the wolf.
"On the other side of the forest," Little Red Riding Hood said.
"May I come with you?" asked the wolf.
"No, my grandma would never let you," said Little Red Riding Hood.
"That’s alright, but could you bring me some back for me?" asked the wolf. 
"Maybe," she said.
So Little Red Riding Hood carried on through the forest until she got to her grandma’s house. They sat down and ate and then she went back to the wolf. 
"I’m back. I saved one just for you,” she said.
"Thank you," said the wolf.               

By Hope

I Hate Cinderella - The Step-Sisters

We have been learning about speech marks.

“Hey, Gabby, do you know how much I hate Cinderella?” asked Sammy.
“No, but I know I hate her so much," replied Gabby.
“I hate her all the way to the moon and back,” replied Sammy.
“Yeah, well I hate her to Jupiter and back,” said Gabby.
“Well, I hate her to Mars and back,” cried Sammy.
“Well, I hate her 10x the amount you hate her,” said Gabby
“ Yeah, well, I hate her 100000000x the amount you hate her,” cried Sammy
“Wow, that’s a lot. I can’t even count to 100 so you win, but I still hate Cinderella,” said Gabby

The Three Little Pigs

“Goodbye ”said mother pig as she fare welled her little pigs.
"See ya, ma,” said the three little pigs named Jayden, Ethan, and the smartest named Asher.
Off they went to look for a house.  Suddenly, Jayden found a flat and bought it.  He thought it was safe when he saw the big bad wolf was coming down the path.  He locked his doors, but it was too late
The wolf came and got his Hurricane3000 hair dryer and blew the house down and that was the end of Jayden.
 “Yummy," said the wolf.
Ethan bought a hippy bus that he saw but the wolf got in and ate Ethan all up.
“Delicious,” said the wolf
Asher, the smartest, brought the best house.
 He got a security lock-down mansion and the wolf tried to get in but he got fried by fifty lasers and shot with a whip gun five times.  When it stopped the wolf ran home crying, “I want my mummy!”
Asher lived happily ever after.

By Asher

Pencil Sharpening Art

The Three Bears

This week we have been  learning about surface features.  We had to write a conversation that would have happened in a fairy tale.  This is what I wrote:

The Three Bears
Father Bear opened the door.
"Someone's been eating my porridge!" boomed Father Bear.
"Someone's been eating my porridge!" wept Mother Bear.
"Someone's been eating my porridge and they've eaten it all up!" wailed Baby Bear.
They all walked through to the lounge.
"Someone's been sitting in my chair!" Bellowed Father Bear.
"Someone's been sitting in my chair!" cried Mother Bear.
"Someone's been sitting in my chair and it's broken into pieces!" screamed Baby Bear.
They made their way upstairs into the bedroom.
“Hmph. Someone’s been lying on my bed!” growled Father Bear.
“Hmph. SSSSomeone’s bbbeen lying on my bbbed!” stammered Mother Bear.
“Argh! Someone’s been been sleeping in my bed and they’re still in it!” squeaked Baby Bear, barely able to speak out of fright.

Hanging Out With the Interns

Every Wednesday there are people from Church of Christ who come and hang out with us. There are eight groups that we can participate in. I am in the Art group with Emily, Josh, Hannah T, Karene, Tori, Hannah P, Ella and Brooklyn.
We will be painting the rock climbing wall and abseiling wall. Our group was thinking of putting our schools verse on it, which is, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.” Psalms 119:105.
I am having a great time with the Interns.

By Cora

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

This story starts when Snow White is in the  forest coming near to the house.
“Oh, what a lovely little cottage,” Snow White said.  “I will do the person who lives here a little clean up.”
Snow White walked into the house.
“ This will never do. It’s so dirty,” exclaimed Snow White.  “Oh, and what cute looking chairs,  and those beds.  I say that the person who lives here has a great taste for finery.”
So she picked up her dress and started cleaning and soon she was all done.
“Much better,” thought Snow White, sitting down in the chair.
In a couple of minutes Snow White was asleep.  The dwarfs came home in a merry old way.
“Who’s been cleaning the place up?” asked Clumsy, who was the clumsiest of them all.
“Someone’s polished the chairs and cleaned all the plates and put things away!” said Elder
“My goodness the beds have been neatly made,” said Tiny
“ There’s no rats in the house and the carpet’s all clean.” cried John
“ Something is wrong with the ceiling and the curtains are all clean,” said Lazy
“Our clothes are all folded!” said Mischief
“ Someone’s in your chair,  Elder,  sleeping,” whispered Cutie
“Let’s go see what's happening,” said Elder
So they snuck over to where Snow White slept.
“Let’s wake her up.  I want to have a word,” said John
At that moment Snow White woke up.
“Seven little dwarfs,” said Snow White,  “ I did not know there  where such things.”
“ Hello,” said all the dwarfs together.

By Shanara

Little Red Riding Hood - Rewritten

Red Riding Hood      Part One     (Rewritten)

“Now, now Red don’t go talking to strangers on the way to Grandma’s will you,” said Lisa, Red Riding Hood’s mother.
“Yeah, yeah whaaaaatever,” said Red Riding Hood.
“Good girl” said Lisa, “now how do you get to grandmas?”
 Red Riding Hood sighed.  They’d been through this over a million times.  “Over the bridge, through the valley and down Lotter’s Lane, Mum.   We’ve been over this.  I know how to get to Grandma’s house.”
“O.K., O.K. I just want you to be safe,” said Lisa, so Red took of down the road and Lisa watched her until she was just a little spot I  the distance.  “I do hope she will be safe,” Lisa sighed, and went to make some scones.

“Why does mum have to be so over-protective?” Red asked herself as she came to an intersection.  She went to turn left as she had so many times before, or was it right? Red couldn’t remember. “Oh no!” Red sat down on a nearby bench.
She thought about how her mother was so worried about her getting lost, but she pushed that thought away. “No, I can do this!” Red stood up and saw people staring at her. She laughed.  “O.K. first I need to stop talking to myself.”
…… To be continued ……
By Tori

The 3 Little Pigs

Today we had to write a fairytale of our choosing.  Focusing on our punctuation, we only had to write a conversation between our characters.   My story is about The 3 Little Pigs discussing their homes.
The 3 Little Pigs
The three little pigs were sitting around the fire.
“How can I make my house wolf proof?”  asked Piggy Oink.
“I don’t know, Oink” said Piggy Bob.  “Straw is not a very strong foundation to protect you from The Big Bad Wolf you know.”
“I know!” said Piggy Snort. “I can give you some twigs to build a stronger house.”   
“I don’t think that’s such a good idea, Snort. Your house didn’t stand very long when The Big Bad Wolf blew it in,” said Bob
“You’re right, maybe we should build our houses from brick like your,” said Snort.
“Okay, but you’ll have to do all the work yourself!” Bob warned
“I don’t want to do all the work!” complained Oink.
“Well you’ll just have to if you want to be protected from The Big Bad Wolf,” said Bob
“Oh, I guess I’ll just have to then,” Oink said, disappointed.
“We will start tomorrow!” Snort said, feeling rather  optimistic.
By Karene

Happy Day

Friday 25th March
Today I felt proud of myself, because I moved up to Reading Plus. I had to do a test but it wasn’t too hard, and Mrs Rolls said I did quite well.
I like the reading log that we have to do as part of our compulsory homework, and at the moment I am reading Little Women.  Next, I might read The Hunch Back Of Notre Dame.
I am starting to get in to Spanish, and when I go to college, I want to keep learning!

The Three Little Pigs - Speechmarks Practise

           The Three Little Pigs
The wolf knocked on the door of Pig 1.
Pig 1 cried as he said, “Oh, please, Mr Wolf don’t blow my house down, for if you do, see what my brothers will do to you.”
“Ok, if you say, I’ll show your brothers what I can do,” laughed Wolf.
Wolf walked on to Pig 2’s house. “Knock, knock,” said Wolf,
“Please, please, please, don’t blow my house down. If you do, you will see what my older brother will do to you,” said Pig 2
“ Hahaha,” said Wolf.  “Ok, one last time.”
Wolf walked down to Pig 3’s house and knocked on his door. “Knock, knock,” said Wolf
“Hello, Mr Wolf. I have just got a phone call that you’ve been teasing my younger brothers,” said Pig 3
Pig3 tipped a bucket full of boiling hot water over the wolf and the wolf melted to DEATH.
The other two pigs owed there big brother a big thank-you!
By Risaleaana

Protecting Your House

This is all about giving tips to people who need them!

Protecting Your House if You are Three Bears

1. Never leave your house
2. Get a guard dog
3. Get a lock for your house
4. Move somewhere else that has no kids
5. Get lasers around your house until you get home

Helping Cinderella

1. Call the cops
2. Take judo lessons
3. Get your fairy godmother to turn them in to a frog
4. Send them to the dungeon



Little Red Riding Hood

We have been practising our speech marks.  Here is my example.

Little Red Riding Hood opened the door to Grandma’s house, when suddenly rats come out of the house and they were going somewhere.
“Man, grandma needs to clean up this place,” said Little Red Riding Hood. “Flip, Grandma sure does need to get some lights in here.”
Red Riding Hood went into the kitchen.   “Pooh, what’s that smell?” she said  to her Grandmother, who was standing in the kitchen.
“Oh, hello,  dear that was just my oven.  The cookies must be ready,” said Grandma.
“I just came to tell you  I got first in the judo to tournament and I got a gold medal,” said Little Red Riding Hood. 
By Jayden

The Princess and the Frog

We are learning to use speech marks correctly. Here is my example.
Once upon a time there lived a frog and a princess.
The frog asked the princess, “Can I have a kiss please?”
“No way.  You are a slimy and wet frog,” said the princess.
“I will go and get a kiss from the Princess next door then,” said the frog.
“Wait, are you a prince?” said the princess.
“Well of course I am” said the frog.
They lived happy ever after 

Aroha D

Another Cindy Story

For school we are learning to use Speech marks in our writing and I’m going to give you an example.

“What are you looking at?” Anastasia says to Cindy.
“Ohh, sorry I was just admiring your beauty, step sister,” Cindy says to Anastasia.
“Don’t you have work to do, you pathetic thing?” Lucy says to Cindy.
“No I don’t. It’s my lunch break, remember,” Cindy says to both of her step sisters.
“Well, your lunch break is officially over,” the two step sisters say nastily.
“But I only just started my lunch break,” Cindy says in disappointment.
“Well... now you have to get back to or we’ll tell Mother,” Anastasia says.
“I’m sorry, I’ll get back to work right away,” Cindy whimpers softly.

That’s my example of using speech marks in a conversation.

By Tui

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

New to the Blog

Parents, I would like to introduce you to the new item on the blog!  It is the email subscribe widget ( It's a small application that can be installed within a web page or blog). You will see it on the right side of the blog page.

"So what does it do?"

I am glad you asked!  You can put your email address into the widget and it will send you an email when we have new items on the blog.  Then you can stay up-to-date on all the blog happenings without having to bring up the page 10 times a day, as I know you all are doing!  =)

I am encouraging all parents to take up the comment challenge.  Here is how to make a comment, if you are still confused.

How to Make a Comment on a Blog Post

Step 1:  Go the blog and read the blog post for your child, or for the day.  At the bottom of the blog post it says 'comments' (sometimes it might say '2 comments' - this means two people have commented on the post).

Click on 'comments'.

Step 2:  This will take you to a page with the post at the top and a comment box like this at the bottom:

Step 3:  If the box that is circled in red does not say 'anonymous' click the little arrow next to the box and scroll down to that option.  Then type in your comment in the comment box (see example), then click 'post comment'. Make sure you leave your name: e.g. Mrs R or Sandra or Sandra's Mum etc.
If your comment was posted you will see the post come up like this:

And that is it!  Easy peasy!  Now that you have finished reading this, go and find a piece of your child's work to comment on!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Extra for Experts

You guys are doing so well with your surface features that I thought I would let you tackle some awesome sites that help you with your grammar, punctuation and spelling. 
If you do visit one of the sites, write a review in the comments letting the other kids know if it is any good.

Web English Teacher - Great site with lots of links to online grammar and punctuation games

Homework Hub -  Interactive games and activities for teaching grammar (also has kid-friendly explanations of words)

Homework Help -  Fun grammar and punctuation activities

Kids Konnect - Site with heaps of links to punctuation activities

If you find any more, let me know!  Have fun learning!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Rainbow Mufti Day

On Friday 18th March TBCS had a RAINBOW mufti day with all the colours of the RAINBOW, minus yellow, and adding pink.  I dressed in purple.

After lunch we went outside and made a RAINBOW, ironically on the ground. 

It was lots of fun. Yay!  Go rainbows!


On Friday 18th March TBCS had a RAINBOW themed mufti day.  We all dressed in a single RAINBOW colour.

After lunch everyone went outside and stood in a RAINBOW shape according to our colour and we took photos.

Tori and Karene

All the money raised today was for our sponsored World Vision child, Helen.  We raised $102!


Yesterday Room 4 and Room 2 did some buddy reading in the library.  We had loads of fun together and Mrs Rolls loved watching us sharing books with our buddies. 
Here is what we thought:
“The funny little thing was that Abby was partnered with Abby.”  Abby
“My little buddy was cute and cuddly.  We read 5 books!  She was very respectful.”  Shanara
“I enjoyed listening to my little buddy, Mia, read.”  Tangiwai
“Me and my buddy found out that all pigs are beautiful.” Karene
“I enjoyed reading with little Caleb because he actually listened and he liked The Incredibles too.”  Jayden
“It was hard to read when Jack kept giggling at the funny sea animals that kept eating each other.  I think he really enjoyed the book!” Ethan
Who is having more fun?
Staring Competition!
Who is MONITORing the kids?
Can you get a tan while reading?
An ‘awwww’ moment!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

What We Did at Breaktime!

This is how God must have felt creating the world!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Abel Tasman Walk (EOTC) Review

Last Friday we went on an EOTC trip (Education outside the Classroom). We went to the Abel Tasman! I really enjoyed being in the bush.
Room 4 - being the “big kids” – walked to Apple Tree Bay then back to Tinline Bay and met up with the others to have lunch. It took us about 3 hours all up.
We got some really cool photos of the bush and ocean. My favourite bit was having lunch at Tinline Bay, even though I lost my lunch to a seagull. 
I also really enjoyed looking at the contrasts of the sea and sand.
My mum and our home stay, Lilli, came on the walk too and I know they had an awesome time! Of course everyone from TBCS had a really fun time (not having any school work!)
This trip was AWESOME and I can’t wait for the next one!!!
By Tori


On Friday we went to the Abel Tasman to do a long hike for our E.O.T.C (Education Outside The Classroom).
When we first started the walk, my partner was Karene, and we started right at the very back, but when we had just passed Tinline Bay we had morning tea. I was tired of being left behind so instead I went to the front with Tangiwai and Mrs. Rolls.
We weren’t allowed to keep walking because we had to wait for Mrs. Walls to hurry up because we didn’t even know where she was. But Mrs. Rolls just decided to take the group that had already finished their morning tea and Mrs. Currie and Mr. Crudge would take the other group.
All of the people who went with Mrs. Rolls were starting to slack and so we only ended with about 7 with Mrs. Rolls in the front. The people who were left with Mrs. Rolls were trying to be right at the front with Mrs. Rolls. I seemed to get to the front by sneaking my way through everyone.
Once we arrived at Apple Tree  Bay I had a little snack then went to go and climb on the big rocks and explore them. When I went over there I noticed there were heaps of bees and wasps hanging around the rocks.
When we left and headed back to Tinline for lunch I still managed to stay in front next to Mrs. Rolls. Once we arrived at Tinline Bay there was a huge sigh of relief and excitement. Then I tried to eat my lunch as fast as I could so I could go swimming. When I touched the water my body froze, but I soon got over it.
Once I was refreshed we were back on our walk to the bus.
We finally arrived to the bus with success.
By Tui

Friday 11th March

On Friday 11th March we had a school walk.  
The room 4’s went at 9:00am and started the walk at Marahau and we walked up to Apple Tree Bay.  
We made two stops for a drink and a munch then we turned and headed back for Tin Line Bay and met with the rest of the school and had lunch.
After that we all walked back to the start at Marahau.
On the way back from Apple Tree Bay we passed some most amazing waterfalls.  We past about three of them, but I only got the names of two which was Simonette Creek and Goodman’s Gulch,
Mrs Rolls took a photo of me, Shanara, Tui, Tangiwai, Asher, Hannah, and Pamela (my buddy) on some slimy and green rocks.
By Tania

Abel Tasman Walk

On Friday we went hiking in the Abel Tasman National Park.
What I really enjoyed was when we got to Apple Tree Bay and climbed inside a cave. It was so cool and it was really deep.
When we got to Tinline Bay I was so happy, I ran down to the beach and kissed the sand!
While I was waiting for Asher to bring  my bag (he wanted to carry them) I went over to the water and put my feet into the water. It was so cold it felt like ice.
When Asher came with my bag I ran over to him, grabbed my bag and got changed and jumped straight in.
When we left I had to walk back to the bus with bare feet because my feet were too wet to put my shoes on.  It was sore!!!!
By Tangiwai

Walking in the Bush

On Friday we went walking in the bush.  People took some awesome pictures of the sea, people, and the bush.
We went for a walk to Apple Tree Bay, and then we were heading back down to Tineline Bay to meet up with the others.
I was the human pack horse because I carried heaps of bags and I could still keep up with the 1st group!
When we got to Tineline Bay we had lunch and went for a swim; even Mrs Aldridge got in. As soon as I got in,  it was time to get out!
After lunch we walked back to the bus and headed home.
It was a great day and Mrs Rolls outpaced the kids.  She got a head start and we were not allowed to go past her!
By Shanara

Abel Tasman Walk Review

On Friday 11th March our school went to the Abel Tasman National Park, to go on a walk. Our class (Rm4) left school a bit earlier than the other classes because our class walked a bit further than the rest of the school.
Our first stop was just past the Tin Line Bay sign. After everyone had arrived and had a rest, Mrs Rolls chose Aroha to be in charge of the camera.  Aroha  could also take pictures of things that are interesting, like the sting ray we saw, or a picture of sticks that say: THIS IS HEAVEN.
As an hour and a half passed by we finally made it to Apple Tree Bay, which is where we had some morning tea, and a little play.  It was also our only chance to go to the toilet.
After everyone finished their morning tea, we were able to head back and have lunch at Tin Line Bay, where we would meet the rest of the school and have a swim. There weren’t many people swimming because the water was very cold.
Almost half an hour later it was time to go back to the bus.   Rm 4 led the rest of the school back to the buses  and Mrs Rolls took a few pictures  of Rm4  lying on the grass pretending that we are sleeping or dead.
As the classes arrived we were able to hop onto our buses and go home.
The whole walk that my class (Rm4) did was approximately 3 hour.  It was a very awesome day!
By Risaleaana

Abel Tasman Walk

On Friday we went on a walk from Marahau to Apple Tree Bay and back to Tinline Bay to have lunch with the juniors and then back to Marahau.
It was really fun because I walked with Mrs Rolls at the front with Tania, Tangiwai, Tui Hannah Asher and Shanara and we joked about the others being slowpokes.
At Tinline Bay we found a cave.  It was cool. Tangiwai, Tui, Karene, Tory and Liam.P went swimming. Man, were they brave.
When we got back to Marahau we all had to pretend we were puffed to death. My friend sat and pretended she was a zombie and Mrs Rolls took a photo of her.
Boy, were my feet sore that day. They were not used to all that walking but it was a great experience.
By Pamela

Very Long Walk Review

On Friday we got on the bus and we went to the Abel Tasman and we went on a very long walk. We walked for one and a half hours to Apple Tree Bay and then walked back to Tinline Bay for lunch.
The walk to Apple Tree was ok but it was a bit boring we didn’t really do any activities and it was very hard to keep up with Mrs. Rolls. I mean, seriously, Mrs. Rolls is like a jet, a very fast jet! 
Anyway, we walked and we walked and we finally got to Apple Tree Bay and we had something to eat.
As we walked back I stopped and in the sand I saw the words: THIS IS HEAVEN.  It was really cool so my friend took a photo of it. That was definitely a highlight of my day. It made me realise how people enjoy our country so much and that we are so lucky to live in such a beautiful country.
So I suppose that I did learn something out of our walk: that we should enjoy where we live and make the most of it. And something also I have learned is that we should be grateful for what we have.
By Monica

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Bush Walk

Last Friday we went to Abel Tasman for a bush walk.  It took about 30 minutes to get there on the bus.
The little kids in Rooms 1, 2, 3 left at ten o’clock and we left at nine o’clock.
Once we got on the track, the views were just amazing with the sea and the sand and the trees.  It was just amazing.  Our walk was three hours to get to Apple Tree Bay and to get back to Tinline Bay to have lunch and a swim.
Mrs Rolls had to keep telling the people at the back to be quiet because other people were trying to enjoy peace and quiet.
Once we got to Tinline Bay we had lunch with the whole school.  Then we got to go for a swim and Miss Aldridge even got in. The water was freezing cold and everyone keep slipping over on the slippy rocks.
After that we had to go back to school. My favourite part was when we got to relax on the way home.     

Apple Tree Bay Hike

Friday was pretty good but very tiring. I was so tired at the end of the walk I thought that I was either going to collapse or have a heart attack! I think everyone was looking forward to the weekend, but it whizzed by so quickly it seemed like it never happened.
I managed to keep up with Mrs Rolls most of the way and we joked about the others being slow! And when we heard them further behind us, we ran so they wouldn’t catch up.
We were all sooooo tired and sore when we got back to the buses and I really wish that the weekends are longer or that the holidays would hurry up!
Apple Tree Bay was so cool with golden, sandy beach and refreshing cold water to bathe your feet in, and Tinline bay was good too, but it had heaps of rocks and sharp shells which weren’t so nice. I think that we should have had lunch at Apple Tree Bay but Mrs Rolls wanted us to go all the way back to Tinline with the rest of the kids for lunch, so we dragged ourselves back to Tinline and collapsed on the rocks, panting!  Finally had lunch!


On Friday the whole school of TBCS went to the Abel Tasman and room 4 went to Apple Tree Bay. Room 4 went up the hill and further than the rest of the school.
We had lunch with the rest of the School in Tinline Bay.  I carried 5 bags to Tinline Bay.  My legs were not sore at all!
At Tinline Bay we were picking up crabs.  I found a cave, but it was not that dark.  We also saw 2 stingrays; one was in deep water and the other one was in close to the shore.
We take some good pictures along the way and it was cool.

Our Trip

Last Friday Room 4 left at nine o’clock to get on the bus and travel to Marahau. That is because we were walking to Apple Tree Bay for our whole school trip, except only  Room 4 went to Apple Tree Bay with four adults. The rest of the school were going with the other parents and teachers to Tin Line Bay. 
When we got off the bus we had to choose a partner and I chose Aroha P.
 Just as we got up to the bridges we saw Risi and she said that Tangiwai was with Asher, so she came and joined our group. After me and Aroha P found Risi we stopped at Tinline camping ground.
Then we still walked further than Ti line camping ground to Apple Tree Bay.
When we got back from Apple Tree Ba,y Tangiwai, Tui, Risi, Aroha P ran down to the bay because they were so excited.
After a while the whole school grabbed their stuff and Room 4 followed Mr Crudge and Mr Freeman back to the buses.
Finally we got to rest on the grass. Mrs Rolls took photos of us pretending to be dead. Then the rest of the school came and we all left the park and jumped on the bus to go back home.

Big Walk

Last Friday we went for a walk in the Abel Tasman National Park.  Room 4 went earlier to go to Apple Tree Bay and then to Tin Line Bay to have lunch with Room 1, 2, 3, but my favourite part was sitting down after the big walk.  It felt so good to sit down and relax!

My other favourite part was playing on the big rocks at Apple Tree Bay. There was this huge cave at Tin Line Bay too and mostly everyone went in it.

I had heaps and heaps of water at the start of the trip and I had the school camera. I took about 8 photos

After we had lunch, we walked back to the buses and waited for the other people and then went home.



Our Walk

Monday 14th March

On Friday my favourite part of the Abel Tasman walk out to Marahau was when I was the bag carrying person.  The girls caught up and said, “Tangiwai, carry your own bag!”  I said, “No, this is exercise!”  Then they said nothing. But before I said it, Cora took Tania’s bag and did not give it back and was going to give it to her, but then I took it back.
She did not care because she was tired, so I had to chase Cora all the way to Tania to get it back, so that was like an Olympics race chasing  people!

The Big Walk

On Friday Room 4 left at 9:00 to go on a walk to Apple Tree Bay.  We went on the bus to get to Able Tasman. When we got there we started we started walking to Apple Tree Bay.

We stopped at this little grass bit where we had our morning tea and then we carried on.  On our way Risi spotted a stingray just swimming around in the water.   There was also lots of waterfalls; some were big and some were just small.  The water was really pretty it was like a really clear blue.

When we finally got to Apple Tree Bay we were playing on the big rocks. Then we saw a cave and it was really cool, but it wasn’t really dark! Some people went in.

When it was time to walk back to Tinline Bay we all got together and started walking.

When we saw everyone there I was so excited.  My legs were so sore.  I just sat down and almost fell asleep, but we still had to walk back to the bus.  When I was walking back I was saying to myself, “Just think about sitting at home watching tv.”

When I saw the bus I was so glad! Finally the walk was finished! When we got on the bus, Cora and Me shut our eyes and fell asleep!

Aroha P

Our Walk

On Friday Room 4 went on a trip to Abel Tasman walk. It took us about half an hour on the bus to get there. When we got there we walked for half an hour and stopped and had morning tea.
Then we walked for a bit more and stopped at Apple Tree Bay and had some more food and a rest and a toilet stop.
After we walked all the way back until we got to Tin Line Bay and we had lunch and some of us had a swim and then we all walked back to the bus and went home.
But the BEST thing I liked the most was walking with Tori, Monica, Karene and Lilli and trying to keep up with Mrs. Rolls (and meeting a new girl called Lilli).  

BY Aroha

Abel Tasman Walk

Abel Tasman Walk
On Friday the 11th March we (TBCS) went on our first EOTC trip of the year (EOTC stands for Education Outside the Class room).  We walked the Abel Tasman.
Room 4 went all the way to Apple Tree Bay. I was the last to get to the bay, but it’s fun to be last…then again it’s not fun to be last because I didn’t get much time in the bay!
After a while we walked back past the waterfalls, over the bridges, through the amazing bush all the way back to Tinline Bay.  It was wonderful.
My favourite thing was the waterfalls. They were all so different.  In some of them, the water fell into little pools then the pools would overflow and the water would go into the next pool and so on and so forth.  Then there is the normal waterfall when the water goes over a cliff, but my favourite one is the one where the water skims over the rock then it fills a pool but it starts with a normal waterfall.  Do you see why I liked the waterfall so much, because it had all three waterfalls in one?
All in all it was a great day even though my feet/ legs hurt the day after and when I got home I had a big sleep. I loved it and I think I will always love and treasure the memory forever and always.