Tuesday, 28 February 2012

This Term Room 4 have been  learning about our strengths,some of my strengths  are explorer, where I like to discover new things and EXPLORE new possibilities.Another strength of  mine is being a collaborator,I like to work in teams when playing games or be in groups when having to do tasks and problems.

Last week we had to work on our PLPs(personal learning plans),we had to fill out this sheet of paper that told us about our goals,strengths and what we are learnign and want to get better at. The following week there was parent interviews and when it was my turn to tell my Mum  about it I had to ask them questions like if there is any way that they could help and support me in any of my areas that I needed more help in. I am quite excited also to be able to teach some of the little kids some of my strengths that i can pass on to them.!!

wellington camp and swimming!

On 5th March Room 4 will be going on a camp to Wellington and we are alll very excited! We are going to
 be very busy while we are there, doing laser strike, going to the zoo, visiting Parliament, going to Capital E and lots more!  Also in the last few weeks we have been doing swimming and in the Upper Moutere swimming competition there were lots of awesome swimmers.


this term we have been learnig about our sregts and we are working on them and it has been so  much fun some of my stegths are

·       verbiliser

·       orgnising

we have so much fun learinig about this.

my stregths also tiy in with my plp persanil learning plan.

My strengths

hi my strengh





Next week at school we are going to wlington for room 4 camp and we are doing stuff like lazer strik and yhe zoo I am realy looking ford to it we are leaving on Monday the 5th of march 2012 it will be so much fun I cant wait we are going on the inter islander feary and I cant wait crosing on the intre islande salin to the other side . it will be so much fun.

By Hope Jahnke

Monday, 27 February 2012


Wellington camp!!!!!

As you would have seen from all the recent posts Room 4 are heading up to Wellington for a four day camp. We will be heading on the bus to Picton on Monday next week then getting on the ferry.
We have recieved letters from Te Papa and other people concerning the activities we will be doing.
We have teams that we will be in for the journey and while we are wondering around the centre of Wellington.
We are staying in the lodge and will be sleeping two to a room. We will be doing all kinds of awesome activitys throughout the four day period.

Trip to Wellington.

On the 5th of March room 4 is going to Wellington, we are going to picton on the bus then catch a ferry to wellington termanal and take a train down to pororu and we will stay in a 24 bedroom lodge (Mr Mathews booked 13 bedrooms for us) and in each bedroom is 2 beds we get to pick who we sleep with I picked my best friend Brooklyn, Mr Mathews has book a lot of things for us to do among the week like Te Papa, the Zoo, Parliament, the Cable cars, the swimming pool (theres more but I cant remember the rest) i am pretty excited about this trip but the one thing that is going to be scary for me is the ferry, especially if the swell is more than a 3 but other than that im sweet oh and one more thing we have groups and those groups have leaders Pamela, Brooklyn and I are all in a group and our leader is Ellas mum (Jenni) yay all girls.

wellington update 2012

On monday 5th March room 4 of Tasbay Christian School is going on a senior camp to Wellington.
We will be staying at camp Eledson for 3 and a half days.
We will be doing activities such as going to the zoo,gocarting,te papa,swimming,lazer tag, and much more fun activities.
I can not wait until we leave to go to camp its going to be the bomb!

By Josh

Wellington update!!

On Monday 5th March room 4 of Tasman Bay Christian School will be leaving at approximately 8:30am to Picton,as we will catching a Ferry to Wellington from there.The days are getting closer and closer,everybody is really excited.It will be a long day for everybody.we will be staying in Porirua at Camp Elsdon.Room 4 have been getting good feedback from the places that we have been  asking questions to, like the Wellington Zoo, Parliament and a whole lot of other places.While we are in Wellington we will be in groups with an adult for a leader. Some of the activities that we will be attending are Cable car, GoKarts,Wellington Zoo, Parliament Swimming Pool and much more exciting activities to be waiting for.I can't wait until we go because I know that it is going to be really fun.

The road trip

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Wellington Zoo

Hi Risaleanna, Liam, Tangiwai, and the rest of Room 4,

Thanks for your letter about coming to the Zoo. I bet you are all gettiong really excited about your camp!

From the train station you can catch the number 10 bus to the Zoo. You can also catch the number 23 bus from Lambton Quay, which is a street near the train station. All you need to bring is suitable clothing for the weather, your cameras, and a sense of adventure, because you are coming to visit the best little zoo in the world! :)

To make your experience even better, you can start thinking about questions you would like to ask about the Zoo. You are going to be learning all about the amazing animals we have, both native to New Zealand and exotic species, from all over the world. You could start thinking about the things you can do to help take action for endangered animals; I would love to hear your ideas when you get here.

I look forward to meeting you all on March 6th.

Kind regards,

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Wellington Camp Trip!!

On Wednesday 5th of March, Room4 from Tasman Bay Christian will be  going on a city expereince trip to Wellington. We will be traveling  by  the Interislander ferry.I can't wait to get there because we are going to be doing alot of activities like Lazerstrike,Indoor GoKarts,CableCar and a whole heap of other exciting activities to look foward to.

We will be catching buses and trains as we travel  around Wellington city.It will take us approximately 1km to get to our Hotel.we will be travelling with Mr Matthews and Mrs Hough. To get to our first activity,our job will be to catch a train or bus there.

 We will be staying there for 4 nights and 3 days.During the time at school our class have been sending letters to the managers of the activities we will be going to, and asking them questions that we might need to know before we get there, so it can make our expereince even better.I think I am going to get really exhausted from all the walking, but I know that it is going to be a heap of fun.

By Risaleaana.

Wellington Camp Trip!!!!

On Wendsday 5th of March, Room 4 (Ruma Wha) of Tasman Bay Christian School will be heading Up North for a Wellington city expereince. We will be travling by bus and then getting on a Interislander Ferry. We will be doing lots of activities like, Lazerstrike, CableCar, GoKarts and a whole heap of other cool exciting activities to do in our four day period.

We will be catching trains and buses as we travel all over Wellington. It will take us aproximately 1km to walk to camp and then we will have to walk back and catch a train to our first activity. We will be staying three nights and four days.

We have sent letters to the activities we will be doing and will hope to get some feed back from what we have writen. We will get exhausted from all the walking but i know it will be a fun experience for all of us

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Hey guys, remember we are swimming tomorrow Thursday 9th FEb
Mr M

Friday Pioneer Visits

Founders Park - 87 Atawhai Drive Nelson
Broadgreen House - 276 Nayland Road, Stoke.
We are ttaending both venues this Friday as a start to our Topic= Pioneers.
Looking forward to seeing updates from there on here.
Mr M

Friday, 3 February 2012

Mr mattew is forgeting my name.

From the started the school  and when I went in room 4  mr mattew is always frogetting toput my name because he never put my name in the roll , maths group , PE shed, I do not know mr mattew frogets put on the hand writing groupis well  plese I would like to not to forget my name never and ever again and I hope he not to froget again

Did Ja KnOw ThAt

  1.  A Lobster has ten legs.
  2. Men can read smaller Prints than women,But women can hear better.
  3. India grows the most tea in the world.
  4. The only food that doesn't go bad is honey.
  5. Your body has more than 650 muscles.
  6. The jaw fish spits pebbles from its mouth to defend itself.
  7. Antarctica is really a desert because it has almost no rainfall.
  8. The moons belonging to mars are shaped like potatoes.
  9. a tsunami can travel as fast as a jet plane.
  10. A hippo can open its mouth wide enough to fit a 1.3m (4 foot) tall child inside
  11. a hedgehogs heart beats 300 times a minute on average.
  12. The mighty Mississippi river flowed backwards in 1811- due to an earthquake.
  13. NewZealand was the first country to give women the vote.
  14. 47 bibles are sold every minute.
  15. An alligator has more than 80 teeth.
  16. Hot water freezes faster than cold water.
  17. You spend three years of your life on the loo.