Wednesday, 18 December 2013


This is my ginger bread house I made for my homework. First you have to make the dough, then you have to cook it. When it's done you make the glue which you can eat and glue on the lollies and the pieces of the house. I made it because it is really delicious and it's Christmasy.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

harry king

For homework these two weeks I made a bird house I made it for birds to live in and to hag up for decoration.
To make it I had to get some thin pine wood and put it together and sand 7 cots on to it and 7 cots of paint.


For homework for the last two weeks we had to make something like a cake or a bird house just anything, so I made a floatable pirate ship.
The reason I made a pirate ship is because I wanted to make something different.
To make it I first got a small LnP bottle, two pieces of paper, two plastic sticks and half a cup of sand.
I got the bottle and the sand then put the sand inside, then closed the lid, next I cut two little holes for the plastic sticks then Inserted them in.
Next I got the paper and cut them Into a triangle then cut the top flat then I made them into two different sizes one smaller and one bigger, then I got the bigger one and drew a skull on it.
Then I got a hole puncher and put two little hole onto both the end tips on both pieces of paper.
After that I slided the papers down the stick then spread them out along the sticks.

liam p's homework

For the last three weeks of school we have been given the chance to create something for homework. For my homework I made a volcano and made it erupt. I made my homework at school in my own time. I made it out of news paper and straws.
This is my homework project  is a boat and is balloon powered.

We had to make a project that we could make in two weeks, At the end of the  process we could bring our project to school and show everyone.

I made it with an old juice bottle,paper, straws, a balloon and some stuff  to decorate.  

Gulliver's homework bird house


For homework, we had to make something. First, we had to make a brief about what it was going to be. Then we had to make it and I chose to make a bird house

I made the Bird house out of recycled apple boxes and nails. I did half of the sawing and almost all of the nailing and I did almost all of the painting and we hand sawed it.
I chose a bird house because there are lots of birds around our house. Half of the roof can flip up so we can see inside.
That is what I made for my homework.

Caleb's Homework

For homework we needed to create something, I chose to make a bird feeder. I made it out of timber and a lemonade bottle, First I stuck the two pieces of timber together with screws, then I put holes in the bottle and filled it up with bird seed and stuck it to the timber with hot glue. Then I nailed I to the fence.

Monday, 16 December 2013

My Homework T4

For one of my homework tasks this term i had to think of a project and then complete it. I chose to create a smoothie recipe. i tested out the recipe and it tasted tropical and very fruity. I made the smoothie out of a few different fruits like pineapple and strawberries blended in with some ice so it would be nice on a hot day. this was what the smoothie looked like finished.

Josh's piano song.

For my homework I did a song on a piano because I love music and love playing the piano the most.
I have been practising this song for 2 months.
My outcome is to have a nice piano song to show to the world.
By Joshua.

Oscar's Homework

For my homework in term 4 I designed a house that was half under water and half above water.      

First I drew the plans for the house, then I made a model of it on a program called sketch up and then I made a model of the house out of Lego.

The reason I decided to design a house was because I like architecture and because I know that I will have plans which I can use in the future.  

My Homework,
For my homework I have made a house out of popsical sticks.
I made it with popsical sticks and alot of hot glue.

Home Work.

Candle Holders
For Homework I made candle holders this picture is one of the candle holders I made.
I made the candle holders from half cut icicle sticks
 ,a home made ribbon , a tuna can and lots of super glue!
First I got a washed tuna can then I got  different coloured icicle sticks and I sliced them in half
After this I placed super glue on the sticks and placed them around the can.
When the glue dried and the sticks are secure on the can I made a ribbon from a white piece of fabric and glued it on to the holder.

Now that the Candle holder is decorated and done you can place a candle in it .......and enjoy the pretty decoration.

Israel Dagg

I made a poster about Israel Dagg.
I made a poster because I had to chose to make something for homework. Then make a plan and make it.
I made a poster by getting the information from the internet and buying card from the shop.

Bird House

I made a bird house for birds to nest in and have somewhere to rest for my homework.

I designed a simple bird house and draw it out on a nice smooth piece of timber. I had to get my dad to cut out all of the pieces out with the skill saw. I sanded down all of the pieces to make the edges smooth and tidy ready to put together.

I grabbed the drill and screws to put the pieces together. I marked out all of the places where I will screw the screws in. My dad attached a saw to the drill that cuts out a circle on the timber. I screwed the entire pieces together ready for painting.

I went into the shed and picked out my colour of paint to paint the bird house. I painted the top of the house first and then painted the sides. I had to do three coats of paint to waterproof it so it can go in the rain.

I found it very tiring putting it all together but it was worth it. It took me four hours to finish it. The outcome was brilliant; it looks great and is ready for the birds.

Home Work

These are my steal flowers.I made these flowers so that I can do it with my dad  because he has heaps of steal and I thought that we could do a daughter and father bonding thing. I first got all of the materials and cut them to the shape and welded them together, and spray painted them to give them the affect.


I made a wooden boat for my homework. I made this to show my class that I can create some thing. I built the boat by myself with wood and my mum helped me sew the sail and put it on.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Zacs homework

This is my homework
 I made a AH 64 Apache helicopter out of Lego for my homework.
Why: to make a AH 64 Apache helicopter to show the class what I did for my homework.
How: by measuring how long it needs and how high it needs to be. Then look at a picture of it and then making it out of Lego. 


This term one of our homework tasks was to think of a fun project and do it. I made a hair clip flower out of teaspoons. This is what it looks like:

That was what I did for my homework this term. I made the rose out of plastic spoons melted over a candle then stuck together. I enjoyed making it and when I have got a clip to attach I will like using it as a hair clip. I made this because I wanted a new hair accessory and I thought this would look good.
Duck house.
This is my homework it is a duck house and the ducks on top that you can see is the guardians to look after the other ducks inside. I done this to help me with building. I first put different colours in different piles and then started building darkest to lightest.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

this is my homework poster of Lydia Bradey she is courageous because  she climbed mount Everest and that takes a lot of courage.

made by Luca.

Oscar's poster

This is the poster I made about Charles Darwin who sailed the world on the HMS beagle, a survey ship that was sent to look for exotic animals.
The reason I made thew poster about him was because he would have had to gone through many storms and treacherous reefs to go where he went.
By Oscar  

Monday, 11 November 2013

Anne Frank

This is my homework about Anne Frank and how she was courageous.

My poster

This is my poster about Thomas brunner.

Guy Fawkes
On the 5th  of November every year, for the past 408 years, we celebrate Guy Fawkes, and let off fireworks. We are remembering the time when the Gun Powder Plot failed. In England Guy Fawkes and his friends tried to blow up the king and House of Lords with gun powder. They tried to blow up the parliament because King James had made a law that the people in England were not allowed to be Catholics. Guy Fawkes was caught guarding the barrels of gunpowder in the basement under the Parliament House in the early hours of the morning on the 5th of November, 1605. Some of the gang escaped, but Guy Fawkes and those that were caught were tortured and executed.

Munashe 11/11/13

Friday, 8 November 2013

Armistice Day

Armistice Day

The treaty to end the Great War (World War 1) was signed on the 11th   of November   1918 at 11 am.
The soldiers came back to New Zealand and the schools made athletics day to honour the soldiers. They held it on Armistice Day until 1960 and changed it to the closest Saturday so the parents could come. There was over 500 competitors and the main race was the peace shield with was 220 yards. It even continued over World War 2.

By Gulliver

Armistice Day

Armistice Day

The Great War [World War One in 1918] ended when the peace treaty was signed on the 11th of November 1918 at 11 am.
Armistice day is celebrated on the closest Saturday to the 11th of November.
The main race is the Peace Shield which is held at the end of the day and it is 220 yards.
Returned solders and teachers made athletics day happen
In the 1960s they changed it to the closest Saturday so parents can come along.
By Zac

Armistice Day

Armistice Day

Armistice Day occurred on November 11th 1918 at 11am. All the soldiers came back and teachers from schools they attended made an athletics day to remember the soldiers and invited other people to come. The only problem was that it was on a school day so the parents couldn’t come so in the 1960’s they changed it to a Saturday so all the parents could come and celebrate. The Peace Shield is 220 yards. People watch the Peace Shield back then it was the only one but since then people have been donating shields.

By Renee.

Armistice Day

Armistice Day is a day where they signed a treaty for peace in World War 1 on November the 11th 1918 11: am. To honour the people they made an Athletics Day. They held all sorts of events. Returned solders and teacher came back to host the Athletics Day. They made an event called the Peace Shield for the fastest person from each school. They had to run 220 yards for the Peace Shield. They try to run the race at the time of the treaty was signed. The first winner of the Peace Shield was a girl from Mahana School. Two schools dropped out of the Athletics day so they added a new school called Tasman Bay Christian School. In the 1960s they changed the event to the closest Saturday to Armistice Day so parents could attend.

Armistice Day

Every year on the Saturday closest to the 11th of November, most of the schools in the Moutere Hills participate in an athletics event to celebrate Armistice Day. (The day that the signing of the peace treaty for The Great War was done.)
When everyone came back from the war some of the soldiers and teachers decided that it would be nice to hold an athletics event to remember the soldiers and people in the war. They held the event every year on the 11th of the 11th to celebrate that this was the anniversary of when the peace treaty was signed.
They kept it at the same date every year until the 1960s when they changed it to the closest Saturday to the 11th of the 11th so that the parents could come along as well.
They held many races and competitions but the main one was the one where each of the schools competed for a trophy called the Peace Shield. They tried to hold this race at 11am on the day. This changed to the end of the day when they started holding it on the Saturdays they found that people were leaving after the race was finished.

So now we still have our athletics day for the primary schools of the Moutere hills every year.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

We were meant to be?


This is my poster that I made.....we had to choose a courageous person and say what made him or her courageous.I chose 3 people because the first one Sir Keith Park saved people even though he risked his life for others.Alexander Aitken was a human computer he also helped scientist with experiments and saved lives by improving our technology and Ernest Rutherford halved the atom and survived he was brave because he could of died and he made NZ proud because he is the first person to be able to do that without ding .

My homework poster.

Here is my homework. I chose Bethany Hamilton because she trusted god and the results were amazing.

Friday, 25 October 2013

David and the Lion's

Our Poster 
My photo that I took of the whole poster blurred allot so I took these.
We had to say what choice did David make and how did he survive the lion's
And how can we be courageous?
Here is our poster!
(Zac and Marlene)

This poster is about Daniel in the lion's den it answers the questions that we had to answer for devotions like 'how will we be courageous?'

Luca And Renee's Poster

This poster is about Daniel and the lions den and how he was faithful to the god of heaven and so God rescued him by shutting the mouths of the lions and sending an angel down to protect him.
We made posters about  how God is with us and that we should  be courageous.

Oscars Poster

This is my poster which I made. It is about Daniel in the lions den and how he was courageous and how God saved him because he was loyal to him.

Luca And Renee's poster.

This is our devotions poster it is about Daniel and the lions den and how god rescued him by shutting the mouths of the lions.
This term our topic is "God is with us and He wants us to be courageous" and everyone in Room 4 made a poster about "courageous" and this is the one that Levi and I made.

God Is With Us And Wants Us To Be Courageous.

This is my poster for our topic it shows how we can be courageous and what it looks like to other people and it relates to Daniel and the lions den.

God is with us and he wants us to be courageous poster

This is our poster about our topic God is with us and he wants us to be courageous.

This poster shows that we stand up for what we believe in.

Its also about Daniel and the lions den and how he learnt to follow God.

Olivia and Keilahs devotions!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

My New Devotions Poster!

This is mine and Caleb's poster for this terms devotions about courageous.
Being courageous is not having fear trust yourself in what you do. we have been learning about Daniel and the lions den. we know God is with us when we pray to him and ask him into our life's. Do not lie and blame it on someone else.

God is with us and he wants us to be courageous

This is my poster for devotions this term.

Our New Posters!

Last term room 4 was looking into God is our Provider this term/ term 4 we are looking at God is with us and wants us to be courageous so we did some posters about what it looks like to be courageous.

Last term.                                                                          This term.

Monday, 14 October 2013


Daniel was working for the king.
Daniel asked to be fed on only vegetables and water and said that he would be more healthy than the people who ate fancy food.
Daniel name means god is my judge

Interesting Facts About Daniel

1. He was born in the 7th Century B.C. and he died in the 6th Century B.C.
2. Daniel's favourite foods is veges and fruits.

Daniel Facts!

Daniel The Book had12chapters,357 verses and his Name was used 11,660 times in the whole Holy Bible.

The meaning of his name is "God is my Judge".

Daniel was learned ,trained and selected for special service in Babylon,and was given three years of training in the best school.


For devotions this term we are learning about Daniel in the lions den and we have to write about something about Daniel.
Long ago in a town there was a law that no one could pray to God but there was one man he loved God so much that he still prayed to Him so much that he got thrown into a lions den.

Daniel and the lions den

Did you know Daniel asked to be fed nothing but water and vegetables so that he could be healthy.


Daniel means God is my Judge.
  Daniel was atleast 82 when he got thrown in the lions den. Daniel prayed to the lord and he didn't got eaten.


“Daniel” means “God is my Judge.”

Daniel in the Lions Den

This term  for devotions we are focusing on Daniel in the Lions Den. One of the things that I have learned so far about Daniel and what he did was that he was faithful to God and he never stopped trusting him. When the King saw that God was faithful to Daniel he made everyone believe in Daniels God.fc

Daniel in the lions den


There was a city and people lived in it and there was and king who ordered that no one is to pray to God and if they do they will be in the lions den and be eaten by them but Daniel was a true person of chucked God and he prayed every night he got found out by the king and got chucked  in the lions den. 

By Olivia :)
Daniel in the den of lions.

Daniel’s life and ministry span the entire seventy-year period
of Babylonian Captivity.

A fact about Daniel

Daniel was at least 82 when he was in the lion's den.

Daniel And The Lions Den

Daniel And The Lions Den.
Daniel got thrown in the lions den and the lions opened their mouths and was going to eat Daniel but he prayed to God and god shut the mouths of the lions.
By Renee


He was saved by an agiell in the lion den.


Daniel got thrown in a lions den but didn't eaten he believed in God to help him.
This term our topic is Daniel and the loins den. Daniel was faithful to god and he never stopped trusting in him.

Liam P

                                                       Daniel is a prophet from the Bible.

Daniel was a young man of deep convictions. He knew and understood the ways of God, even in his youth. He must have spent much of his young life studying the law because he knew it well by the time he was taken captive into Babylon. Daniel knew the importance of remaining pure and undefiled, even in a culture that was saturated with pagan practices and idol worship. It was because of his love for God and his commitment to purity that God entrusted Daniel with the ability to understand and interpret.


Daniel was a prophet from the bible and God saved him from lions.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How to Travel :

How to Travel 

Travelling is fun, you will discover new places and you will get to see the beauty of this amazing world. Come and join me and I will show you how to travel

Travelling can be hard to do because it can make you very tired. Travelling can also be expensive. First check if where you want to go, is it the mighty Africa, the Statue of Liberty or The Eiffel Tower in Paris? If you know where you’re heading make sure you’re prepared for the circumstances. Know if it's safe to go there and know if the weather will be good enough for the day you’re going. Make sure it is the right choice you’ll be mad if you get to your destination and it isn't what you expected.

Next step is go on the internet at your search web and search for specials to make your trip easier. It's always good to save some money! The Hotel, Motel or Guest House where you will be staying has to be booked before you go. Why? Because then you will know where this place is and when you should be there. Make a list of things you will need to make your trip more sorted and neatly done.

List of things you will need;
A First - Aid kit. It’s always handy to have a backup plan if someone gets hurt. Band aids, Scissors, Cooling gel, Plasters and pain relievers will be needed. You will need extra clothing. Two shirts,2 pairs of Pants, Hats and the other things you will need. You will also need a Bathroom kit that includes a Toothbrush, Washing cloth ,Sope ,Shampoo, Hair brush and other things you will need to keep yourself refreshed and clean as an ice block. You will also need a map so if you get lost you have a plan B.

I think a back pack will work the best because it is easier to carry all your things and it's easier to travel with. Hope you will now know how to have a easy but amazing journey. Enjoy!

                                                                     Marlene Naude 



Monday, 2 September 2013


My dad is an awesome Dad.

He has a wallet like a bank that is always full for me to spend.

He always makes me laugh or smile with his funny jokes.

He is the best gardener in the street and has a garden like the Botanicals in Wellington.

My Dad has the most powerful arms like a robot to throw up the rugby ball and play catches.

He comes and watches all our rugby games and always gives me good support.

He gets money for holidays, renovating and buying us cool birthday presents.

My dad is awesome and I love him!