Friday, 14 December 2012

The Reflection Of the Year

This year is the last year at T.B.C.S for me so I'm writing about it!!
I liked camp in Wellington, because Room 4 did lots of really fun stuff (i.e) Go Carts, Lazar Force, Carter Observatory and the Aquatic Centre.
 The 8yr Trip when Year 8 Girls went to the Ten Pin Bowling.
 MoTec when I did the Food Room and cooking pizza.
I hope it will go well next year and more!!!

By Ella
the year 8st are going to high school next year.the year 7s are going to year 8and the year 6 are going into our class in room 4 next year.yessterday we had a price giving and every one got a price and it was cool.

year review

I enjoyed the wellington camp and cooking this year, it was so much fun.

My year has been good and I improved in maths but I think I still need to improve on writing. Overall my year has been great.


Josh's year.

This year i have completed the task of being year 7 and now moving on to 2013 I have the impossible task of being a year eight, it is going to be hard being a romodel to the school but i am going to try and have a good year. I have enjoyed the outdoor activities that we have done this year and have had a blast doing the new program Mathsbuddy.I
 am looking at having the best year next year and to try and get a cup at the next prize giving, 2013 rules!!!

the things I liked

All the things I liked this year:
This year I liked going to camp: I liked the go– kart's, laser tag and capital E.
I liked Ki-o-Rahi because we could verse other schools and travel to Nelson. I liked winter sports because we came second. I liked summer sports because there were different activities that we could do. This year I liked having a chocolate feast but soon got sick after eating to much. I enjoyed all the sports I played including Volleyball, Miniball, swimming tournament, rugby (rugby was a one time thing) This year I improved in describing my writing in my work. I still need a little work on shapes and measurements for maths. This year I did quite good with my work and improved a little on co-operating with others (not my friends).

By Tangiwai


This year i have enjoyed camp and sports this year and there is a long list that i liked but it just to long but the best is hanging out with the year 8s with out them it is just not the same.

By Asher

Prize giving

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Christmas time!

This has been a great year at Tasman Bay, the Jonah production was amazing and all the work that went into it was awesome!
My highlight of the year was the wellington camp and the year 8 trip! They were so much fun, and i really loved the speech competition, which Miss A gave us some good tips for public speaking.
Mr Matthews has been a patient and funny teacher and all the year 8s will miss him as we move onto high school.

I have loved being at Tasman Bay and i will miss all the wonderful teachers and students next year.
We are saying goodbye to the year 8s this evening (13.12.12) at 7.00 pm in the church at our prizegiving. I hope you will all be there! because we're singing some awesome christmas carols!

By Hannah T

End of the year

Well its the end of the year again and everyone is getting excited. We have done alot of awesome things throughout the year. Room 4 went up to Wellington for camp, we did swimming, availll, athletics, cross country, and a whole lot of other cool things.
A special thanks to the 2012 staff and teachers, who helped our learning yet again increase.
Tonight is prize giving and we are going to say goodbye to the yr 8 as we head off to Highschool, we will be singing and have loads of fun.
And we got Kiteretere on Monday.

With all that concluded all I have left to say is....
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

See u all next year!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas Activity

Room 4 has been making cube people and have done the nativity for our Christmas activity. There were a lot of drama on the proses of making them but thanks to Liam P and Pamela they sorted everything but in the end we finished it.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Jonah Production

On Thursday 6th of December T.B.C.S (Tasman Bay Christian School) is going to peform a Production called Jonah.

In the Production (Jonah) I'm the Narrator and I will be walking on with three little kids, and one of them says a line then we all sit down and I begin to Start the Production.

 I'm hoping it will be great and everyone will enjoy it!!!

By Ella S


On the 15th December I am going to Vanuatu. (which is above New Zealand, near New Caledonia) My Nana is taking me there for a whole week as my christmas present from her, so I'm really excited because I get to go snorkelling and see all the colorful fish and corals!
We will be going to the Island called Port Villa, and we will be staying in a little hut on the beach. One New Zealand dollar is 73 Vatus (73 Vanuatu dollars)
Port Villa is a beautiful place, lots of sun and the water is crystal clear, the water temperature in Vanuatu is 27 degrees and the air temperature is 50 - 60 degrees!
If it's as hot as that I'm going to come back on the 23rd with such a dark tan nobody will recognise me!!

By Hannah T

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

This term we are practising for our Jonah  production for school .It is so much fun and I am in sunbather.  I am also in the dance for the sunbathers. The best dance of the play is the Spanish dancers and they are so good at the dance.  IT LOOKS SO COOL!!!


On Sunday 25th November 2012, I went to compete in a Athletics competiton. It was held on Saxton Field in Mapua. My first activity was Long Jump, and I was able to launch myself 4.25m. My next activity was sprints, and I came 1st by 7m, and that had made me very proud. Then My last activity was Discus. In Discus I was able to throw the Disc very far and I had very good results.
By Andre.
This term we  are practicing the Jonah production and we have pirates,spanish dancers,sunbathers and sailors.In the jonah productian, I am a pirate! We have to practice every day.We do praying in morning,writing,maths,hand writing,motec,topic,singing,drama,quizes,typing,devotions,reading and art. We also get to do sports like soccer,rugby and netball.

By munashe


This term we are doing a Jonah play and I am in the sunbathing scene and in the dance. The best part of our play is Peg it and Leg it (the run-away crooks from Ninevah) and the spanish dancers their dance is so cool. I can't wait til the night, it is on the 6/12/12 at Tasman Bay Christian School and I can't wait. We have been working so hard and it is going to be AWESOME!!!
By Hope


This term we have been doing availll. Availll is when a class watches a movie and read the subtittles.
When the teacher pauses the movie, you have to write the subtittle before it. At the end you give your work to the teacher and the teacher marks it most of the time. We do all sorts of different activities and they most of them are really fun .

By Liam W

Prepping for play!

This year something big is happening, TBCS is having a big play for this years production night.
The play is based on the story of Jonah. A fishy tale, which starts off as Jonah disobeys Gods commands, to go to the horrible mean city of Ninvaeh. Unfortunatly he runs away from God, well at least attemps too.
To help him run away, is a greedy spanish dancer. She tells him to come to Spain with her, on a ship for a happier life. So he takes the offer and really bad things happen to him. So please come to TBCS production night 2012!!!

Written by Josh of rm 4.


Last Sunday On April the 25th,
My dad and I went to Saxton Field in Mapua for a athletics compitition. At the compatition I would have estemated that there would have been about 350 competitors competeing and the weather was smiling on us. My first activity was long jump, and I was able to jump 4.25m. Then after that I had, my favourite, Sprints, and in that I came 1st by at least 7m, and that made me very proud. But last but not least there was Discus. and I didn't do bad in that either.



For drama we are doing a Jonah play which is the one from the bible. But it is a kind of a remix, I am pirate. In the play i get to spray paint a cardboard car and the pirates and i will get to sing a Nineveh song.We get to wear pirate costumes and have a plastic sword if we want. .Its going to be the best production night ever.

by Asher
This Term we are doing AVAILL. AVAILL is a program where we read the subtitles of a movie and complete certain activities to do with the subtitles.

Room 4 cooking day!

This Thursday Room 4 is having a cooking day, we have cooked lots of stuff before and it's been really fun so i am looking forward to it!
We can either make something at home and then bring it to school to share, or bring the ingredients and recepie to school and make it here. I think i will make something at home and bring it to school, i'm thinking of making iced ginger bread buiscuts (they are really delicious!) I hope all of you remember to bring something too!

By Hannah T

Monday, 26 November 2012


 We are practising the jonah play. and the little people are being the fishes and the other people are doing piarates, sailors and all of the other stuff.


 We are practising the jonah play. and the little people are being the fishes and the other people are doing piarates, sailors and all of the other stuff.

Almost Term 4 is finished

Prepping for t

This term we have been focousing on a play for the whole school to be included in callled Jonah. Miss Aldredge has been working with people in different scenes at different times every week until now she has the whole play going from the begining to the end with everybody singing and dancing. these are the parts which people got Spanish dancers, Senorita, God, Sunbathers, the two crooks from Ninevah, Jonah, three little kids and their mother, Pirates, Sailors, Captian and a family from Ninevah. The people who got the main parts have to learn all their lines off by heart and I've seen the play right through a few times and they are doing a great job at remembering their lines.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

our school is a really fun school but we have some  people  i love our sv  is so much fun and we lone our


Athletics Day was on Saturday 10th of November and nearly everyone came. Athletics was fun and I enjoyed it except for the long distance run which I think most people in my group didn't like because lots of us were having trouble breathing afterwards (the worst of it over) but after that we were fine and got on to some easier things like distance throw. After a short break we had a ceremony in remembrance of those who fought in the war and we all took our hats off. At Athletics there was a tuck shop which sold lollies, ice blocks and hot chips which was good because it went cold in parts of the day. At the end of all this there was the races for the shields and, our school won 3 shields for the best average in high jump/long jump, the best average in over ten yr. olds sprints and the best average in track and field. By Tania-rose
at our school we  realy big on sport and on saterday we went to athyletics and one 3 shealds that was awsome. at our school we have some really random people as well have a look.
Well its getting close to the end of the year, and the yr 8's are finishing off their powerpoint
we have  lots oof thing at our school and we r really big on sport on sater day we had athletics it was so much fun we won 3 shelds and that was real cool. also at our school we have really random people.

Athletics Day

On Saturday the 10/11/12 we had the Athletics Day at Upper Moutere, community center.

We had 7 events, and these were some
High Jump,
Long Jump,
Shot put,
Sprints and so on........

The way they scored you is out of 1 to 3 ( 3 is the highest you can get).

The one thing I enjoyed is Shot put, because I got a 3   and it was FUN too!

Tasman Bay Christian School got 3 shields (awards) out of  8!!!
At the end of the day everyone was hot and tired but everyone enjoy themselves and had FUN!!!!

By Ella

Jonah and the big fish

Tasman Bay Christian school is putting on a play at the end of this term, and we are doing Jonah and the big fish!
We are all excited and everyone has been working hard. Everyone has a part in the play, some of the younger kids are doing props and the older kids are the actors.
The props are starting to look really good, and we have been doing alot of painting! We are going to wear really cool costumes and it is going to be so much fun!
The play is going to be peformed in the Tasman Bible Church, so make sure you come and see us up on stage!!!

By Hannah T


One of our homework tasks this term is to alter a cupcake recipe and then bake it for our family. I decided to do this task for my homework this week. While I was mixing the mixture I added in two tablespoons of honey to the plain cupcake mixture. the muffins turned out to be really nice, they were moist and you could taste the honey without it being too sweet. Here is the recipe:

125g butter, softened
§    ½ cup, plus 2 tablespoons of caster sugar
§    2 heaped tablespoons of honey
§    2 large eggs, at room temperature
§    1 cup self-raising flour (or 1 cup standard flour and 1 teaspoon baking powder)
§    3 tablespoons milk, warmed for ten seconds in microwave
Buttercream Icing
§    125g butter, softened
§    3 cups icing sugar, sifted
§    ½ teaspoon vanilla essence
§    ¼ cup milk warmed for ten seconds in microwave
Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.  Line a 12 hole muffin pan with cupcake cases.
Place the butter, sugar, honey, eggs and flour into a food processor (or use an electric handheld mixer, it works just as well) and pulse for 10-15 seconds.  Pour in the warmed milk and pulse again till combined.
Spoon the mixture evenly into the cases filling each 3/4 full.  Bake for 17 minutes or until skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean.
To make buttercream icing, cream the butter with an electric mixer until very pale, about 2-3 minutes.  Using low speed, mix in the icing sugar alternatively with the milk and vanilla.  Continue to beat until light and fluffy.
  This is a recipe that I would certainly try again.

kapa haka fun day

On the nineth of november our schools kapa haka group preformed at the KAPA HAKA FUN DAY at the motuaka hall.
It was a time to share our talents and our culture to all the other schools of the motuaka comunty.
Parklands school started us of with few songs then Mahana school and then finally it was us.
I think we preformed really well.
I would  like to thank Lofi and Kevin for teaching us all of the actions and songs and Mrs clark for making us all of the costumes and uniforms for us and last but not least i would like to thank all the parents for being there for us and supporting us.


The Athletics day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On saturday 10th of November the whole school came to do athletics.
and for the all of the other school we came 3rd!!.
One of them was for the three trophies that we won the following shileds are:
Harakeke Shield [ highest average points over all long and high jump events ]
Challenge Shield [ highest average points for all '10yrs and over ' sprints events]
Lindsay Fraster Shield [ highest average points overall track and field events ]
And tasman bay christian did very good.
                                                                                                      From job

Athletics day

 On Saturday 10th November the whole school went to Athletics at the Upper Moutere domain, it was a fun day.
 It was a very hot sunny day. We done really well in the fastest girl, Risi came second.For the  Second fastest boy  Andre  came third.  In the fastest boy  Fletcher  came fourth. Well done to those people. We won  three shelds the first sheld was for best score for high jump and long jump. The second sheld was for best sprints for 10 years and over. The last sheld was for best score overall. well done TBCS.  

By Liam W

Athletics Day!!!!

On Saturday 10th November, Athletics was held at the Moutere Domain. Schools including Upper Moutere,Mapua,Mahana,Dovedale and Tasman Bay Christian School competed in the Athlerics Day. It was a long day with Andre coming third for the RSA sheild(second fastest boy in the school), Fletcher running for the Piece sheild(Fastest kid in school) coming fourth and Risaleaana winning second in fastest girl.We may not have won any trophies but that didn't hold us back when it was time for prize giving.

At prize giving we won the top 3 best sheilds for the day making us pretty much the BEST school on average.

1-Harakeke sheild(Highest average points over all long and high jump events)
2- Challlenge sheild(Highest average for all '10yrs and over' sprint events)
3-Lindsay Fraser sheild (Highest average points overall track and feild events)

Everyone from Tasman Bay christian school should be proud of themselves because every score counted.

By Risaleaana

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Ki O Rahi Tournament

On Tuesday 30th October 2012,
We (Room 4) had a Ki O Rahi Tournament at Neil Park, IT WAS SOOOOOOO FUN. The first game we won, but, you could say it was pretty close, we even thought that we had lost before we knew the score at the end of the game, but then when they told us the score we were very relieved. At the end of the second game is the game that I don't like talking about very much because we had gotten absolutely CAINED, but the third game was probably our best game, and the reason is so because we WHIPPED the opponent, and man it did feel good! They didn't even get one single point, and we had gotten at least 35. But the only sad bit about that was that that was our last game.
By Andre

Celabration night

Celebration night was a fun night where the school got to show off all our achievements and celebrations.

We arrived and ate dinner between six and six-thirty. Then the adults had a chat while the kids played soccer. At seven we started to showoff.

It was a night filled with fun and I can't wait for next year.
By Fletcher

Celebration Night.

On the 30th of October 2012 T.B.C.S. held and hosted a Celebration Night.
The reason why we held it was to show of are talents from art, maths, reading, even to language and culture!
It started at 6:00 and ended 8:30 a whole entire 2 and a half hours to show what were made of. It  went better than expected and the Celebration Night was a success.
Written by Joshua of room 4 2012

Thursday, 20 September 2012

MOTEC (camp stool)

This term year 7&8's have been going to MOTEC on a Wednesday. This term the year 7's have been making camp stools. Just about everybody has finished their camp stool. I like Pamela's camp stool the best because it has a blue nylon cover. The year 8's have been making bags. Everyone has finished except one or two people. I like Risi's bag is the best it is checkered black and white with a blue pocket.

Spring Fling

On this Saturday the Spring Fling Gala is on this year.We have got Sweets, the white elephant and more! There are going to be coffee and tea for sale and Muffins as well!

The white elephant is the second-hand store and it going to have clothes, shoes, toys and more! The Sweets are muffins, lollies and lollies necklaces!

The Spring Fling is going to be a lot of  FUN! I hope lots of people turn up! see you at the SPRING FLING!!!!!

By Ella  

Updates :D


On the 22nd of September we will be holding an Spring Fling. This will be made up of heaps of stalls holding food, books, games, toys and heaps more. The money collected will be given to the school so that Room 4 can get new computers and to get more tools and stationary.
The parents have been giving second hand stuff to sell at the Spring Fling, also some of the parents are running stalls and helping out. This year the stalls will be going around the whole field and there will be a kids corner for all the little kids who like to play with toys and eat lollies.
There will be rides and raffle tickets, for the  people who are helping with the hosting of the Spring Fling will be wearing red or white tops with blue jeans, these will be dotted all around the place.
 This will be alot of fun to go to and the kids cant wait to get out and explore their school in a different way from just going to school and working. There have been flyers handed out and we are expecting a big turn up, we handed out 10 flyers to every family to hand out to their friends and neighbors.


This past week we have been doing writing on the three little pigs and doing court jury, of who was the guilty party for either attempted murder, murder and and damage of property. Here is a example:
There were 3 helpless pigs. They had just finished their houses of straw, twigs and bricks, now these pigs were running from the dreaded wolf. Who had a scar on his left eye and peircing green eyes that haunts ones mind for days. An who's fur was a gloomy grey, a fight scar is on his right side neck and a gold earing hangs from the top of his left ear, he limps around. He's about 6ft 3 and when nerbeous he is silent as if you could hear his heart beat. He wears a dark blue top and black shorts. He also has pointy sharp ears as sharp as knifes.
He has been found guilty for violence and damage of property. The wold tried to eat the 3 pigs ( violence ) and blew the two houses of pig one and two which were found murdered not far from their homes with grey tuffs of fur in the bulky mud.

tens and tweens

                                                             Winter sports

This year at winter sports I played rugby. We played at sportspark at 10:40, 11:20 and 12:40. 

At 10:40 we played on feild 2 VS Natimotie 2 and it was a tie 3 all.

At 11:20 we played on feild 1 VS Tasman and we bet them 6 to 0.

And last at 12:40 we played on feild 4 VS Lower Moutere and we lost by 2 tries 6 to 4 an dthen we were out ot the compotion sadly.

By Fletcher   


Next term (term4) Athletics is coming up and we are all pretty nervous and excited. My favorite thing to do is high jump and tug of war, lots of people think that tug of war is just for little kids but i think it's fun!!!
I don't really like sports but most of the things we do at athletics is pretty fun! There is one thing that puzzels me though... it always seems to be either raining or cloudy on the day! And of course we still have to do it even if it's raining! A natural disaster would have to occur to convince the teachers the weather is to bad! (sorry teachers :p)
There are lots of people at Tasman Bay Christian who are good at sport, most of the boys are and you wouldn't want to be competeing against Risi in sprints!

Hannah T
                                                           SPRING FLING

On Saturday this week the spring fling is on at Tasman Bay Christian School. And i am in charge of a stand that we have have in the kids corner and it is from 10am to 3pm. And this year we have raised more money then last time it was on and even now i bet that we will raise lots of money.

By Asher Delany =).

Spring Fling Prep

This Saturday TBCS Spring Fling is on, and mu Mum is on of the main people who got it going. On the day, my Mum is running the food stand for the school, and she has also told me about all the stalls we are having, like boys haircuts and baking stands, a kids corner and a silent auction a baking stand, a food stand (which my Mun is running) and MUCH MUCH more, and it too is going to be our biggest spring fling fair yet.

Winter sports


Last Thursday room four had winter sports, some played netball others played rugby.

 The day had finally arrived, it was a sunny warm morning. Finally 9:30 had arrived, we had to go town to the courts at that time. I was very excited because I love netball! Its my favourite sport.

We had to find our bucket that had our name on it. We were all waiting for the games to start.

Finally we got to start, our coach had to get us in all our positions. I got to play GA! (Goal attack) I was excited but nervous. We were all standing in our positions waiting for the whistle to blow so we can finally start our game.

We played at least sixteen games. We lost two drew two and won the rest. Out of the whole thing we game second!

It was a very fun day. we all tried our best and we came second. We were all proud of ourselves.
Bye Aroha.


sports marks us feet and stong.So sports are good for us and our bodies . Sports makes you slim if you are fat.Most of the people who are fat get slim doing sports and execing and joging running so sports are good for our bodies so people jog some just walk to slimso that sports are good for our bodies

The winter sports

on thursday for the whole day we were doing the winter sports. 

first there were choices. and ito was soccer, rugby,netball. but first only four people wanted to play soccer and those people were not enough people so there was only rugby and netball


The Three little pigs

This week we are writing a case about the three little pigs. We have to find who's the victim and who's guilty. First we have to write up the story, then we have to write all the description of the three little pigs and the wolf. After that we have to draw our descriptions and label the obvious points. When we have finished we have to convince the court of our clients innocence and send someone to jail, and thats what we're doing for writing this week.
By Tangiwai


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Winter Sports!!!.... Judo

Last Thursday Room 4 competed in the Winter Sports, We had a Rugby team, and a Netball team.
We were very lucky that it was a sunny day because other wise it would of been cancelled. Lets start with the rugby team. It was a tough start with a draw of 3-3 against Ngatimoti, but soon got used to how the game worked. The rugby team got as far as the quarter finals losing to Lower Moutere 5-3. It was only 1:00pm and we'd finished so we asked other teams that finished their games if they'd like to have a fun game with us. It was very successful. Now lets move to the Netball Team, They had a very good team winning all games but one and they drew one game well done to them. They did very good especially when for most of them it was the first time playing Netball.

Last week I traveled to Christchurch to compete in the South Island Championships. I won Gold in my weight division and silver in the open losing to a person from Phoenix Canterbury. It was Fun also because I got to meet Moira De Villers( New Zealand Olympic, she competed in the 2012 Olympics.) I was really happy with my results and hope to keep improving.

By Risaleaana

Friday, 14 September 2012

The Winter Tournament

This year at the Winter Tournament there was a lot of people.
There was 19 schools at netball, but we didn't get to play all the schools but we had FUN!!

At netball we had 14 games and 4 breaks and we loses 2 games, came a tie in 1 game and the rest we won.
 We 2nd in the overall score and Parkland's came 1st.

Our first 3 games were the easiest and our last one too, which was St Peter's.
The hardest game wed played was Parkland's.

But in the end it was fun and we had a great time!!!

By Ella

Winter sports

The Winter Sports Tournament on Thursday 13th September, room 4 had a netball team and a rugby team, the netball team was Tangiwai, Aroha, Liam p, Brooklyn, Pamela, Shanara, Hannah, Ella, Hope and me (Tania) plus our coach Lea Pimley. There was 14 games with 6 minute halves and a break of about 1-2 minutes. Our team lost 2, Tied 1 and won the rest with the help of our great coach. We enjoyed participating in the tournament and the team came 2nd in pool a out of 7-8 teams, near the end of the day Mr. Mathews came and bought us each a juicie which was what we needed in that hot sun.

Moutere District Speech comp!

A few weeks ago all the year 5, 6, 7, and 8s wrote a speech for art attack and then presented it to the class. Miss Aldridge and Mr Matthews judged who would go through to the next stage.

In the end they chose five year 5 and 6s, then five year 7 and 8s to peform their speeches in front of the school.
Mrs Hough came and judged the next stage with Miss Aldridge to see who the two school representitives would be!
The winners were... (drum roll please!) yr8 HANNAH TEALE AND yr6CALEB GIBSON!
We went through to the proper competition and Hannah Teale  (aka: me!) came third and had her picture in the motueka golden bay newspaper! Caleb did not get a placing but did a really great job and his speech was really clever.

The speeches were great fun and i can't wait to do my next speech when i go to college next year! :)

Hannah Teale :)

Winter Tournament!!!!!!

On the 13 of Semtember 2012 room 4 of TBCS went to the Winter Tournament to participate in netball and rugby at 9:15 room 4 left on the bus and started to head towards the event.
First the netballers got of at the reck center and then the rugby team got droped of at sportspark reserve.
After that the tournemant started and they started to play there were games in our pools quater finals, and the semi finals and of course there was the finals at the end TBCS netballers came with a amazing 2nd place in the tournament and as for the rugby team they came 4th and first in there pool.

By Joshua of TBCS room 4.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Life, and why it sometimes sucks!

Have you ever wondered why life sometimes sucks? I mean, God's supposed to look after us right? and have our best interests at heart isn't he? So why does he sometimes let us go down the wrong road? An old gravel road with lots of potholes, when your car has got hardly any gas left? Instead of a newly tar sealed highway buzzing with life, comings and goings and has gas stations every 100m?
Well I think I know the answer! We are supposed to learn from our mistakes right, and we can't do that if we don't make any!! Have you ever heard the quote: 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger?' Well we can't get any stronger if we aren't challenged can we?! So God sometimes puts crazy ideas in our head and sometimes we just whizz off and do them without thinking of the consequences or anything like that!
(This particularly is what most young people do, whizzing off at a rapid rate of knots doing whatever pops up in our crazy minds! But to all the parents out there... do not despair! we will start acting like normal human beings and think before we act, roughly about the age of 25! so that's only about another 12 years (give or take a few!)
But now i must stop writing because there is no more room left!
If you have any questions about life or why it sometimes sucks please do not hesitate to comment and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible!

By Hannah T

New Kid

On Monday the 6Th of August a yr8 kid came and visited room 4 in the morning. Everyone came to see him, he is a very nice kid, and everyone wants to be his friend!
Everyone in room 4 was showing him around everywhere in the school, I hope he likes it here!

By Ella.S

Rabbit Island Cross Country!!!

On the 2nd of August TBCS rm 4 & rm 3 went to the Rabbit Island Cross Country it was not the best of condisions it was raining  cats & dogs, muddy , & slippery in total TBCS came second wich is really good out of atleast 5 schools.
Our best runners are going to the Mot High Cross Country and hopfuly they would get good scores :)
 One of the runners we are really hoping on getting first is Fletcher he is probally the best runner in TBCS.
Another person we are hoping on is Risi who is really good at running.
Out of atleast 43 people only atleast 13 are going to be going to the Highschool Cross Country :(

From Joshua of TBCS rm 4

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


The Olympics

Everyone in our class this year are studying a person from the 2012 New Zealand Olympic team. My person is Brent Newdick and his sport is decathlon. In a decathlon there are 10 events and the winner is noin as the worlds best athletics person.  

Monday, 30 July 2012



For room4s topic we had to choose someone in the olympics and get the basics like weight, height, full name and stuff like that and i chose Kurt Pickard and he is a bmxer from New Zealand.

by Asher Delany

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Ella's holiday!!

My family and I went going down south to see all my family (Well most of them!).

On the way down south we stopped in Blenhiem and Kaikoura. We saw some seals while we had lunch, and then we went to Christchurch and stopped in to see my uncle Matt and his wife and my other uncle Zayne.Then we went to Ashburton for Dinner and it was really foggy! By the time we got to my grandma's house (were we were staying) it was 7:30 to 8:00 pm.

During the week we meet all of my family and had a great time and back!! 

By Ella   

Cross country

Next week on Thursday is the cross country at Rabbit Island. All the year six to eight students will be going, and competing against all the other primary schools.
The whole school has been training. On sunny days room three and four go out and run up Williams Road, which is precisely six kilometres (three on the way up and three on the way down.) The younger students do not have to run as far, and can stop when they feel tired!

Some of us (including me) are not really looking forward to the cross country! but I'm gonna give it good crack! :-)
That reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: " To win the race, you've gotta be in the race." -Meaghan Martin

By Hannah T

Cross Country

On the 19th of July the whole school of TBCS went with Tasman school to practice our cross country by the Moutere highway.
This event took place at 1.30 in the Afternoon.
At that time TBCS got on the bus to head off to the event.
The bus stopped near Tasman school and then an older kid held a junior and walked to where the cross country started.
Since it was late in the afternoon they didn't send us off in our age group because that would be a big waste of time the organisors sent us from 5 to 7 year olds to 8 to 13 year olds.
At the end we walked back to Tasman school and had at least 20 minutes play and then we went into the Tasman school hall and handed out the 1st,2nd,3rd certificates this time in our age group.
After that TBCS left Tasman school and headed back to the buses. And then went home.

By Joshua

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Every monday afternoons our Principal Mrs Hough comes and teaches room 4 French. So far we have learnt how to say bonjour (hello), bonsuier (good night), salut (hi) and mama and papa. we use a DVD with lots of different units. There country is known for eat frog legs and snails. My Favourite part of France is the Eiffel tower and how dogs have an important part in France.  

Monday, 23 July 2012

my holladay

in my holladays i went to my pool to see what there was in it i thourt it wood be ice so i though an oreng and it bounsed on the ice so i went in the pool earea and eat some it is yammy

Kids of Character Cross Country

This term the main focus is being Kids of Character e.g
Explain how our learning impacts others,
Acknowledge rights and wrongs and
Display the fruits of the spirit Gal 5:22.

Last Friday, Tasman Bay Christian School was invited to have a Cross Country practise with Tasman School at the Domain. In my race it was aged 8-13. My plan was to get a tie with Shanara but she got injured so it didn't work out. I really enjoyed it because there were some really cool obstacles like running through a creek, up a steep hill and over some fences.I came first overall and in my age. I felt in needed to be further and harder because I was so used to running further for practise at school. I am looking foward to the real Cross Country at Rabbit Island.

By Risaleaana


On Friday 20th Tasman Bay Christian School got on the bus at around 1:00pm and headed down to the Domain. At half way we got out and a senior buddied up with a little kid and hold hands along the road. As we entered in the Domain Tasman School kids welcomed us. Judy Farthe ( parent of three of the kids that went to Tasman ) stood up on the haybails and welcomed us again and said thank-you for participating. The course was start at the cones and run to the tree, from there we crossed the bank and went through the creek in which many were not happy. Then it was under the tunnel and through to the other side, over a fence and up a steep hill through a gate and down again, through the tunnel again and then over the haystack and into the finish ( for 5-7 year olds ) other than that it was another lap for the 8-13 year olds.The 5-7 year old girls went first, our first girl to cross the finish was Bella of Tasman Bay Christian, then the 5-7 year old boys in which and Jonti came first as well. The 8-13 year old boys went and Fletcher of Tasman Bay Christian came first out of all the boys and his age group. 8-13 year old girls was Risi of as you can guess it was our school coming first in her age group and the whole race. After we went to Tasman School and played with them, then we got called in for assembly and they played a song on the recorders and then it was the certificates. We sayed goodbye afterwards and walked down the drive to the buses from there the took us strait home.  What a great but tiring day!

Maye Pole

Me and tangiwai are doing this thing that will help the Maye Pole becouse we are used to using our school jesersys to make it comfortable for us to play on. So we made up some ideas and now it will be more  comfortable for all of us to play on. We have not confermed the ideas yet.

by liamp

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

kids of character

we are learninig to learning kids of character   we are doing how to explain how our learning empacts others.
and Display the fruits of the sdprit { gal 5:22 }

and we are learning god is holy and pure.
and wants us to holy and pure!!
john 12vs 21
Kids of character

This term we are doing kids of character and we had to chose out of three topics this term.There was acknowledge right and wrong, explain how our learning enquires others or explain the fruits of the spirit. And i chose acknowledge right and wrong because it seems easy.

By Asher

Friday, 1 June 2012

Devotions: Mr Mathews has been teaching rm 4 things from the bible that relate to Reflect, Respond, Resolve, Reveiw & Record, Reason, Research, Raises questions, Recall and Relate. Rm 4 had those as titles and did

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Discribing words

Light sun peeps through the gap of a Small hole in the leaves like the spotlight on stage.
Loud squawking noises through the forest of birds like a steaming pot.
The aroma sweet mango floating through the forest like a fresh fruit salad.
Tangy fruit fills the mouth of a bird as it squeezes the juice of a kiwi fruit like fresh juice.
sludge mud fills my toes as I step into a big mud puddle like a cow pat. GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Ngarua Caves

On monday the 6th we (room 3 and 4) went to the Ngarua Caves for part of our topic, "God is the owner of the earth".

Before we (room 3 and 4) entered we had to put a blue or yellow safty helment on but the guide wear a white helment.

As we (room 3 and 4) got to the "moa bones" they looked like brown and small and very old.

As we (room 3 and 4) got to the cathedral when the lights turn on it was beautiful the stalecmites were white gold and brown and they where on the roof and they were everywhere. When the guide turn off the lights it was black and you can't see your hand in front of your face!!

When we got to the end there was signatures on the cave, it was in pencil and it was at the end of the cave.

Ngarua caves

On Monday we (room 3&4) went to visit the Ngarua caves as part of our topic "God is the owner of the Earth.

We had to put on a blue safety helmet, because hard rocks could fall down & hit your head. Except from the guide (Amanda) she had a white helmet.

When we walked into the big cave, we had to go through a brown gate. To lead us into the cave we had to walk on slippery skinny stairs.

Inside the cave there were yellow shiny lights. They had switches on them to turn them on and off.

The cave was sort of cold like a frosty morning. Once you start to walk you get used to it.

Since there was bright lights, when our guide turns them of the cave is very dark. Before she turned the lights of, we all put our hands in front of our eyes and when the lights went of we couldn't even see our hands

Friday, 4 May 2012

The last time 8yr and 7yr see Harold

On Friday the 4th we went to see Harold. We talk about what to do and what
not to do and what drags and smoking does do to your body and live. We watch a movie that this woman that has been smoking four 30 years and is had cancer and she was 45 years. Their was stars on the roof and we got a bracelet each and we are going to ask Mrs Huff if we can wear them. We got to watch a sing a long with Harold and we got a Harold in room 4.

By ella

Harold the giraffe

We went and sore Harold the giraffe we learnt about. Making choices it was very encouraging to be taught what to do and what not to do. We watched a clip about a girl named Anna and her friends. Her Friends where wondering if she would come to  the skate park. And she was meant to be going to see her sister. but she went any way and they where all smoking YUK!!!!!!!!.But in the end she stopped thanks to her friend. And her other friends quite to. YEAH!!!!


Today was the last day with life education and we learnt about making choices and we watched a clip about a girl who had to make choices about what to do like to smoke like her friends or to ignore them and say no. Also we learnt about what is in energy drinks and beer and cigeretes and what happens to people after they use them. Also Harold sung a song about him and everyone loved having him here sadly most of us want see him again because we will be off to high school next time he comes. And we watched clips about people who smoked for along time and they still smoke now. At the end of it all we got bracelets and Mr Matthews brought a small harold for our class. He now lives at the front of the class.

By Asher

Harold the Giraffe

For two days we have had the Life Education truck here. Harold the giraffe is NOT a puppet. He’s a real giraffe. We have learnt a lot in the two days. We learned about smoking & alcohol. We also learned about our bodies. We learned that smoking is not good for you and it can affect your lungs. We got a book that has lots of information in it about our bodies. When they turned the lights of there was lights on the roof, they are really cool. Everybody has different imaginations so the stars look like heaps off different things. For me they looked like Harold and it spelt education. The lady that was teaching us in the truck, gave us yellow bands that remind me of all the fun we had.
From Aroha

harold the hero

on thursday and we went to see harold the graff and we saw the braslit and there was the stars on the roof because it has lights and there is amini movie and it comes to your school every two years but sadly it does not come to your school when you go to high school and we all had a free braslit is well.


On Friday the 4th we went to see Harold. We talked about what to do and what not to do
and what drugs and smoking dose to your body and life. we got to lisen to Harolds song and in the song there where little aliens. After that we got a braclet. then we left. By Liam W


Today Room 4 had a visit with Harold and Victoria,( the Life Education teacher). The Topic was about making good choices. Victoria talked to us about how drugs affect our body. She also showed us a picture that showed tar on a liver of a person that didn't smoke , but had breathed in, and then Victoria showed us a picture of a liver covered in tar from a person that had smoked alot.My favourite part of both sessions was when Victoria shut off the lights  and stars appeared on the ceiling that either spelt Harold or they just made a picture i'm not too sure.Yesterday we watched a  movie of a girl named Anna. Anna was getting  peer presured from some girls at her school,they were forcing her to try and smoke and steal,this caused her in alot of trouble. One day while Anna was smoking, a boy had seen her smoking at a party and told her that she didn't have to be like the other girls and he also said that  his grandfather died from smoking because he got cancer. In the end she decided not to smoke. I really enjoyed   learning  about making good choices. At the end, our class got some rubber bracelets  and a mini Harold for the class. 

By Risaleaana

harold the hero

from 3rd of the may and forth the may life and education came and told us about smoking and drunking because the thing is when you  drink  coke it has nine tea spoons of it and there was this women that smokes two pakets for a day and she is only 45 years old and she started smoking from 15teen years old and I think she likes it and harold the graff is the puppet because she puts her arms around.

Last Day with Harold

Today on May 4th we went to see Harold for the last time this year. We learnt about drugs and cigarettes and how they can be really bad for your body. We were able to ask questions and put the answers on the wall next to the question. Yesterday we watched a clip about a girl called Ana and how her " friends " used peer pressure to make her do stuff, notice the word " peer " does not mean the fruit pear it means they say things that allow pressure to seep through and make someone think that they are uncool or that they are missing out. Anyway back to the story, So Ana's friends used pear pressure to make her think she was missing out. So Ana and her friends went to the skate park and Ana found out that her friends were smoking, YUCK! So yeah she had a choice to make, not to do it, or, to do it... she did it and later on at the disco she stopped because someone told her what smoking could do and how it could really harm you. That was the topic making choices.
Today's lesson was about our health and how a normal person who does not smoke has a nice clean liver but when you smoke you get tar on your liver and it goes all black creating cancer. We also learnt about some of the drinks we have and how they contain drugs and nicotine. All of these things are bad for you and I have to say that if you want to smoke or drink alcohol then you should be aware of the dangers and try not to smoke. Drinking can be just as bad because instead of drinking healthy water you drink caffeine or any other drugs that can be mixed in with your drink. This makes your brain say " We need to start getting messages through faster." After dealing with this, your body starts to go down rapidly and you feel the urge to drink more caffeine. At the end we got to see Harold, he sung us a song and then we left saying goodbye to Harold for the rest of the year.


On the 4th of May 2012 Tasman Bay Christian School room 4 went to Life Education to learn about drugs and bad stuff for the body.
At first Life Education said take a seat in the trailer and then we closed the door.
They showed us about how bad sigarets are and achole and we watched short clips about smoking and drinking at the end of the seshons we saw Harold the mane character and pretty much just look at him then we would exit the trailer.

By Josh of room 4

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Morning with Harold

 Today room 4 spent the morning with Harold the giraffe, everyone enjoyed seeing their old friend back for more fun facts and education, room 4 listened to Victoria the nice teacher who taught us about choices and the consiquences they come with she even put a little movie on about a girl called Anna who was really good at netball and got pearpressured into smoking, Victoria stopped the movie a couple of times to ask us questions about what just happened and what she will do next, afterwards she put the stars on which is when she turns the lights off and then turns some little lights on and they look like stars and mr Mathews even took notice off what the stars said, Victoria turned the stars on three times, two times for mr Mathews to see the word Harold and once more for when we walked out of the large van thing, but before we left Victoria told mr Mathews to pick someone to grab the books, mr Mathews picked me (Tania) so i got up and grabed the books then Victoria told me to come sit beside her and Harold, Harold whispered to Victoria to ask if he was able to pat me, I said yes, so he started patting my shoulder, then he whispered to Victoria some more then Victoria spoke up and said to me " do you want to pat Harold?" and I said yes so I patted him and said " Hello Harold," everyone started to laugh. We thanked Victoria for the wonderful time we had with her and Harold then we walked out the door. 

Thursday, 5 April 2012


Easter Time!
Today Room4 is having a huge chocolate scoff! Everyone has brought something containing chocolate and after lunch we are going to have a vote about what movie we are going to watch and while the movie is playing, SCOFF ALL THE CHOCOLATE! yum!
How many of you are having an easter egg hunt at home this weekend? We always have a easter egg hunt at my place, and somehow every time, even if i peek at where mum puts them, my brother finds most of the eggs first! Bummer!

Highlights this term

This term my highlights would be when our class went to Wellington. I enjoyed playing Laseroforce and going to the National War Memorial. It was a really awesome experience. At school,I liked sharing my Strengths with the little kids because I got to see them teach others.During the swimming season there were heaps of times where we had to swim in freezing water, I learnt how to do tumble turns really good and also learnt to keep my head straight down towards the bottom of the pool when I am swimming.While doing the colouring competition I thought that I would never be able to finish it but I did, with a little extra time. I thought it was actually the best colouring that I have done before.We have done alot of cool activities this term and I can't wait until next term.

The highlights of term 1

The highlights of term 1 was the new aspects of maths, reading and writting.

Maths: We learn't more by going online and going on mathletics or e- asstle other than that it was back to the paper reading out of books and then writting them down.

Reading: More e- asttle tests but with a different subject, reading in groups and just plain silent reading, also awesome atlas and news paper in education.

Writting: We have been doing post cards and letters, having fun and sharing our ideas is the main focus, also to try your best!

Term 1

Devotions: Mr Mathews has been teaching us stuff from the bible that relates to Reflect, Resolve, Respond, Reason, Research, Raise Questions, Reveiw & Record, Recall and Relate. I learnt some things i didnt know before and maybe some other people to.
Maths: m 4 has math groups, my math group has these nulake books and we have to fill out all the pages up to 27 before term 2, some people in my group are already up to page 40 or more. I love the maths books they are really fun, some are really easy but some are really hard.
PLP: Rm 4 wrote up a sheet that had what their strengths are then this term we had to go and get a rm 2 kid and teach them your strength, I taught Hania what things you put on to different cards (example on birthday cards you put smily faces, birthday presents, writing saying Happy birthday and balloons) We had to do 2 strengths, my 2nd one was to teach a rm 2 kid how to listen and flollow instructions, so I did a game of soccer with shanara and her rm 2 kid, Hania will be able to teach another kid this one day.

Thursday, 29 March 2012


Auditory: (I'm good at high jump because I can jump high. High Jump: Organize a time & show a junior how to jump high.)

Review: My partner was Finn. I taught him how to do high jump. He achieved it because he was able to jump over the high jump and he taught Sophia who afterwards was able to teach him to throw and catch a netball 4.3.12

Dance: Show & Teach them a dance. (Justin Bieber) I am going to get a little kid and show them a dance.

 I taught Sophia how to dance. She did well but didn’t achieve because it was to hard for a little kid. 29.3.12


I succeeded with my first goal but on the second one it didn’t go so well. The kids tried their hardest but Sophia didn’t do so well although she did her best. 29.3.12

Strength  GOAL         enjoy    sports ——   room 2        tell what is a soccer

Bodily kinaesthetic soccer  Jackson did very well and he have learnt it


Teach them plus (addition) using blocks.