Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How to Travel :

How to Travel 

Travelling is fun, you will discover new places and you will get to see the beauty of this amazing world. Come and join me and I will show you how to travel

Travelling can be hard to do because it can make you very tired. Travelling can also be expensive. First check if where you want to go, is it the mighty Africa, the Statue of Liberty or The Eiffel Tower in Paris? If you know where you’re heading make sure you’re prepared for the circumstances. Know if it's safe to go there and know if the weather will be good enough for the day you’re going. Make sure it is the right choice you’ll be mad if you get to your destination and it isn't what you expected.

Next step is go on the internet at your search web and search for specials to make your trip easier. It's always good to save some money! The Hotel, Motel or Guest House where you will be staying has to be booked before you go. Why? Because then you will know where this place is and when you should be there. Make a list of things you will need to make your trip more sorted and neatly done.

List of things you will need;
A First - Aid kit. It’s always handy to have a backup plan if someone gets hurt. Band aids, Scissors, Cooling gel, Plasters and pain relievers will be needed. You will need extra clothing. Two shirts,2 pairs of Pants, Hats and the other things you will need. You will also need a Bathroom kit that includes a Toothbrush, Washing cloth ,Sope ,Shampoo, Hair brush and other things you will need to keep yourself refreshed and clean as an ice block. You will also need a map so if you get lost you have a plan B.

I think a back pack will work the best because it is easier to carry all your things and it's easier to travel with. Hope you will now know how to have a easy but amazing journey. Enjoy!

                                                                     Marlene Naude 



Monday, 2 September 2013


My dad is an awesome Dad.

He has a wallet like a bank that is always full for me to spend.

He always makes me laugh or smile with his funny jokes.

He is the best gardener in the street and has a garden like the Botanicals in Wellington.

My Dad has the most powerful arms like a robot to throw up the rugby ball and play catches.

He comes and watches all our rugby games and always gives me good support.

He gets money for holidays, renovating and buying us cool birthday presents.

My dad is awesome and I love him!