Friday, 14 December 2012

The Reflection Of the Year

This year is the last year at T.B.C.S for me so I'm writing about it!!
I liked camp in Wellington, because Room 4 did lots of really fun stuff (i.e) Go Carts, Lazar Force, Carter Observatory and the Aquatic Centre.
 The 8yr Trip when Year 8 Girls went to the Ten Pin Bowling.
 MoTec when I did the Food Room and cooking pizza.
I hope it will go well next year and more!!!

By Ella
the year 8st are going to high school next year.the year 7s are going to year 8and the year 6 are going into our class in room 4 next year.yessterday we had a price giving and every one got a price and it was cool.

year review

I enjoyed the wellington camp and cooking this year, it was so much fun.

My year has been good and I improved in maths but I think I still need to improve on writing. Overall my year has been great.


Josh's year.

This year i have completed the task of being year 7 and now moving on to 2013 I have the impossible task of being a year eight, it is going to be hard being a romodel to the school but i am going to try and have a good year. I have enjoyed the outdoor activities that we have done this year and have had a blast doing the new program Mathsbuddy.I
 am looking at having the best year next year and to try and get a cup at the next prize giving, 2013 rules!!!

the things I liked

All the things I liked this year:
This year I liked going to camp: I liked the go– kart's, laser tag and capital E.
I liked Ki-o-Rahi because we could verse other schools and travel to Nelson. I liked winter sports because we came second. I liked summer sports because there were different activities that we could do. This year I liked having a chocolate feast but soon got sick after eating to much. I enjoyed all the sports I played including Volleyball, Miniball, swimming tournament, rugby (rugby was a one time thing) This year I improved in describing my writing in my work. I still need a little work on shapes and measurements for maths. This year I did quite good with my work and improved a little on co-operating with others (not my friends).

By Tangiwai


This year i have enjoyed camp and sports this year and there is a long list that i liked but it just to long but the best is hanging out with the year 8s with out them it is just not the same.

By Asher

Prize giving

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Christmas time!

This has been a great year at Tasman Bay, the Jonah production was amazing and all the work that went into it was awesome!
My highlight of the year was the wellington camp and the year 8 trip! They were so much fun, and i really loved the speech competition, which Miss A gave us some good tips for public speaking.
Mr Matthews has been a patient and funny teacher and all the year 8s will miss him as we move onto high school.

I have loved being at Tasman Bay and i will miss all the wonderful teachers and students next year.
We are saying goodbye to the year 8s this evening (13.12.12) at 7.00 pm in the church at our prizegiving. I hope you will all be there! because we're singing some awesome christmas carols!

By Hannah T

End of the year

Well its the end of the year again and everyone is getting excited. We have done alot of awesome things throughout the year. Room 4 went up to Wellington for camp, we did swimming, availll, athletics, cross country, and a whole lot of other cool things.
A special thanks to the 2012 staff and teachers, who helped our learning yet again increase.
Tonight is prize giving and we are going to say goodbye to the yr 8 as we head off to Highschool, we will be singing and have loads of fun.
And we got Kiteretere on Monday.

With all that concluded all I have left to say is....
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

See u all next year!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas Activity

Room 4 has been making cube people and have done the nativity for our Christmas activity. There were a lot of drama on the proses of making them but thanks to Liam P and Pamela they sorted everything but in the end we finished it.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Jonah Production

On Thursday 6th of December T.B.C.S (Tasman Bay Christian School) is going to peform a Production called Jonah.

In the Production (Jonah) I'm the Narrator and I will be walking on with three little kids, and one of them says a line then we all sit down and I begin to Start the Production.

 I'm hoping it will be great and everyone will enjoy it!!!

By Ella S


On the 15th December I am going to Vanuatu. (which is above New Zealand, near New Caledonia) My Nana is taking me there for a whole week as my christmas present from her, so I'm really excited because I get to go snorkelling and see all the colorful fish and corals!
We will be going to the Island called Port Villa, and we will be staying in a little hut on the beach. One New Zealand dollar is 73 Vatus (73 Vanuatu dollars)
Port Villa is a beautiful place, lots of sun and the water is crystal clear, the water temperature in Vanuatu is 27 degrees and the air temperature is 50 - 60 degrees!
If it's as hot as that I'm going to come back on the 23rd with such a dark tan nobody will recognise me!!

By Hannah T