Thursday, 27 February 2014


Today for swimming we did survival and for survival we had to wear our PJs over our togs and we had to take our PJ's off without touching the bottom. It was really hard.

Here are some cool pictures of us swimming.

We have been doing swimming at St Peter Channel today we where doing survival skills we had to where pyjamas and then we had togs on underneath. First we had to take our pyjama top off then let it sink, then we took our pyjama pants off then tie knots in the feet holes. Then we threw them up to try and fill them up with air and use them as a floating devise. We had 4 people in the water at a time. It was fun and funny at the same time seriously swimming in pyjamas. :) :) :) :) :)

Water Survival

Today Room 4 had a Water Survival day. We learnt how it feels when you fall off a boat in the middle of the sea. We had to wear our PJs over top of our togs. We all went in groups of four. We got four people around us with noddles so we could grab on to it if we were having trouble. Our group had to line up at the end of the pool. When our teacher says jumped we have to jump into the pool and take our top of first without out touching the bottom of the pool. After that we had to take our pants of and tie to knots at the end of both legs to chuck up in the air to catch air. When we have air in it we had to use it as a floatation device.
When everyone has a floatation device we huddle up and hold on to each other.

This is Room 4 learning how to take off our clothes and make a flotation device with our pants.

To make a flotation device you need to take off your PJ 's (you have togs under). After you have taken your pants you can tie knots  in the end of your pants. The last is to go up out of the water and quickly pull down and fill your pants up with air and that is how to make your floating device :)

Swimming Survival

Room four went to St Peter Chanel for  a swimming demonstration on how to survive if you are stranded in the water. First of all you have to get your top off and then your pants to get you lighter then tie a not at the end of your pants so that when you throw it up in the air it should get air and trap it so that you have air to keep yourself afloat. After you have done that you will be kept afloat. That was a fun day.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Room 4 is trialling a new website on the internet called free rice it is a program dedicated to the people of Syria that are starved. We have to answer questions depending on the topic that our teacher has set us.
Personally I've donated 1020 grains of rice that would feed 10 people.The program is run by United Nations World Food Program.
Room 4 is trying out a website called Free Rice. Every question right you donate 10 grains of rice. Every 100 grains of fills a bowl for one person. Personally I have donated 1070 grains of rice so far that's almost 11 people. the whole class has donated 18970 grains of rice that's a lot. The people that own Free Rice are called The United World Food Program. This rice goes to the people of Syria. I think were doing the right thing.

free rice

Room 4 is testing a program calld free rice the web address is on free rice I have feed 5 people we are helping people of Syria. the people how are sending the rice is United Nations World Food Programme. I have 530 grains.
         is a website where you answer questions to earn grains of rice to give to people in Syria and you get ten grains of rice every question you get right. 
I have donated 4410 grains of rice to people
I have fed 44 people in Syria
The United Nations World food program gets the rice and takes it to Syria. 

FreeRice is a website where you can answer questions like maths reading and writing ones and its for the people in Syria, every question we get right we donate 10 grains of rice if we get 10 questions right it feeds one person. I think that it is a really good website to go on because we are helping people that are suffering. The people who run is the united nations world food program.      

Free Rice

This year our class has been focusing on our basic facts. So for our basic facts we are attending free rice so that we can get better at our maths but also because each question we are getting correct we are donating 10 grains of rice. The people who are running free rice are the United Nations World Food Programme.So far I have fed 5 and a half people. The people who we are donating the rice to are the people of Syria.The Web address is

Free Rice.

Free Rice.

For basic-facts we have been doing Free Rice we do times tables so that we get grains for kids I have got 1730 grains I have fed 17 people the programme is called United Nations World Food Programme. We feed people of Syria. The web address is

Free rice

For the last couple of weeks room 4 have been going on a website called free rice. Free rice is a website where you  answer questions like your basic facts, and every question you get right you donate 10 grains of rice to the people of Syria for example I have donated three thousand two hundred and twenty grains of rice which means I have feed 32.2 people. the address is
free rice

5 grains of rice

fed 5 people
It is going to a place called Syria

we are donating rice to the poor people of Syria

Free Rice

This term we have been going on Free Rice where we can do our basic facts and every question we get correct they give 10 grains to the poor and 100 grains feeds 1 person.

Our class has fed:186 people
I have fed: 21 people

It is run by "United Nations World Food Program"
and the rice goes to "Syria".

Free rice

This year room 4 has been focusing on basic facts and we have been doing a programme called free rice. On free rice you answer questions and for every answer you get correct the united nations world food programme donates ten grains of rice to the people in Syria. So far I have donated one thousand seven hundred and 60 grains of rice which means I have feed seventeen and a half people. the web address is  

Free Rice

Today for our basic facts we went It is a program from The United Nations World food program. It is were you can answer questions and donate grains of rice for the country "Syria". Every question you answered donates ten grains of rice. I have donated 3630 grains of rice that feeds 36 people.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


I am a librarian with other students, we have to look after the library so making sure it's tidy. We issue and return books for the kids that come to our school. By Abigail Smith.


I am now a librarian.Our jobs are to issue and return books at this school to help keep the library clean and tidy. There are also other jobs we do listed on the photo. By kiriwai.


I am now a librarian with other students, our jobs is to issue and return books for children at this school and also keep the library clean with the books in order. By Keilah Delany.