Thursday, 5 April 2012


Easter Time!
Today Room4 is having a huge chocolate scoff! Everyone has brought something containing chocolate and after lunch we are going to have a vote about what movie we are going to watch and while the movie is playing, SCOFF ALL THE CHOCOLATE! yum!
How many of you are having an easter egg hunt at home this weekend? We always have a easter egg hunt at my place, and somehow every time, even if i peek at where mum puts them, my brother finds most of the eggs first! Bummer!

Highlights this term

This term my highlights would be when our class went to Wellington. I enjoyed playing Laseroforce and going to the National War Memorial. It was a really awesome experience. At school,I liked sharing my Strengths with the little kids because I got to see them teach others.During the swimming season there were heaps of times where we had to swim in freezing water, I learnt how to do tumble turns really good and also learnt to keep my head straight down towards the bottom of the pool when I am swimming.While doing the colouring competition I thought that I would never be able to finish it but I did, with a little extra time. I thought it was actually the best colouring that I have done before.We have done alot of cool activities this term and I can't wait until next term.

The highlights of term 1

The highlights of term 1 was the new aspects of maths, reading and writting.

Maths: We learn't more by going online and going on mathletics or e- asstle other than that it was back to the paper reading out of books and then writting them down.

Reading: More e- asttle tests but with a different subject, reading in groups and just plain silent reading, also awesome atlas and news paper in education.

Writting: We have been doing post cards and letters, having fun and sharing our ideas is the main focus, also to try your best!

Term 1

Devotions: Mr Mathews has been teaching us stuff from the bible that relates to Reflect, Resolve, Respond, Reason, Research, Raise Questions, Reveiw & Record, Recall and Relate. I learnt some things i didnt know before and maybe some other people to.
Maths: m 4 has math groups, my math group has these nulake books and we have to fill out all the pages up to 27 before term 2, some people in my group are already up to page 40 or more. I love the maths books they are really fun, some are really easy but some are really hard.
PLP: Rm 4 wrote up a sheet that had what their strengths are then this term we had to go and get a rm 2 kid and teach them your strength, I taught Hania what things you put on to different cards (example on birthday cards you put smily faces, birthday presents, writing saying Happy birthday and balloons) We had to do 2 strengths, my 2nd one was to teach a rm 2 kid how to listen and flollow instructions, so I did a game of soccer with shanara and her rm 2 kid, Hania will be able to teach another kid this one day.