Thursday, 20 September 2012

MOTEC (camp stool)

This term year 7&8's have been going to MOTEC on a Wednesday. This term the year 7's have been making camp stools. Just about everybody has finished their camp stool. I like Pamela's camp stool the best because it has a blue nylon cover. The year 8's have been making bags. Everyone has finished except one or two people. I like Risi's bag is the best it is checkered black and white with a blue pocket.

Spring Fling

On this Saturday the Spring Fling Gala is on this year.We have got Sweets, the white elephant and more! There are going to be coffee and tea for sale and Muffins as well!

The white elephant is the second-hand store and it going to have clothes, shoes, toys and more! The Sweets are muffins, lollies and lollies necklaces!

The Spring Fling is going to be a lot of  FUN! I hope lots of people turn up! see you at the SPRING FLING!!!!!

By Ella  

Updates :D


On the 22nd of September we will be holding an Spring Fling. This will be made up of heaps of stalls holding food, books, games, toys and heaps more. The money collected will be given to the school so that Room 4 can get new computers and to get more tools and stationary.
The parents have been giving second hand stuff to sell at the Spring Fling, also some of the parents are running stalls and helping out. This year the stalls will be going around the whole field and there will be a kids corner for all the little kids who like to play with toys and eat lollies.
There will be rides and raffle tickets, for the  people who are helping with the hosting of the Spring Fling will be wearing red or white tops with blue jeans, these will be dotted all around the place.
 This will be alot of fun to go to and the kids cant wait to get out and explore their school in a different way from just going to school and working. There have been flyers handed out and we are expecting a big turn up, we handed out 10 flyers to every family to hand out to their friends and neighbors.


This past week we have been doing writing on the three little pigs and doing court jury, of who was the guilty party for either attempted murder, murder and and damage of property. Here is a example:
There were 3 helpless pigs. They had just finished their houses of straw, twigs and bricks, now these pigs were running from the dreaded wolf. Who had a scar on his left eye and peircing green eyes that haunts ones mind for days. An who's fur was a gloomy grey, a fight scar is on his right side neck and a gold earing hangs from the top of his left ear, he limps around. He's about 6ft 3 and when nerbeous he is silent as if you could hear his heart beat. He wears a dark blue top and black shorts. He also has pointy sharp ears as sharp as knifes.
He has been found guilty for violence and damage of property. The wold tried to eat the 3 pigs ( violence ) and blew the two houses of pig one and two which were found murdered not far from their homes with grey tuffs of fur in the bulky mud.

tens and tweens

                                                             Winter sports

This year at winter sports I played rugby. We played at sportspark at 10:40, 11:20 and 12:40. 

At 10:40 we played on feild 2 VS Natimotie 2 and it was a tie 3 all.

At 11:20 we played on feild 1 VS Tasman and we bet them 6 to 0.

And last at 12:40 we played on feild 4 VS Lower Moutere and we lost by 2 tries 6 to 4 an dthen we were out ot the compotion sadly.

By Fletcher   


Next term (term4) Athletics is coming up and we are all pretty nervous and excited. My favorite thing to do is high jump and tug of war, lots of people think that tug of war is just for little kids but i think it's fun!!!
I don't really like sports but most of the things we do at athletics is pretty fun! There is one thing that puzzels me though... it always seems to be either raining or cloudy on the day! And of course we still have to do it even if it's raining! A natural disaster would have to occur to convince the teachers the weather is to bad! (sorry teachers :p)
There are lots of people at Tasman Bay Christian who are good at sport, most of the boys are and you wouldn't want to be competeing against Risi in sprints!

Hannah T
                                                           SPRING FLING

On Saturday this week the spring fling is on at Tasman Bay Christian School. And i am in charge of a stand that we have have in the kids corner and it is from 10am to 3pm. And this year we have raised more money then last time it was on and even now i bet that we will raise lots of money.

By Asher Delany =).

Spring Fling Prep

This Saturday TBCS Spring Fling is on, and mu Mum is on of the main people who got it going. On the day, my Mum is running the food stand for the school, and she has also told me about all the stalls we are having, like boys haircuts and baking stands, a kids corner and a silent auction a baking stand, a food stand (which my Mun is running) and MUCH MUCH more, and it too is going to be our biggest spring fling fair yet.

Winter sports


Last Thursday room four had winter sports, some played netball others played rugby.

 The day had finally arrived, it was a sunny warm morning. Finally 9:30 had arrived, we had to go town to the courts at that time. I was very excited because I love netball! Its my favourite sport.

We had to find our bucket that had our name on it. We were all waiting for the games to start.

Finally we got to start, our coach had to get us in all our positions. I got to play GA! (Goal attack) I was excited but nervous. We were all standing in our positions waiting for the whistle to blow so we can finally start our game.

We played at least sixteen games. We lost two drew two and won the rest. Out of the whole thing we game second!

It was a very fun day. we all tried our best and we came second. We were all proud of ourselves.
Bye Aroha.


sports marks us feet and stong.So sports are good for us and our bodies . Sports makes you slim if you are fat.Most of the people who are fat get slim doing sports and execing and joging running so sports are good for our bodies so people jog some just walk to slimso that sports are good for our bodies

The winter sports

on thursday for the whole day we were doing the winter sports. 

first there were choices. and ito was soccer, rugby,netball. but first only four people wanted to play soccer and those people were not enough people so there was only rugby and netball


The Three little pigs

This week we are writing a case about the three little pigs. We have to find who's the victim and who's guilty. First we have to write up the story, then we have to write all the description of the three little pigs and the wolf. After that we have to draw our descriptions and label the obvious points. When we have finished we have to convince the court of our clients innocence and send someone to jail, and thats what we're doing for writing this week.
By Tangiwai


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Winter Sports!!!.... Judo

Last Thursday Room 4 competed in the Winter Sports, We had a Rugby team, and a Netball team.
We were very lucky that it was a sunny day because other wise it would of been cancelled. Lets start with the rugby team. It was a tough start with a draw of 3-3 against Ngatimoti, but soon got used to how the game worked. The rugby team got as far as the quarter finals losing to Lower Moutere 5-3. It was only 1:00pm and we'd finished so we asked other teams that finished their games if they'd like to have a fun game with us. It was very successful. Now lets move to the Netball Team, They had a very good team winning all games but one and they drew one game well done to them. They did very good especially when for most of them it was the first time playing Netball.

Last week I traveled to Christchurch to compete in the South Island Championships. I won Gold in my weight division and silver in the open losing to a person from Phoenix Canterbury. It was Fun also because I got to meet Moira De Villers( New Zealand Olympic, she competed in the 2012 Olympics.) I was really happy with my results and hope to keep improving.

By Risaleaana

Friday, 14 September 2012

The Winter Tournament

This year at the Winter Tournament there was a lot of people.
There was 19 schools at netball, but we didn't get to play all the schools but we had FUN!!

At netball we had 14 games and 4 breaks and we loses 2 games, came a tie in 1 game and the rest we won.
 We 2nd in the overall score and Parkland's came 1st.

Our first 3 games were the easiest and our last one too, which was St Peter's.
The hardest game wed played was Parkland's.

But in the end it was fun and we had a great time!!!

By Ella

Winter sports

The Winter Sports Tournament on Thursday 13th September, room 4 had a netball team and a rugby team, the netball team was Tangiwai, Aroha, Liam p, Brooklyn, Pamela, Shanara, Hannah, Ella, Hope and me (Tania) plus our coach Lea Pimley. There was 14 games with 6 minute halves and a break of about 1-2 minutes. Our team lost 2, Tied 1 and won the rest with the help of our great coach. We enjoyed participating in the tournament and the team came 2nd in pool a out of 7-8 teams, near the end of the day Mr. Mathews came and bought us each a juicie which was what we needed in that hot sun.

Moutere District Speech comp!

A few weeks ago all the year 5, 6, 7, and 8s wrote a speech for art attack and then presented it to the class. Miss Aldridge and Mr Matthews judged who would go through to the next stage.

In the end they chose five year 5 and 6s, then five year 7 and 8s to peform their speeches in front of the school.
Mrs Hough came and judged the next stage with Miss Aldridge to see who the two school representitives would be!
The winners were... (drum roll please!) yr8 HANNAH TEALE AND yr6CALEB GIBSON!
We went through to the proper competition and Hannah Teale  (aka: me!) came third and had her picture in the motueka golden bay newspaper! Caleb did not get a placing but did a really great job and his speech was really clever.

The speeches were great fun and i can't wait to do my next speech when i go to college next year! :)

Hannah Teale :)

Winter Tournament!!!!!!

On the 13 of Semtember 2012 room 4 of TBCS went to the Winter Tournament to participate in netball and rugby at 9:15 room 4 left on the bus and started to head towards the event.
First the netballers got of at the reck center and then the rugby team got droped of at sportspark reserve.
After that the tournemant started and they started to play there were games in our pools quater finals, and the semi finals and of course there was the finals at the end TBCS netballers came with a amazing 2nd place in the tournament and as for the rugby team they came 4th and first in there pool.

By Joshua of TBCS room 4.