Friday, 12 July 2013

Comic Life
Room 4 did a comic life each, we had too explain what we had to do, I chose how to use twink.
We had to take photos of what we were talking about and write about them. 



Yesterday on the 11th of July 2013, Room 4 went to Ngatimoti School for a social Ki-O-Rahi tournament.

First of all Room 4 went on the bus to Ngatimoti School. We had a fairly good ride. When we arrived we waited for the other schools to arrive so we played on the playground.

When the other schools arrived we gathered together and the organiser informed us of the timetable to the schools. There was 6 schools competing in the tournament. For the first game we lost, the second game we lost, then the third game we won. After that the schools got mixed up into different teams and sadly the team i was in lost that game.

I reckon it was pretty good in the end we may have lost, but we tried hard.

Art Attack

This Term Room Three and Four have been doing Art Attack with Miss Aldridge. The topic we were doing was called Massive. Massive is a big contest in Motueka, and it’s every two years. Every time it has a different subject that the play has to relate to, this year the subject is Bright. So we're going to do something with a bright future, it starts with a war then it goes into a funeral with dancing, so it has a happy ending.

By Jacob

Last day. day.

This day is the day all the girls want to look pretty because it’s the last day of school.
It’s good because all the girls say to each other “You look so beautiful.” So that’s one thing I like about schools last day.
 This schools last day is really awesome because I’m performing gymnastics dance and I can basically do a walk over.

I cannot wait! I love my friends so much and I thank them for being there for me.

Cultures -Munashe .

Room 4 have been studying cultures around the world on birthdays, funerals,education and weddings we looked at Turkey, Mexico, Colombia and India.We were comparing the New Zealand  culture with some other countries around the world. Mr Matthews helped us with our cultures and understanding them.  We went to the Marae for our culture visit we were learning about the Maori culture and the stories.It was fun to see what they do and make for their tradition and culture.

by Munashe.


Massive Practise
Massive is like a stage challenge, it is where we dance and sing to a theme. We enjoy practicing very much because it is active and interesting. We are currently working on an army theme where a man gets shot and rose again. The whole purpose of this theme is for a better future, a brighter future.

 We are doing an army dance (the boys) where Liam W is the leader. Liam Patu is the guy that gets shot and he does the fake death and is pretty good at it .Then we have the Poppy dancers that will start dancing in the middle of the story. There are also hippy dancers that join in with the army and then the poppy dancers join in too .We will be singing “we are all in this together” and do our dance moves .We are not done with the Massive theme yet we still have a lot of things to add to the story.

Massive is also where we compete against other schools. Since we are a small group that attended the massive competition we have to work extra hard to make sure our small group makes a big performance and shows the other school what we are made of .We thank everyone that made this possible “Miss Aldridge is helping us and teaching us a few moves and the rest comes from the dancers “.

This is the moment we will always remember, being with our friends, doing something fun together as a group for fun and adventure. 



This term for homework we have been studying Ruth. Ruth is a person from the bible; she has her Mum, Dad, Naomi, Orpah,
Orpah’s husband and Ruth’s husband. 

We’ve also made a poster About anyone that we like I wrote a poster about my Mum I put in it how tall she was what her eye colour was and two really interesting facts about her one of them is that she represented NELSON at TENNIS.


On Friday we go to mini ball it starts at 3:30 or 4:00 or 4:30. we go to the Rece center.   We have lot of fun doing it and it is a very good work out for me. In the team is Jessiah, Harry, Asher, Liam P, Munashe, Olivia and Caleb.

Chocolate Day!

On Wednesday 10th July 2013 Room 4 had a chocolate day to celebrate how well we have done in Geometry. We all brought something to share with the class there were things like cake, blocks of chocolate, brownie, and cookies. When we first got to school we all put all the food on the table and then we went to MoTEC. When we got back we put the movie ‘Despicable Me’ and ate most of the chocolate, it was lots of fun and there was still a little bit of chocolate left the next day.


In Term 2 Room 4 learnt geometry in maths where they learnt about shapes, position and angles.
At the end of the Term they did an astle test to test their knowledge.
After the test they had a chocolate day where they brought in anything that had chocolate in it and then they eat it while watching the movie despicable me.
In term three they will get to chose what topic in maths they have to do, a thing that no other school has ever done before.            


Our class is entering Nelsomathics.

We have practiced twice. First we get into groups of 4 and there are about 5 teams. I am the runner for our group because I am the fastest. Then Mr Matthews gives each group a question and we have to answer it, when we answer it correctly, we go back to Mr Matthews. If we get it correct he gives us a new question if we get it wrong I have to go back to my group and we have to try answer it correctly. Then whichever group gets the most answers correct at the end of the time wins. 
       BY Liam W
For maths this term we have been doing things in groups, and if our group got all the things that we had to do for our task we got 3 marbles and if we didn't finish what we were doing for maths we got a marble. At the end of the term our group needs 20 marbles for a prize next term to go  somewhere fun like the water slide.

Homework Posters

For our homework on the last week of term 2 we had to research about a person that we like.

On our poster we had to talk about why we chose that person and interesting details and some facts about that person. Here are some that I used for my person, age (22), Born 1990 October 23rd, and has an older brother called Russ Walker.

We got to decorate the poster with borders backgrounds and more. We got to add photos of our person and the country flag where he comes from. If other kids from room 4 made their poster on a computer they could change their font of the words and also they can use Word Art that is a title designer.

We printed our posters and laminated them and then stapled them to the wall. It was really awesome researching a person we like. I hope we get to do it again Mr Matthews. 

For our topic this term of God is Loving we (room 4) made wordles. Wordles are poems about anything except the words are all muddled up into shapes and letters. My wordle was in the shape of a heart and some of the words were love, friends, peace, kisses, hugs etc. The website that we did them on was called or another one called both of the websites you can create all different kinds of wordles. 

by Brooklyn.

Pencil Holders

In Term 2 Room 4 made pencil holders for their offices out of pieces of cardboard, paint and at least 5 toilet rolls.
First they glued the toilet rolls onto the cardboard.
Next they painted the toilets rolls and cardboard and left them to dry in the sun.
When they had dried they put their pencils in them.

They all look fantastic some are big, some are small, some are sparkly and some are plain but they all look great in Room 4s offices.  

This term for writing we’ve been doing a lot of different types of writing which has helped us find out what we need to learn to put in our writing. One of the things we noticed that we weren’t very good at was using contractions in our writing.

To help us remember what contractions are and also remind us to put them in our writing we have made a display on the wall with laminated cards that we made with some of the contractions on it.


This term Mr Mathews introduced to us a new website called Sum dog. According to Mr Mathews there was a competition between the Tasman regions schools so our class, Room 4, got straight to work.
The actual competition started on the 5th July and ended on the 11th the first few days where just training.
Sum dog is just 14 different maths games, put together to make a competition. The more points you earn in the games makes you earn credits to spend at the shop. In the competition you were only allowed to answer 1000 questions. The objective is to try and answer as many correct answers as you can out of 1000.
The top 15 students with the leading score streaks goes against other schools top 15 and the 15 students with the most points put together wins! On the 12th of July we found out we won the entire competition!

By Joshua



On Friday the fifth of July 2013 some of the yr 7-8 students from TBCS went to the gymnastics. They had to practise it every Friday. They had to do a dance to a song called 'Titanium'. Miss Aldrigde took us to the Rec Centre where the Gym took place. We all did very well and I can’t wait to do it again next year.

By Olivia .
Cross Country
This term for cross country we have been running up our streets.
We competed in competitions.
We had a practise cross country at Tasman School. It was really hard, but it was fun. There was a really big hill that the children had to run up. The year 1 and 2 ran 2 laps and year 6, 7 and 8 ran 3 laps. I got really tired on my first lap but bu the whole thing was tiring.

From Liam Patu

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Poster-Marlene Naude

For homework we had to choose any person you want to write about ,your mum, your dad or just a Celebrity.I chose Bear Grylls (Man vs Wild) and Steve Irwin (crocodile hunter).They are my heroes they inspired me with allot of things.I made these posters nice and big so that they can be seen .They are bright and colourful. For my Bear Grylls poster I did a camouflage background and Steve Irwin a nice bright colour pages and black Background. Everyone had to make at least one poster of their person. Here are some photos of my Posters hope you think it is colourful.... it took me a week!....PS add 3 days for the other one......and Steve Irwin Died in 2004 by a sting ray accident.