Wednesday, 18 December 2013


This is my ginger bread house I made for my homework. First you have to make the dough, then you have to cook it. When it's done you make the glue which you can eat and glue on the lollies and the pieces of the house. I made it because it is really delicious and it's Christmasy.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

harry king

For homework these two weeks I made a bird house I made it for birds to live in and to hag up for decoration.
To make it I had to get some thin pine wood and put it together and sand 7 cots on to it and 7 cots of paint.


For homework for the last two weeks we had to make something like a cake or a bird house just anything, so I made a floatable pirate ship.
The reason I made a pirate ship is because I wanted to make something different.
To make it I first got a small LnP bottle, two pieces of paper, two plastic sticks and half a cup of sand.
I got the bottle and the sand then put the sand inside, then closed the lid, next I cut two little holes for the plastic sticks then Inserted them in.
Next I got the paper and cut them Into a triangle then cut the top flat then I made them into two different sizes one smaller and one bigger, then I got the bigger one and drew a skull on it.
Then I got a hole puncher and put two little hole onto both the end tips on both pieces of paper.
After that I slided the papers down the stick then spread them out along the sticks.

liam p's homework

For the last three weeks of school we have been given the chance to create something for homework. For my homework I made a volcano and made it erupt. I made my homework at school in my own time. I made it out of news paper and straws.
This is my homework project  is a boat and is balloon powered.

We had to make a project that we could make in two weeks, At the end of the  process we could bring our project to school and show everyone.

I made it with an old juice bottle,paper, straws, a balloon and some stuff  to decorate.  

Gulliver's homework bird house


For homework, we had to make something. First, we had to make a brief about what it was going to be. Then we had to make it and I chose to make a bird house

I made the Bird house out of recycled apple boxes and nails. I did half of the sawing and almost all of the nailing and I did almost all of the painting and we hand sawed it.
I chose a bird house because there are lots of birds around our house. Half of the roof can flip up so we can see inside.
That is what I made for my homework.

Caleb's Homework

For homework we needed to create something, I chose to make a bird feeder. I made it out of timber and a lemonade bottle, First I stuck the two pieces of timber together with screws, then I put holes in the bottle and filled it up with bird seed and stuck it to the timber with hot glue. Then I nailed I to the fence.

Monday, 16 December 2013

My Homework T4

For one of my homework tasks this term i had to think of a project and then complete it. I chose to create a smoothie recipe. i tested out the recipe and it tasted tropical and very fruity. I made the smoothie out of a few different fruits like pineapple and strawberries blended in with some ice so it would be nice on a hot day. this was what the smoothie looked like finished.

Josh's piano song.

For my homework I did a song on a piano because I love music and love playing the piano the most.
I have been practising this song for 2 months.
My outcome is to have a nice piano song to show to the world.
By Joshua.

Oscar's Homework

For my homework in term 4 I designed a house that was half under water and half above water.      

First I drew the plans for the house, then I made a model of it on a program called sketch up and then I made a model of the house out of Lego.

The reason I decided to design a house was because I like architecture and because I know that I will have plans which I can use in the future.  

My Homework,
For my homework I have made a house out of popsical sticks.
I made it with popsical sticks and alot of hot glue.

Home Work.

Candle Holders
For Homework I made candle holders this picture is one of the candle holders I made.
I made the candle holders from half cut icicle sticks
 ,a home made ribbon , a tuna can and lots of super glue!
First I got a washed tuna can then I got  different coloured icicle sticks and I sliced them in half
After this I placed super glue on the sticks and placed them around the can.
When the glue dried and the sticks are secure on the can I made a ribbon from a white piece of fabric and glued it on to the holder.

Now that the Candle holder is decorated and done you can place a candle in it .......and enjoy the pretty decoration.

Israel Dagg

I made a poster about Israel Dagg.
I made a poster because I had to chose to make something for homework. Then make a plan and make it.
I made a poster by getting the information from the internet and buying card from the shop.

Bird House

I made a bird house for birds to nest in and have somewhere to rest for my homework.

I designed a simple bird house and draw it out on a nice smooth piece of timber. I had to get my dad to cut out all of the pieces out with the skill saw. I sanded down all of the pieces to make the edges smooth and tidy ready to put together.

I grabbed the drill and screws to put the pieces together. I marked out all of the places where I will screw the screws in. My dad attached a saw to the drill that cuts out a circle on the timber. I screwed the entire pieces together ready for painting.

I went into the shed and picked out my colour of paint to paint the bird house. I painted the top of the house first and then painted the sides. I had to do three coats of paint to waterproof it so it can go in the rain.

I found it very tiring putting it all together but it was worth it. It took me four hours to finish it. The outcome was brilliant; it looks great and is ready for the birds.

Home Work

These are my steal flowers.I made these flowers so that I can do it with my dad  because he has heaps of steal and I thought that we could do a daughter and father bonding thing. I first got all of the materials and cut them to the shape and welded them together, and spray painted them to give them the affect.


I made a wooden boat for my homework. I made this to show my class that I can create some thing. I built the boat by myself with wood and my mum helped me sew the sail and put it on.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Zacs homework

This is my homework
 I made a AH 64 Apache helicopter out of Lego for my homework.
Why: to make a AH 64 Apache helicopter to show the class what I did for my homework.
How: by measuring how long it needs and how high it needs to be. Then look at a picture of it and then making it out of Lego. 


This term one of our homework tasks was to think of a fun project and do it. I made a hair clip flower out of teaspoons. This is what it looks like:

That was what I did for my homework this term. I made the rose out of plastic spoons melted over a candle then stuck together. I enjoyed making it and when I have got a clip to attach I will like using it as a hair clip. I made this because I wanted a new hair accessory and I thought this would look good.
Duck house.
This is my homework it is a duck house and the ducks on top that you can see is the guardians to look after the other ducks inside. I done this to help me with building. I first put different colours in different piles and then started building darkest to lightest.