Tuesday, 27 November 2012

This term we are practising for our Jonah  production for school .It is so much fun and I am in sunbather.  I am also in the dance for the sunbathers. The best dance of the play is the Spanish dancers and they are so good at the dance.  IT LOOKS SO COOL!!!


On Sunday 25th November 2012, I went to compete in a Athletics competiton. It was held on Saxton Field in Mapua. My first activity was Long Jump, and I was able to launch myself 4.25m. My next activity was sprints, and I came 1st by 7m, and that had made me very proud. Then My last activity was Discus. In Discus I was able to throw the Disc very far and I had very good results.
By Andre.
This term we  are practicing the Jonah production and we have pirates,spanish dancers,sunbathers and sailors.In the jonah productian, I am a pirate! We have to practice every day.We do praying in morning,writing,maths,hand writing,motec,topic,singing,drama,quizes,typing,devotions,reading and art. We also get to do sports like soccer,rugby and netball.

By munashe


This term we are doing a Jonah play and I am in the sunbathing scene and in the dance. The best part of our play is Peg it and Leg it (the run-away crooks from Ninevah) and the spanish dancers their dance is so cool. I can't wait til the night, it is on the 6/12/12 at Tasman Bay Christian School and I can't wait. We have been working so hard and it is going to be AWESOME!!!
By Hope


This term we have been doing availll. Availll is when a class watches a movie and read the subtittles.
When the teacher pauses the movie, you have to write the subtittle before it. At the end you give your work to the teacher and the teacher marks it most of the time. We do all sorts of different activities and they most of them are really fun .

By Liam W

Prepping for play!

This year something big is happening, TBCS is having a big play for this years production night.
The play is based on the story of Jonah. A fishy tale, which starts off as Jonah disobeys Gods commands, to go to the horrible mean city of Ninvaeh. Unfortunatly he runs away from God, well at least attemps too.
To help him run away, is a greedy spanish dancer. She tells him to come to Spain with her, on a ship for a happier life. So he takes the offer and really bad things happen to him. So please come to TBCS production night 2012!!!

Written by Josh of rm 4.


Last Sunday On April the 25th,
My dad and I went to Saxton Field in Mapua for a athletics compitition. At the compatition I would have estemated that there would have been about 350 competitors competeing and the weather was smiling on us. My first activity was long jump, and I was able to jump 4.25m. Then after that I had, my favourite, Sprints, and in that I came 1st by at least 7m, and that made me very proud. But last but not least there was Discus. and I didn't do bad in that either.



For drama we are doing a Jonah play which is the one from the bible. But it is a kind of a remix, I am pirate. In the play i get to spray paint a cardboard car and the pirates and i will get to sing a Nineveh song.We get to wear pirate costumes and have a plastic sword if we want. .Its going to be the best production night ever.

by Asher
This Term we are doing AVAILL. AVAILL is a program where we read the subtitles of a movie and complete certain activities to do with the subtitles.

Room 4 cooking day!

This Thursday Room 4 is having a cooking day, we have cooked lots of stuff before and it's been really fun so i am looking forward to it!
We can either make something at home and then bring it to school to share, or bring the ingredients and recepie to school and make it here. I think i will make something at home and bring it to school, i'm thinking of making iced ginger bread buiscuts (they are really delicious!) I hope all of you remember to bring something too!

By Hannah T

Monday, 26 November 2012


 We are practising the jonah play. and the little people are being the fishes and the other people are doing piarates, sailors and all of the other stuff.


 We are practising the jonah play. and the little people are being the fishes and the other people are doing piarates, sailors and all of the other stuff.

Almost Term 4 is finished

Prepping for t

This term we have been focousing on a play for the whole school to be included in callled Jonah. Miss Aldredge has been working with people in different scenes at different times every week until now she has the whole play going from the begining to the end with everybody singing and dancing. these are the parts which people got Spanish dancers, Senorita, God, Sunbathers, the two crooks from Ninevah, Jonah, three little kids and their mother, Pirates, Sailors, Captian and a family from Ninevah. The people who got the main parts have to learn all their lines off by heart and I've seen the play right through a few times and they are doing a great job at remembering their lines.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

our school is a really fun school but we have some  people  i love our sv  is so much fun and we lone our


Athletics Day was on Saturday 10th of November and nearly everyone came. Athletics was fun and I enjoyed it except for the long distance run which I think most people in my group didn't like because lots of us were having trouble breathing afterwards (the worst of it over) but after that we were fine and got on to some easier things like distance throw. After a short break we had a ceremony in remembrance of those who fought in the war and we all took our hats off. At Athletics there was a tuck shop which sold lollies, ice blocks and hot chips which was good because it went cold in parts of the day. At the end of all this there was the races for the shields and, our school won 3 shields for the best average in high jump/long jump, the best average in over ten yr. olds sprints and the best average in track and field. By Tania-rose
at our school we  realy big on sport and on saterday we went to athyletics and one 3 shealds that was awsome. at our school we have some really random people as well have a look.
Well its getting close to the end of the year, and the yr 8's are finishing off their powerpoint
we have  lots oof thing at our school and we r really big on sport on sater day we had athletics it was so much fun we won 3 shelds and that was real cool. also at our school we have really random people.

Athletics Day

On Saturday the 10/11/12 we had the Athletics Day at Upper Moutere, community center.

We had 7 events, and these were some
High Jump,
Long Jump,
Shot put,
Sprints and so on........

The way they scored you is out of 1 to 3 ( 3 is the highest you can get).

The one thing I enjoyed is Shot put, because I got a 3   and it was FUN too!

Tasman Bay Christian School got 3 shields (awards) out of  8!!!
At the end of the day everyone was hot and tired but everyone enjoy themselves and had FUN!!!!

By Ella

Jonah and the big fish

Tasman Bay Christian school is putting on a play at the end of this term, and we are doing Jonah and the big fish!
We are all excited and everyone has been working hard. Everyone has a part in the play, some of the younger kids are doing props and the older kids are the actors.
The props are starting to look really good, and we have been doing alot of painting! We are going to wear really cool costumes and it is going to be so much fun!
The play is going to be peformed in the Tasman Bible Church, so make sure you come and see us up on stage!!!

By Hannah T


One of our homework tasks this term is to alter a cupcake recipe and then bake it for our family. I decided to do this task for my homework this week. While I was mixing the mixture I added in two tablespoons of honey to the plain cupcake mixture. the muffins turned out to be really nice, they were moist and you could taste the honey without it being too sweet. Here is the recipe:

125g butter, softened
§    ½ cup, plus 2 tablespoons of caster sugar
§    2 heaped tablespoons of honey
§    2 large eggs, at room temperature
§    1 cup self-raising flour (or 1 cup standard flour and 1 teaspoon baking powder)
§    3 tablespoons milk, warmed for ten seconds in microwave
Buttercream Icing
§    125g butter, softened
§    3 cups icing sugar, sifted
§    ½ teaspoon vanilla essence
§    ¼ cup milk warmed for ten seconds in microwave
Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.  Line a 12 hole muffin pan with cupcake cases.
Place the butter, sugar, honey, eggs and flour into a food processor (or use an electric handheld mixer, it works just as well) and pulse for 10-15 seconds.  Pour in the warmed milk and pulse again till combined.
Spoon the mixture evenly into the cases filling each 3/4 full.  Bake for 17 minutes or until skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean.
To make buttercream icing, cream the butter with an electric mixer until very pale, about 2-3 minutes.  Using low speed, mix in the icing sugar alternatively with the milk and vanilla.  Continue to beat until light and fluffy.
  This is a recipe that I would certainly try again.

kapa haka fun day

On the nineth of november our schools kapa haka group preformed at the KAPA HAKA FUN DAY at the motuaka hall.
It was a time to share our talents and our culture to all the other schools of the motuaka comunty.
Parklands school started us of with few songs then Mahana school and then finally it was us.
I think we preformed really well.
I would  like to thank Lofi and Kevin for teaching us all of the actions and songs and Mrs clark for making us all of the costumes and uniforms for us and last but not least i would like to thank all the parents for being there for us and supporting us.


The Athletics day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On saturday 10th of November the whole school came to do athletics.
and for the all of the other school we came 3rd!!.
One of them was for the three trophies that we won the following shileds are:
Harakeke Shield [ highest average points over all long and high jump events ]
Challenge Shield [ highest average points for all '10yrs and over ' sprints events]
Lindsay Fraster Shield [ highest average points overall track and field events ]
And tasman bay christian did very good.
                                                                                                      From job

Athletics day

 On Saturday 10th November the whole school went to Athletics at the Upper Moutere domain, it was a fun day.
 It was a very hot sunny day. We done really well in the fastest girl, Risi came second.For the  Second fastest boy  Andre  came third.  In the fastest boy  Fletcher  came fourth. Well done to those people. We won  three shelds the first sheld was for best score for high jump and long jump. The second sheld was for best sprints for 10 years and over. The last sheld was for best score overall. well done TBCS.  

By Liam W

Athletics Day!!!!

On Saturday 10th November, Athletics was held at the Moutere Domain. Schools including Upper Moutere,Mapua,Mahana,Dovedale and Tasman Bay Christian School competed in the Athlerics Day. It was a long day with Andre coming third for the RSA sheild(second fastest boy in the school), Fletcher running for the Piece sheild(Fastest kid in school) coming fourth and Risaleaana winning second in fastest girl.We may not have won any trophies but that didn't hold us back when it was time for prize giving.

At prize giving we won the top 3 best sheilds for the day making us pretty much the BEST school on average.

1-Harakeke sheild(Highest average points over all long and high jump events)
2- Challlenge sheild(Highest average for all '10yrs and over' sprint events)
3-Lindsay Fraser sheild (Highest average points overall track and feild events)

Everyone from Tasman Bay christian school should be proud of themselves because every score counted.

By Risaleaana

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Ki O Rahi Tournament

On Tuesday 30th October 2012,
We (Room 4) had a Ki O Rahi Tournament at Neil Park, IT WAS SOOOOOOO FUN. The first game we won, but, you could say it was pretty close, we even thought that we had lost before we knew the score at the end of the game, but then when they told us the score we were very relieved. At the end of the second game is the game that I don't like talking about very much because we had gotten absolutely CAINED, but the third game was probably our best game, and the reason is so because we WHIPPED the opponent, and man it did feel good! They didn't even get one single point, and we had gotten at least 35. But the only sad bit about that was that that was our last game.
By Andre

Celabration night

Celebration night was a fun night where the school got to show off all our achievements and celebrations.

We arrived and ate dinner between six and six-thirty. Then the adults had a chat while the kids played soccer. At seven we started to showoff.

It was a night filled with fun and I can't wait for next year.
By Fletcher

Celebration Night.

On the 30th of October 2012 T.B.C.S. held and hosted a Celebration Night.
The reason why we held it was to show of are talents from art, maths, reading, even to language and culture!
It started at 6:00 and ended 8:30 a whole entire 2 and a half hours to show what were made of. It  went better than expected and the Celebration Night was a success.
Written by Joshua of room 4 2012