Thursday, 28 March 2013

Easter Activity

Summer Sports
On Tuesday the 26th of March room four did summer sports at the Motueka rec centre.

 It was only supposed to be the year sevens and eights but the year six’s went as well. The summer sports is a rotation of three games Ultimate Frisbee, Touch Rugby and Volleyball.

Ultimate Frisbee is a bit like netball because you can’t run with it and you have to pass but if somebody throws it and the opposition hits it down then it’s theirs. You have to pass it down the court and into the circle to score a point.

Touch rugby is when you run with an oval shaped ball down a field trying not to get touched by the opposition and score a try, but if you do get touched you have to roll it under your legs and somebody in your team has to pick it up and pass it to another player then that player can run and try to score.

Volleyball has a big net in the middle of a court and a team on each side. One team starts with the ball and serves. Then the other team has to try and hit it back over. Then it keeps on going there and back until somebody misses it. Then the team who didn’t miss, gets to serve, but you have to rotate every time it’s your turn to serve. So one person goes off and another person goes on, so everybody has to move one space forward.

My favourite one was probably volley ball.
        Summer sports was awesome!!!!!!!

Summer Sports

On 26th March room 4 went to the Rec centre for summer sports.
Ultimate Frisbee is a game where there are two teams one team throws the Frisbee. Then the other team catches it then the team with the Frisbee has to get a player and the Frisbee into the half circle at the end of the court.  Then they get a point.        
Touch is a game where there are two different teams one team has the rugby ball. Then they have to try get past all the players without getting touched. If you get touched you have to roll the ball in-between you’re legs. Then a player from the same team has to grab the ball then pass it. If you get past all the players and  get to the try line, put the ball down, you have scored a try.

Volleyball is a game with two teams. One team has to start with the ball then one person has to serve the ball over the net.  Then the other team has to try to hit it back over the net if it hits the ground you or the other team get a point.

I enjoyed touch because I scored two tries and saved a couple of tries too.

Liam W

                        Summer Tournament
Room 4 went to the Motueka Rec-centre we did three sports ultimate, Frisbee, Touch, Volleyball. For Volleyball we lost two games. That was so annoying, each time we lost, but then there were smiles on our faces. I was so happy.

Then we had to go to Ultimate Frisbee, it is so fun, I'm pretty sure we basically won all of them. On 1 of the games I got to choose who got to go on each time a team won. Ultimate Frisbee is like passing a ball to someone.
Then we had lunch mmmmmm it was nice. 

Then we went to the field which is next to the Rec-centre to get over there, theirs a bridge, we were really good at Touch, that we basically won all of them & we loved it so much that we wanted to win all of them. 

   Summer Tournament
On the 26th of March, room 4 went to the rec centre in Motueka for the summer tournament.

The first sport my team did was Ultimate Frisbee. Ultimate Frisbee is quite easy to play, one of the teams has to throw the Frisbee down the court and they have to run and try to get it. If the team that throws the Frisbee to another team mate and it misses it’s the other teams turn. When one of teams is close to the semicircle they have to chuck it to their team mate in the semicircle to score.

Touch was the second sport we played. To play touch one of the teams has the ball. They hit it with their foot and they run. They past it to their team mates and they run. If you get touched you drop the ball and roll it through your legs and one of your team mates grabs the ball and runs. If you get touched six times it’s the other team’s ball. You have six players on at a time or seven.

The last sport we did is Volleyball. One team server’s and the other team tries to hit the ball back over the net. They try to get it over the net and on the ground to score a point. If it hits the net or goes out of the court it’s the other teams point.


Summer Tournament

Last week on Friday Room 4 went to a summer tournament  in Motueka at the Recreation Centre. At the tournament Room 4 participated in three sports Volleyball, Touch Rugby and Ultimate Frisbee. I could not play because I was injured.

 The first sport was Volleyball. Volleyball is where you hit a ball over a net and try get it to hit the ground on the other side of the court. Room4 had one draw and  two wins also one loss, I got bored of sitting and watching, so I asked if I could play. I was allowed so I helped a lot the team said.

The second sport was Ultimate Frisbee. Ultimate Frisbee is almost like netball but with a Frisbee and you try get to the half circle on the court. I did not watch the team play Ultimate Frisbee.
The next sport was touch rugby. I had to leave and go to the dentist with my mother because she picked me up to take me to my appointment that was at 2:30pm. Because of this I didn’t  get to see or play, touch.


Summer Sports

On Tuesday 26th March room 4 went to summer sports at the Rec Centre. We had two teams TBCS1 and TBCS2.First my team played Ultimate Frisbee. Ultimate Frisbee is a bit like netball but with a Frisbee, we had lots of fun. We got 5/5 for fair play every time.We only won 1 game. Second we took part in Touch. We had 6 people on the field at one time. At the start we didn’t spread out so we didn’t do as well. At the end we got really good. Some schools were really good at playing touch and we didn’t beat them. Volleyball was lots of fun. Volleyball is a game that you try and keep the ball off the ground. You have 6 people on the court at one time. We were really good, we won most of our games. After volleyball we went back to school.




The summer tournament was an awesome day.
Our class Room 4 split into two groups. One was called the winning team, we had to try and win all of our games. The other team was called the fair play team and well it pretty much says it in the name. they were meant to have a good positive attitude for the whole game and try their best. Of course I was in the winning team. The winning team was grade A and the fair play team was B grade.
They hold the summer tournament at the Recreation Centre in Motueka every year because it has got netball courts and a massive field and a basketball court on the inside.
There were only three sports to play and played each game four times because we were versing other schools from around the district. The three sports were volleyball, touch and ultimate Frisbee.
Our first activity was volleyball we did all right. I think we won two games some were pretty close.
Then it was Frisbee I think we might have won like three games. Yet again it was close.
After Frisbee it was touch, now on this one we won all of our games maybe cause we had all the boys like fletcher, Liam P and Liam W and also Harry, we did have Asher but he broke his toe. We still did really good without him. After all the competitions we all sat down and the organisers presented the winning teams and the fair play teams with rewards we didn't win anything though never mind better luck next year.


Summer sports

On the 26th of March 2013 room 4 went to the summer tournament at the Motueka recreation centre.
There we participated in 3 different sports ultimate Frisbee
Ultimate Frisbee is just like netball but your playing with a Frisbee instead of a ball it was my favourite activity!!!
Another sport was Touch it when you get the ball and pretty much run until you get tapped by the opposition.
And the last sport was volleyball its when you hit a ball over a net and make it hit the floor before the oppositions stops it from hitting the floor!!!
We were split into 2 teams winning team and the fair play team.
Although non of won we still had a good time!!!

By Joshua!!!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Summer Tournament

               The Summer Tournament

The summer tournament was awesome we had 3 sports, Volleyball, Frisbee and Touch rugby.
All the sports were very fun. In Touch rugby almost no one passed it to me. I only had the ball 4 times in the whole game. At least I had scored a point for the team. It was not that bad I still enjoyed it. Fletcher was the one who scored most the points.
In Frisbee we had to throw a Frisbee around to get it to the other side of the netball court, into the score ring. It was very fun but a shame to Fletcher. He tried to catch the Frisbee in practise but did not see a caravan behind him. He tripped over the hook and hurt himself.
In Volleyball we had to slam a soft ball over a net and hope it hits the other side’s ground to get a score. I enjoyed this the most and totally want to do this again someday. We saw trips, slips, jumps, bumps and a few flying balls but it was all worth it we had ties, wins and loses. JL
We had two teams The A team (Winning team) and B team(Fare play team) We did well in the tournament and we enjoyed it.
There were 44 teams in total for all the schools that were participating in the tournament.
Room 4 wants to say thank you for Mr Matthews that shared his company and time for us and helped us on this very special day. We will also say thank you for the bus driver Mr Freeman that got us there safe and sound.


Summer Sports Tournament

Summer Sports Tournament
On Tuesday room 4 went to the recreation centre for the summer sports tournament. In it we had to do Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee and Touch. Our class was split in two teams the ‘fair play’ team which was all about getting the highest score in fair play and the ‘winners’ team which was all about winning the games.
We started off with Volleyball. I couldn’t play the first two games because I had a sore knee. Soon it came right and I played the last two games. Asher had a broken toe so he couldn’t play the first two games either. His mum turned up in the second game though. She said he could only play Volleyball not any other sport. This was because Volleyball doesn’t involve much running. We drew one of our games and lost the rest.
Second we did Ultimate Frisbee. It is like netball but with a frisbee. You don’t need a hoop you just pass it down the court (you can’t move with the Frisbee), and you just pass it to someone who is in your team that is in the goal circle. We won two games and lost two games.
Last but not least we did Touch. It was my first time ever playing touch, it was fun. My goal was to score a try and I succeeded with the help of Fletcher of course, but I still did it! We won all our touch games awesome right :)
I loved summer sports and I wish I could do it again but it’s my last time doing it :( overall I would say it is an awesome day altogether hanging out with friends at your school and meeting new people from other schools.   


Summer Tournament

On Tuesday the 26th of March, we went to the sports tournament and played three types of games.
When we got to the rec centre we got divided into groups. I was in the B group and my sister was in the A team. We played three games . One was Ultimate Frisbee, the second one was Touch, the third was Volleyball.
My favourite game is volleyball you put your hands together and you hit the ball over a net.
Ultimate Frisbee is like netball apart from you are using a Frisbee instead of a ball. You don’t score through the net you just score in the half circle.
For Touch you have to pick the ball up and pass the ball to one of your players. If you get touched, then you put the ball down, and give it to somebody else.


Summer Tournament

Summer Tournament.
Room four went to the summer tournament on the 26th of March 2013.
We have three sports Ultimate Frisbee, Touch rugby and Volleyball. Our first sport for the day was volleyball we lost three games and tied one. We were really good on that one. It was really funny because sometimes the ball hit random people and it was funny.
Our next spot was Ultimate Frisbee it was so fun. I finally got to the throw the Frisbee into the middle. Ultimate Frisbee is like basketball except with a Frisbee and there’s no basket ball hoop.
Our next sport was Touch. I scored a try and so did Tia. Fletcher sprinted to the try line and then he passed it to Tia and she scored a try. It was a great strategy.
My overall quote about that day was awesome I got really fit for my other sports and it brought me and my friends closer together.


Summer Tournament 
On the 27th of march room 4 went to the summer tournament at the Motueka rec centre activities were ultimate Frisbee, Touch and Volleyball.
For Ultimate Frisbee it is a wee bit like netball we had to through the Frisbee to another  person in your team without another person from the other team trying to get it and try to get it in the half circle.
Then it was Touch Rugby, which is a bit like football. There is a team and we had to try not to get touched 6 times. If you did get touched 6 times the other team gets the ball and they will try to get it and try to get try.
After it was volleyball is a bit like catch which our team wasn’t the best at we had to try to get the ball over the net and try to get a point our team got better at it the more we played it.
Then it was prize giving we didn’t get an award after we left to go to school.
I like the summer tournament and it was my first time doing it.



Yesterday on Tuesday room 4 went to a summer tournament  in Motueka at the  recreation centre. At the tournament room 4 did three sports but I could not play because I was injured.

 The first sport was volleyball. Volleyball is where you hit a ball over a net and try get to hit the ground. Room4 had one draw and  two wins also one loss but I got bored of sitting and watching so I asked if I could play and I was aloud so I helped them.

The second sport was ultimate Frisbee. Ultimate Frisbee is almost like netball but with a Frisbee but I didn't want to watch  so I had a walk around then came back. I watched two games that I did not know what there score was.

The next sport was touch rugby but I had to leave and go to the dentist with my mother because she picked me up to take me. My appointment was at 2:30pm.


          Summer Tournament
Room 4 on the 26 of March we went to the Recreation Centre in Motueka. We were playing Ultimate Frisbee, Touch rugby and Volley ball.
First we did Ultimate Frisbee, with other schools. Ultimate Frisbee is played just like netball but you don’t use a ball we use a Frisbee.
Next we played Touch Rugby and played four games and we won just one game.
Later on we played Volley ball, four games and won just one game.
I enjoyed the summer sports because I competed in activities that I hadn’t done before.

Room 4 Did Art!!!!!!!!!!! :]
Today room4 did art, we were continuing on from Monday when we used paper mache to make fake rocks. We stuck a cross on them, then we waited for two days for them to dry.

Today we painted them to make them look better and to make them look real. 


Summer sports!!!

On the 26th of March 2013 room 4 went to the summer tournament at the MOT recreation centre.
There we participated in 3 different sports Altamont frizz
Bee, Touch, and Volleyball.
We were split into 2 teams winning team and the fair play team.
Although non of won we still had a good time!!!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Bridge Valley

      Bridge Valley Adventure camp

 This letter is about Room 3's and Room 4's three day camp at Bridge Valley.

Kayaking was the first activity that I did. I had to grab a life jacket and a paddle. Before we got into the kayak we had to practice paddling in the air. We got to paddle around ice-cream Island. We had to jump out of our kayak like we fell out of a boat. We had to grab our kayak and swim back to land.

Shooting was a challenging activity. We used a slug gun to shot the metal bunnies and bottles. We had to where safety glasses. I shot three bottles and eighteen bunnies.

The best activity I did is the hydro slide. If you go down with a friend you go zooming down, cutting corners. There are a lot of corners so you better be careful if you go down. I said “Do you want to come down with me Oscar?” “Sure”, Said Oscar.   

Every Morning, Lunch and Dinner they made delicious food. Whenever we eat we sang the Adams family’s grace. Who’s ever table was the loudest got to get their food first.
The best food I ate there was Thursday Lunch I had fish fingers, chicken nuggets, salad and hot chips. I think Mr Matthews loved the food so much he wanted to stay there.

Richard De Hamel from the marine life came to talk to as about marine life and marine food chain on Thursday night. He went on a pretend adventure with Brooklyn. They stop in the middle of the ocean and they look over the edge of the boat and Brooklyn fell into the ocean but there was one problem Brooklyn wasn’t wearing her life jacket. Rich De Hamel talked about what it would be like drowning under water. The last thing he talked about was the marine food chain.

Yours sincerely.
Levi Smith

bridge valley camp

           This story is about room4 s three day trip to Bridge Valley Adventure Camp.

Some of the activities were, rock climbing, high ropes, go-karts, archery and lots more. Only high ropes, go-karts and rock climbing need a instructor all the others don’t need one.
My favourite activity was the high ropes. The high ropes are a group of ropes that are strung up in the trees. The ropes are so high up that you have to wear a safety harness with clips to stop yourself falling and a helmet to protect your head.

Another activity I liked was the slippery pole. The slippery pole is a slippery log that is hung from the roof by chains above a mat that’s about half a meter high. The way you use the slippery pole is you are given a pillow and then you climb up onto the log and another person gets on with a pillow and you try to hit the other person off the log with your pillow.

I also liked rock climbing. To do rock climbing you need a harness to clip onto the robotic bilayer that is at the top of the tower. There are four climbs, easy medium hard and extra hard.      

                                                                                                                                      On the second evening we were visited by a man from the Otago University called Richard De Hamel who gave room4 a talk about life under the sea. He was really funny because he dressed a girl called Olivia up as a fish.                                                                                                          He dressed another girl called Brooklyn up to show us about what it’s like under the sea.             
He also put on a puppet show about the food chain.

The food at Bridge Valley is yum. The meal I liked best was Thursday’s lunch which was fish fingers, chicken nuggets and chips.


Thursday, 21 March 2013

M.O.T.E.C from Marlene

M.O.T.E.C  ( Motueka Technology Centre ) Is teaching us the year 8 how to do material work and sewing .We are making bags at the very moment.
I am making the shoulder bag while others is making draw string bag and barrel bags. M.O.T.E.C  is making sewing fun for us and teaching us how to use the machines
.I am new at all of this because in South Africa we did not have things like sewing class ,so I am learning all the materials and the way to stitch different types of material together
.The others are taking baking and cooking classes and this week they made pizza and was verry yummy and we all shared.  


  1. M.O.T.E.C (Motueka Technology Centere  

Dear Miss Matthews  
On Wednesday the 6th of March Rm 3 & the awesome Rm 4 went to camp. 

When we got there we had to get all the stuff off the bus & and put it next to the half pipe.
Then we grabbed are stuff & put it in are cabins. When we put our stuff in our cabins we sorted out are beds like who’s having a top bunk or bottom bunk.

After that we done activity 1 our team activity was kayaking I was really good at kayaking. If it tipped we had to grab are paddle then grab are kayak & bring it back to shore to tip it upside down to let all the water out.
The next day we woke up & have a shower. 
Then go have breakfast before we had breakfast we had to sing a song this is the song:
Da da da da  (clap clap.)
Da da da da  (clap clap.)
Da da da da  (clap clap.)
Were thirsty & were hungry we want to fill are tummies we know the food is yummy & so we thank the lord.
Da da da da (clap clap.)
Da da da da (clap clap.)
Da da da da  (clap clap.)
Your sincerely

Bridge vally camp
On the 6th of march 2013 room 4 and room 3 went to bridge valley camp for three days. We did a lot of activities like go kart's ,high ropes ,kayaking ,shooting ,archery ,climbing wall ,caving and top team.

We had lots of yummy food at camp. Every free time we would go swimming in the lake and In the lake in the middle of the lake was a trampoline and it was so fun. The high ropes were so fun to I was the first one to finish the whole thing. The food was so yummy that I went up for seconds for the macaroni sheeseBut for one of the puddings we had jelly and I didn't like it.
The fun carts were so fun its like a normal bike except lie down and there’s three wheels they are so fun.
We would play spot light at night and we hide in the grass and I was in once and it was so tiring running around chasing everyone. And Brooklyn’s dad was doing weight lifting with people it was so funny and he also had an awesome laser that goes for miles it is totally awesome.
When I was going down the water slide with keilah and I said “This is totally wicked” keilah laughed when I said that-my favourite one was high ropes it was so high and
fun me and preston were the best at high ropes along with Marlene. Me and preston were having a conversation when we were in the air this is roughly was “Preston don’t hold onto the wire not the rope because it’s to hard. The high ropes are like a bird flying

It is so amazing the view is so pretty.

We also had the slippery log and it was so funny nobody
Could beat Marlene in the slippery bowl.
I had to dress up as nemo when Richard the hameld came and it was embarrassing but not as embarrassing as Brooklyn’s costume he he

Your sincerely


Bridge Valley Camp from Marlene

Bridge Valley Camp
I will tell you all about Bridge Valley Camp and the fun we had in activities .
*1.In rock climbing we climbed on a very high handmade rock it was very fun, they put harnesses around you so if you fall or want to get of the rock you don’t get hurt and will get safe on the ground.
2. In shooting we had a lot of fun shooting fake bunnies and shooting bottles. We had to wear special glasses and stand behind the red line
 3. In the confidence course we jumped over walls, climbed over nets, did monkey bars and we had to balance on planks in the air.
 4. Racing trikes was awesome it was like a go kart but with paddles and there is almost no structure, it was fun!
 5.In kayaking we kayaked in a pond or lake near the hydro slide and water tramp, it was a wet but fun activity. We played touch and battleships and Pastor Shane tipped my kayak and splashed me with water but at least we had life jackets.
 6. In go karts it was a bumpy ride and me and Jasmine were very fast and didn’t even use the brakes
 7. The slippery long was a pillow fight on along that moved tied to a chain.
8. In Ironman we had to do all kinds of stuff in race mode. I did the dive in part (Where you dive of a plat form into the lake and swim to the wharf.)
 9. High ropes were very fun and it’s where you are very high of the ground and do obstacle courses in the air.
10. The two waterslide’s was very fun. The Hydro slide was very long and you had to sit on a mat to go down the slide, it was slippery.
11. In the top 10 team we did a few obstacles like barrel roll where someone should climb on a barrel and hold onto someone and roll the barrel at a point.
12. In archery it was one of the most fun activities, I had 2 bull’s eyes and one in the red and blue.
 My favourite activity’s was High ropes because we had to go thru obstacle’s high in the sky, Go karts was awesome it was bumpy and full speed, and Archery I just loved it to pieces. “Why do I like it so much?” asked Olivia. I Love to show my strength and shooting out in nature in a very old weapon .It makes me think of horse riding and shooting targets while I am on my horse.
In between all the activities we had morning tea, breakfast, lunch, free time and dinner. We had things like fish, chicken, chips, salad, cereal and more. For breakfast I had 2 pieces of toast every morning and Mr Matthews had 7 .How does he get that in his tummy? In spotlight we had to touch people with the light of a torch and if u did you need to touch them with your hand .It is like normal touch but just at night time, it was very fun but a boy who tried to touched me ended up punching me. Me and my friends had very fun.
We also had some fun swimming and jumping of the platform into the lake
And the fish guy that we did not listen to at the sea pools in Motueka came back to give us a another lesson at Bridge Valley and we enjoyed it very much he told us the food cycle of marine life (thru puppets) and dressed Olivia as a fish to show us interesting facts and made Brooklyn dress in to all kinds of things to show us how hard it is to life under sea. It was funny and the whole class enjoyed it .       

From Marlene