Friday, 20 May 2011

The Accident

We were running back down the road in cross country training, and I was coming in the top ten, when we all heard a squealing of brakes and skids of tyres.  And all at once we started sprinting to the finish line to see what had happened.
We stopped in our tracks as we neared the end. I saw three vehicles; a truck with fertiliser in it and two cars. The truck had tipped over and one of the cars was ablaze. 
Luckily the driver and passenger were fine and the truck driver was fine too, but in the other car next to the one that was on fire had a man in it and he was injured and if someone didn’t get him out quick he might have a very hard time in the car if it caught fire too.
Luckily a few minutes later we heard the comforting sounds of sirens getting closer by the second and I didn’t get too see any more because Mrs Rolls sent all the kids inside.

The Crash

As I was running back I heard a crashing sound so I ran back as fast as I could to see what had happened.
I just got back and saw two cars and a truck crashed. I didn`t know what to do.
Suddenly I saw a fire truck zooming down the road. I froze. I was just looking at all the rush. Suddenly the ambulance, police and the helicopter stopped and ran to the crash.
From Ella

1st Person Narrative

Narrative Writing
The last couple of weeks we have been doing a lot of narrative writing.  Here is a story I wrote.
Here we focused on 1st person point of view.
The Accident.
“What’s all the commotion about?” I asked as I came puffing back from the cross country run.
“There’s been a crash!” Shanara told me anxiously.
Without hesitation I ran to the end of the road where everyone was crowding around. That’s when I heard the first police siren heading this way. Shortly after I heard the ambulances I pushed myself through the crowd to see what exactly had happened. There it was, a truck and a car collided head on and another car must have crashed into them!
“Okay, Room 4, lets head back to class so we could give the police and ambulance some space,” came Mrs. Rolls’s voice over all the noise.
The first police car pulled up on the side of the road. I took one last look at the scene.  I saw a woman in a car wedged between her steering wheel and the seat. I turned around and we all headed back to class.
By Karene


(Freezing and Warm)

Isn’t it awesome when you are sitting in front of a hot fire eating something freezing cold; take for example vanilla ice-cream. As you’re sitting there feeling all warm on the outside, you’re freezing cold on the inside. If you have never tried this try it as soon as possible ....


The Accident

While Room 3 and 4 were practicing the cross-country run I was coming in 5th place and I was at the corner
Suddenly there was screeching tyres and a loud bang on the highway.
So, then I ran faster to get around the corner. I saw a truck and 2 cars down the end. I kept running to get to the end.  I got there and Mrs. Rolls was trying to help them get out but she couldn’t, so she called 111 for the fire truck, ambulance and the police.
When they arrived the police officers stopped the traffic and guided them around the crash. The fire officers got the jaws of life out and carefully got the passengers and the drivers out of the cars and the fertilizer truck.
The police officers called the rescue helicopter and then that arrived. 

By Cameron

Bunnies - Awesome

When you get a pet make sure you get a bunny.  They are so cuddly you could lose them in one. That would be scary, but that won’t happen because bunnies are too precious too lose.

By Tania





Marmalade On Toast
Isn’t it awesome when you bite into a piece of warm marmalade toast and you feel the warmth sweeping through your body, the flavours swirling around in your mouth. Awesome!

By Pamela

Cross Country

Moutere Hills Senior Cross country is coming soon. It will sure be a great time for everyone there.
On Monday 23rd of May there is going to be a cross country at Kina. That will be a little bit of a practice for us, but will be a very cool event.
On the 26th of May will be the big amazing 2011 cross country. This event will be held at Rabbit Island.
I know that all of the children here have been very good with their practices.
We have been running a long way up Williams Road and it has definitely been very fun for all the students. So make sure you get along to these amazing events.
                                                           Lincoln Russ  

The Accident in 1st Person Narrative

1ST Person
I was in my car at the traffic lights. It turned green so I took my turn.
Just as I was turning I saw something grey out of the corner of my eye. I wanted to take a closer look but I was too focused on where I was heading to.
Just at that moment “CRASH!”   The next thing I knew was that I was being carried out of my car.
My front windscreen was smashed and I had cuts and bruises everywhere. I could only just hear the doctor say, “Are you ok?”   I couldn’t respond.   I was already DEAD. 
By Risaleaana

Opening Sentences

1. I  turned on the light "Aaahhhaahh" the hat was floating in mid-air.

2. I  saw something flick out of the corner of my eye. The next thing I knew there was a silver barrel in front of my face.

3.  The musty smell of the attic couldn't overpower the smell of blood.

4. "You are smart, but not smart enough!" he screamed.

5. The shadow of the beast loomed in the darkness.

6.  The huge wooden doors creaked open.

By Monica


For mini ball it was our first game.   We won 25-15.  Next we are versing  Parklands One . 

I hope we win and then we will win two times in a row.

The Accident


Cross Country

We have been practising  cross country so hard.   It’s  been so much fun.  I can’t wait till cross country day. I know that I’m going to come in the top 5.  I hope I come third.  My goal for the real day is to  run the whole way.



This Term we have been looking at paragraphs and sentence starters. Here is a story I wrote:

This is how it happened.  Me, Trisha and Sam were at our tree house by the sands of the beach. The wind was picking up and we could hear the waves come up the shore, only to go back to the sea again.
Suddenly a tree fell down, crashing smack down the middle of our tree house. A minute later we realised that Sam was lying on the ground under the fallen tree.    She lay there not moving, her right leg was broken.  We called 111 and soon after an ambulance arrived to take Sam to the hospital.

We were playing a game of monopoly; the wind was whistling through the cracks in our bamboo tree house.  I imagined the crystal sea waters swallowing the sand urging little kids to go into the waters.
Suddenly there was a flash of light as the walls caved in on us. Some minutes later we saw Sam lying smack down on the hard floor.   She was bleeding all over and not moving.  Emily called the ambulance to take her to hospital.

I was playing with my friends in our little tree house that hung above the rushing waters.   I have always enjoyed spending time with my friends. 
All of a sudden something hit us and I must have got knocked out because I don’t remember anything except waking up to a St John’s person trying to keep me breathing.
Now I am in the hospital and my leg is throbbing with pain.  I think I might faint.  Ahh. 

I hoped you liked that story.
Now just yesterday on the 19th of May we had to do a sentence when the first sentence had 1 word in it the second had 2 words in it the third had 3 words in it the forth had 4 words in it and the fifth had 5 words in it. Here is an example:
Cold. Spooky creaks. Echoes downwards falling. Down the musty basement. Smells seep through the doors.
Here are sentence starters:
1.     The little girl on the side of the road wept bitterly.
2.     The forbidden door creaked and a tall shadowy figure stood in the hallway.
By Shanara

I Saw a Crash!

I saw a crash!  I’m Bob. I am a Detective Inspector. I saw two people in a car that had hit another car with three people in it. I blinked for a moment then I ran for the phone.   I dialled 111. 
I got a fire truck and an ambulance and a police car.  They put out the fire and got the people to the hospital.
Two people died overnight from head injuries. The crash was caused by a traffic light that was wrong.
By Kase         

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Shanara's Verse

I created this for my homework.  I had to design and create a piece of art using software or a web 2.0 application to present on the blog.  I used paint to create this:

Monday, 9 May 2011

Sentence Starters

We are learning to write awesome story starters. Here are mine:
Sentence Starters
· The hat was floating in mid-air.
· The gun went off at midnight. It rang in his ears.
· As the man in black fell to the ground a drop of blood ran down his cheek, or was it a tear?
· The man in black didn’t stay for tea but the promise of tomorrow hung in the air
· Kate ran screaming through the doors and into the reptile house.
· I’m building my robot secretly in the musty basement.
· I am never one for telling stories, but at the lake I came face to face with an ugly, still creature staring at me.
By Shanara

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Term 2!

Welcome to Term 2!  I am looking forward to seeing what amazing things you will wow me with this term.  We have lots of cool things planned and I know we are going to have a blast!  Here is a tagxedo of all the things we will do this term!