Thursday, 25 September 2014

Year Seven and Eight Trip

We went to Orana Wildlife Park in Christchurch and found heaps of adorable animals. On the picture above are Otters and they are really cute. Before we went to Orana Park I didn't know much about the Otter. Then I learnt that they are half water animals and half ground animals and they have really sharp teeth and claws. They are one of my favourite animals in the world.

Penguins at the International Antarctic Center

I learnt that the Little Blue penguins are the smallest penguins in the world.
I thought it was good that they are rescuing penguins that would not survive on their own  in the wild.
Christchurch Camp

At the front of the Cathedral you can see an eagle which came from the old Cathedral, the people managed to get it out. Did you also know that the walls in the cardboard Cathedral are containers? Also the Arch on it isn't cardboard its wood but it looks like cardboard. The seats in the Cardboard Cathedral are made out of heaps of bits of cardboard.                                                                                                                   


Thursday, 17 April 2014

Anzac posters

Room 4 went to some war memorials because wanted to make some think for the people how died in world war was so fun because you had to go through different web sites and instead of writing a hole lot of information on a peace of paper we just copped and pasted it on Microsoft word.  

Anzac Poster

Room 4 has been making posters for Anzac day and they are going to the Library so everybody can see them and see some information about them. It has been really exciting and practically a journey to me because we had to write down information, look at web site's, go place's and put things into sentences.The bad thing about this was that we had to put them into sentences and that sound's quite easy but it really wasn't so we had to put in a lot of effort but in the end the posters looked great.So over all I really enjoyed this journey.
By Kiriwai.

Anzac Posters.

Room 4 has made some posters about people who died in World War 1.We each had made a poster about one person from World War 1. We had on it, Personal details and stuff about the War.
By Keilah.


Easters here every things okay but here comes the Easter Bunny.


Room 4 did the Sumdog Contest which was a mix of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and word problems.

The Sumdog Contest runs for seven days and each student has 1000 questions each to answer and you have to get as many questions right as you can out of the 1000 questions.

If you get some questions wrong you get put down on the scoreboard and if you get more right out of 1000 you get put up on the scoreboard. The school with the best score wins the contest. The school that gets the most points wins the contest gets a certificate for winning.

Anzac posters

Room 4 went to some memorials because we wanted to do something for the people that died in world war 1. So we made some posters to put up in the library.


 Miss Mansell has been invited by her friend Fern which is a missionary person and she is working with a family called the Greenwoods family in Peru to help teach a school because Fern said that they are struggling a little bit and they need some help. So Miss Mansell will be going there in term 2 to help out and then she'll be coming back. The place that she'll be going in Peru is Andahuaylas that's an hour away from Lima in Peru.
By Kiriwai