Monday, 6 August 2012

Life, and why it sometimes sucks!

Have you ever wondered why life sometimes sucks? I mean, God's supposed to look after us right? and have our best interests at heart isn't he? So why does he sometimes let us go down the wrong road? An old gravel road with lots of potholes, when your car has got hardly any gas left? Instead of a newly tar sealed highway buzzing with life, comings and goings and has gas stations every 100m?
Well I think I know the answer! We are supposed to learn from our mistakes right, and we can't do that if we don't make any!! Have you ever heard the quote: 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger?' Well we can't get any stronger if we aren't challenged can we?! So God sometimes puts crazy ideas in our head and sometimes we just whizz off and do them without thinking of the consequences or anything like that!
(This particularly is what most young people do, whizzing off at a rapid rate of knots doing whatever pops up in our crazy minds! But to all the parents out there... do not despair! we will start acting like normal human beings and think before we act, roughly about the age of 25! so that's only about another 12 years (give or take a few!)
But now i must stop writing because there is no more room left!
If you have any questions about life or why it sometimes sucks please do not hesitate to comment and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible!

By Hannah T

New Kid

On Monday the 6Th of August a yr8 kid came and visited room 4 in the morning. Everyone came to see him, he is a very nice kid, and everyone wants to be his friend!
Everyone in room 4 was showing him around everywhere in the school, I hope he likes it here!

By Ella.S

Rabbit Island Cross Country!!!

On the 2nd of August TBCS rm 4 & rm 3 went to the Rabbit Island Cross Country it was not the best of condisions it was raining  cats & dogs, muddy , & slippery in total TBCS came second wich is really good out of atleast 5 schools.
Our best runners are going to the Mot High Cross Country and hopfuly they would get good scores :)
 One of the runners we are really hoping on getting first is Fletcher he is probally the best runner in TBCS.
Another person we are hoping on is Risi who is really good at running.
Out of atleast 43 people only atleast 13 are going to be going to the Highschool Cross Country :(

From Joshua of TBCS rm 4

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


The Olympics

Everyone in our class this year are studying a person from the 2012 New Zealand Olympic team. My person is Brent Newdick and his sport is decathlon. In a decathlon there are 10 events and the winner is noin as the worlds best athletics person.