Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Fullstops and Capital Letters

Today we were focusing on capital letters and fullstops.  When you have finished the activity you can have a go at:

 Basic Punctuation:

Capital Letters

And then you can play:
Basic Punctuation:

Capital Letters:

Have fun!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Hi Guys

Hi guys, I am at the course today. Hoping you are all being good and having a fun day.

I am looking forward to sharing what I learned about with you guys tomorrow.  You know you are going to have to put up with tons of video clips!  Sorry bout that.

See you tomorrow.  Year 7 and 8's don't forget it is MoTec in the morning and also that you need to bring your interview forms back.

Monday, 27 June 2011


When you have finished your work on apostrophes you can take the quiz.  See if you can do level 1, 2 and 3.


After you have done the quiz you can play the games:


Have fun!  Hope you have lots.

Friday, 24 June 2011


Today, I laughed and laughed when I saw what the children were wearing for mufti day. 
I was standing in the staffroom when I saw Hannah and Shanara walking along the deck wearing their mufti gear.  Hannah was wearing a long, curly blond wig and I thought she was dressed as a singer or a movie star. I didn’t even know there was a theme. 
The girls came in to get a key and I asked them what the theme was. They just giggled and so I said to Hannah, “Hmm, who has long, blonde, curly hair?”  Then I clicked and asked Hannah, “Are you me?”
She laughed and said, “Yes!”
Then they told me it was ‘Dress Up as Mrs Rolls’ day.  It made me laugh seeing what the kids turned up in and I was so impressed.  They came as me, or one of my family or in my fav colours or things. 
We had an assembly and I gave out prizes and we got some great photos! 
I want to thank the staff, parents and kids for such a fun day!

Mrs Rolls Mufti Day

Today we had a Mrs. Rolls mufti day so we had to dress up as Mrs. Rolls or her favourite colour or any thing else to do with her.  I dressed up in her favourite colour green.
Mrs. Rolls didn't know we were going to dress up as her or something she likes but she did know that we were going to wear mufti, until Hannah and Shanara came into the staff room to get the key for our classroom and Mrs. Rolls saw Hannah and she had a blonde curly wig on and Mrs. Rolls guessed that they were dressing up as her and she was right.

By Tania

Rainy Day


The sky was dark and gloomy; the sky was covered in ash-like colour. As the school children sat inside listening to the rain, they were doing their work but they had other things on their mind.
“Psst, Hope,” whispered Shanara.
“It’s raining really hard.”
“I know, I really wish we could go outside and play in the rain,” Hope said.
“So do I!”
“If I was in the rain,” said Shanara, “I would go stand right dead smack in the middle of the field and poke my tongue out. I would play and play until I was covered in wet dripping puddles. Oh, how I wish to play in the rain.”
If I was in the rain, I would run and run until the teacher called us in,” said Hope. “The rain looks so tempting to play in.”


Rainy Day


Mrs Rolls


Rainy Day

Today is Thursday. It is a very cold miserable day. The rain is bucketing down. You can see drip after drop down the window, the whole place is a wet mess. The deck is wet, so is the playground.

“Isn't it a wet, yucky day?” Ethan said.
“Yes it is, it is a wet, soggy day,” I said to Ethan.
“I hate wet days, we can't  play outside,” said Ethan.

“What would you do if you could play in the rain?” I said to Ethan.
“I would jump in the puddles, and do bombs in the ponds of mud and get saturated.”
“Same here,”  I said in a exited voice.       
                                                        Written by Kase

Inside on a Rainy Day

My Twin's Fav Food

My Twin’s Favourite Food.

Lindor Chocolate
Apple crumble
Hot chips

Mrs Rolls Mufti Day

Mrs Rolls Mufti Day!
Today when the kids from Mapua hopped off the bus, Mrs Rolls got a big surprise!!!  I walked up the balcony in my blonde wig dressed all in blue green and purple and when I got to the staff room where all the teachers were I stopped and flicked my hair! All the teachers were laughing their heads off!

It didn’t take long for her to guess what the theme was either! It was pretty easy to tell that the theme was her when you looked at my blonde curly wig!!!    

All of the other kids did a great job of dressing up too! One kid had made a cardboard coffee cup! A girl in my class went in a cardboard book that she made, because Mrs Rolls LOVES reading. - Hannah. T J

Rainy Day

Today is a rainy day and the wind is blowing and the trees are falling. I like the rain.

“I like the rain,” said Ethan.
“I hate the rain,” said Asher.
“Why do you hate the rain?” asked Ethan.
“Because there is nothing to do,” said Asher.
“I like the rain it sounds nice and you can relax,” said Ethan.

I like the rain because you can jump, get all muddy and get soaked and feel the rain hitting your face.
By Ethan

10 Things I Know Abut Mrs Rolls

Paragraphs and Speech Marks

Paragraphs and Speech Marks

Today it`s a rainy day and everyone in school has to stay inside.

“Why does it have to rain?” said Hannah.

“Oh well, we can watch the movie,” I said.

“If I was playing outside I would jump in the water!” yelled Hannah.

“If I was playing outside I would try to drink the rain!” I said laughing.  

Rainy Days

1st. It’s a misty day with puddles everywhere. There are people with really wet shoes.

2ND . When I was talking to Asher, Ethan said “Cameron, Do you like rainy days?”
“No, because then I can’t go on my scooter,” I said
“Ok,” he said.

3rd . I don’t like rainy days because you get stuck inside. All I do is watch movies and play on the computer.

10 Things

Ten things you might not know about me
1.      I love music
2.      I hate smart cars
3.     I love Skylines
4.     I hate injuries
5.     I love dirt bikes
6.     I hate soccer
7.     I love a challenge
8.     I hate apples
9.     I love graffiti
10. I hate sharks                    

Ten Things I Know Abour Mrs Rolls



10 Things

Ten Things

1. The after taste of peanut butter makes me feel like I'm going to spew.
2. I HATE eggs.
3. I'm fast in sprinting, but I'm slow at  long distance running
4. I prefer marmite over vegemite.
5. I LOVE singing in the shower..
6. I've got a scar on my left knee, by playing in the kiddies pool at QE2
7. I HATE seafood.
8. I think rock melon has no taste.
9. I was believed that Osama and Obama were brothers.
10. I think McDonalds chips and soft served ice cream is a good combination.

Ten Things

 Image003 Image004

Wednesday Trip

On Wednesday, while the year seven and eights were at MoTec, Asher and I went to the library. Well, I guess I’d better be truthful. We actually went to Hot Mamas for a hot chocolate and then we went to the library.
At Hot Mamas it was really nice, there was a fire was going, the hot chocolates were huge and we got marshmallows with them.
After the hot chocolates we walked down to the library with very full stomachs and I got four books called 'Mascot Madness', 'The Dark Rider' and two other books I can’t remember the names of.
So that was our Wednesday morning!

Ten More Things

10 more things you might not know about me
I have a massive phobia of spiders and heights.
2.      My teacher is awesomeness!!
3.      I love venison steak
4.      I  hate spicy food
5.      My favourite fruit is avocado
6.      I love going biscuiting behind the boat
7.      The weirdest food combo I’ve had is tomato sauce and cheese on toast
8.      The second weirdest food combo I’ve had is peanut butter, banana and chocolate chips
9.      I broke my left arm when I was two
10.  I love eating meat (don’t worry I’m not a carnivore)
By Monica J

Monday, 20 June 2011

Ten Things

Five Things

5 things about me you may not know:
1 I like BMXing
2 I hate heights
3 I hate skateboarding
4 I hate running
5 I like to do maths

By Ethan

Ten More Things

10 More Things You Don`t Know About Me!!
1.    I love the end of the year.
2.   I hate the start of a new year.
3.   I love the holidays.
4.   I hate winter sports.
5.   I love the playing in the snow.
6.   I hate rainy days.
7.   I hate pink.
8.   I love friends and family.
9.   I love fashion
10.                 I hate RUNNING!!!
By Ella Smith

Ten Things

10 things you might not know about me,

1.   I like chocolate
2.   I hate babies that cry a lot
3.    I love RX7s
4.    I am addicted to the computer
5.   I’ve got a scar on my leg from dropping secateurs on it
6.   I like BMXs
7.   My Dad is an engineer
8.   I hate spiders
9.   I like high tops
10.                     I hate soccer.
By Cameron

10 Things

Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me:

1. I am fussy with hair styles
2. I hate art
3. I Love mustang GTs
4. I hate travelling
5. I like TV
6. I am addicted to the computer
7. I hate losing games
8. I like/love rugby
9. I love the all blacks
10. I like motorbikes

Friday, 17 June 2011

Five Things

Five Things


1.       I hate cream
2.       I hate microwaved ice cream
3.       I love maths
4.       I love braking my arm
5.       I love dogs
By Aroha 

My Twin - Hope

7 things about my twin (Hope)
1. She is short (the same height as me)
2. She has brown hair (the same as my colour)
3. She loves purple (my favourite colour)
4. She acts the same as me (because we are twins)
5. She loves dogs, cats, and bunnies (same as me)
6. We are the same age
7. She is awesome (same as me)

By Tania

Five Things

5 things you still may not know about me
1. I have very special friends
2. I love being tiny
3. I love purple
4. I have a twin (sort of)
5. I hate brown bread
By Tania

My Twin...Kind Of

My Twin… Kind Of.
1.      She is funny
2.     She loves bunnies
3.     She looks like me
4.     She is the same height as me
5.     She’s awesome
6.     Her name is Tania!

By Hope

Ten More Things

10 more things you might not know about me.

1.     I love little gadgets that you can play games on.
2.     I’m a speed demon when it comes to riding my motorbike.
3.     I love sewing and creative arts.
4.     I love scrap-booking celebs.
5.     I hate Justin Bieber!
6.     I hate all meat, except chicken.
7.     I love hockey.
8.     I love taking photos with my camera.
9.     I believe in miracles and magic.
10.             My fave times of the year are Christmas and birthdays!
By Hannah