Monday, 17 June 2013

Motueka High School Making Music

On Monday the 17th of June 2013 me and Caleb Gibson went to Motueka High School for a workshop called making music. The first thing we did was we had to say hello to everyone and say what instrument we play. After t hat we got into groups and had to make a beat. The strange thing was that we had to use wooden poles to make the beat. It was nice listening to the other groups beats. The other groups had to ether use buckets, kitchenware or brushes. The last thing we did was go on garage band where we made online music. We can had drums, guitars, hip hop, country and more. I had lots of fun there and I hope I could go next year.    

Thursday, 13 June 2013

On Wednesday the 12th of June 2013 Room Four had a sleep over at school for the Forty Hour Famine for Papua New Guinea. The Forty Hour Famine is when you choose something to go without for forty hours.
Liam and Pamela were in charge of the sleepover  they did a really good job with it. At 7:30 pm
 Room Four played a big game of spotlight, I hid in a very small crack and the spotter just walked right past me. I was glad I didn't get spotted. After the game of spotlight we watched Wreck it Ralph, it was really funny. We had tea while we watched the movie. For tea we had chips, sausages, bread and some fizzy drinks while we watched the movie. After that we went to bed but I wasn't tired
In the morning we had breakfast which bread and spread plus milo.
After we watch another movie called Jumanji it was really cool after we had to pack up because it was school time.


Last night Pamela and Liam. P organised a class sleepover for Room 4. We learned stuff about Papua New Guinea and the 40 Hour Famine. We are sponsoring Papua New Guinea for food and water. I think it is sad because some people (in PNG) don't even see their 5th birthday.

Here are some photos about the sleep over.
 here is another photo of the class at supper time.
 This is meant to be me eating dinner with Luca but she ran away
 so it is just me.
 This is us watching Wreck It Ralph.

Thanks Pamela and Liam
I loved it and I hope we get to do this again!

40 Hour Famine sleep over.

On Wednesday the 12th of June Room 4 had a sleep over at school for the 40 Hour Famine. This year we are raising money for Papua New Guinea. Thank you Liam P and Pamela for organizing it. Room 4 and teachers had a great time. We played spotlight, it was so fun we played about 3 rounds. I didn't get found on the 2nd and 3rd rounds.
We also watched a couple of movies we watched Wreck-it Ralph at night, and in the morning we watched Jumanji. They are both awesome movies but I liked Wreck-it Ralph better.

My favourite part of the sleep over was spotlight.

By Liam W 

40 Hour Famine Sleepover

On Wednesday the 12th of June 2013 we had a sleepover at school. Liam Patu and Pamela Currie were the organisers of the sleepover at school for the 40 Hour Famine sleepover in Room 4. This year New Zealand is raising money for Bougainvillea, Papa New Guinea. During the sleepover we had lots of fun like we played spotlight had pillow fight and did what ever we wanted to do but stuff that wasn't silly. For dinner we had fish and chips also a hot dog. We all got to choose where we wanted to  sleep. I slept in between Jacob Brooks and Caleb Gibson. The first movie we watched was Wreck-It-Ralph. In the night most of the people couldn't get to sleep but Mr Matthews snored most of the night. In the morning we had toast and milo also in the morning everyone was on their computers and iPods. The best thing I liked was spotlight because we found good hiding places and we looked creepy when we were moving in the dark. I had a good night.
I am glad we raised money because they are the second worst city in the world for kids. 

Papua New Guinea, Bougainvillea.

Yesterday (Wednesday) Room 4 had a class sleepover.

First off we went and got our stuff for our beds and chose our spots where were going to sleep and made our beds there.

So after that some of the girls practiced for netball. I thought it would be good to practice with them. They were in a higher team than me but I still did netball with them. It was fun when we did the drills I would love to tell you about the drill but it is too hard to explain.

After that, we watched a presentation from Liam Patu and Pamela Currie.

Near night time we played spot light together. It was even more fun than the other stuff and it was really funny when Marlene was getting out of a tree which she got and she regretted climbing the tree.

After we had sausages and hot chips from happy chippie for that we had buddies to share the food and also we had drinks too.

I love sleepovers and for this one we thank Liam Patu and Pamela Currie for organising this and for Mrs Hough for letting us stay the night. Thanks Mr Matthews as well :).

Under 52kg Rep Trials
On Sunday the 9th of 2013 I had the under 52kg rep trials. It was held at Riwaka on ground 1.
It was raining hard and the field was flooded with water, so that made everything harder.
There were around 10 people from each club. The clubs that entered were Rangers, Huia, Riwaka, Takaka, Tapawera, and Murchison.
I didn’t make get into the team, but that was good because we are going to Australia anyway, but I still liked it.
By Fletcher              


On Wednesday the 12th of June 2013 Room 4 at Tasman Bay Christian School had a class sleepover for the 40 hour famine for Papua New Guinea. Laim and Pamela organized it for us. We got chips, sausages and fizzy drinks for dinner and toast and milo for breakfast, it was really nice! We slept on the floor. Then we watched a movie called Wreck-it Ralph and in the morning we watched Jumunji then we started school.

It is very sad in Papua New Guinea because some kids only live up to the age of 5!

Sleepover --Jessiah

After school we went to Room 4 and we put our sleeping gear on the ground. Three o'clock we played games outside.Then we watched a movie called "Wreck it Ralph" then halfway through the movie we had dinner, it was fish and chips with sausages. Munashe and I had the meal together. It was outstandingly delicious with tomato sauce, then we watched the rest of the movie.We hopped in bed and played on our laptop's, it was fun.Ten minutes later we played spotlight Asher and I ran and we tripped over each other it was funny.Everyone came inside and played again on their laptops, Asher and I played duck life.It was nutso. The night was very fun the next morning everyone packed up and was ready to start school.
Yesterday Room 4 had a sleepover it was epic!!
We had it for the people that did the 40 hour famine :].

It was awesome.
We watched Wreck it Ralph we ate popcorn and chips, played spotlight and for dinner we ate chips and sausages with bread  and then had a pillow fight.

All thanks to Pamela and Liam.P.

Thanks Liam and Pamela.

40 Hour Famine Sleepover

On Wednesday the Twelfth of June 2013  Liam Patu and Pamela Currie hosted a movie and sleepover night for Room 4 only at Tasman Bay Christian School.
Most of the Room 4 Students were there and everyone had a good time.
The purpose of the sleepover was to show the town which we are sponsoring for the forty hour famine.
The town which we are sponsoring is called Bougainville.
Bougainville is an island belonging to Papua New Guinea
The people in Bougainville don't have very good medicine, so people in Bougainville who pass the age of five are lucky, because most children die by 3 years of age due to lack of health.  
First we played some games while Mr Painter the electrition set up our new slide projector.
Then we started watching the movie Wreck- It- Ralph.
Next half way through the movie we stopped and played spotlight and then had a dinner of sausages and chips.
Then we finished the movie and went to bed.
The next morning we had a breakfast of toast and milo hot choclate  then we got ready for school.
I think that the sleepover was a great idea. 


Room 4 sleepover.

Room 4 Sleepover.

On the 12 of June Room 4 had a sleepover at school. We had fish and chips for tea, sausages and bread.We had toast for breakfast and some spreads. The sleepover was for the 40 hour famine to help people in Papua New Guinea. We played spotlight in the night Pamela and Liam helped the most with the sleepover, the food and the movie. We watched Wreck it Ralph and Jumanji.

The class sleepover --- Marlene Naude

It was a cultural experience for the 40 hour famine for Papua New Guinea.When school went out we all started setting our sleeping bags out and pillows.The netball girls that had practice went outside to do some training for the netball competition and the children that didn't do any sport went inside.The sleepover at school was only for Room 4.When the netball girls were done with training they went inside and joined  Room 4 .The cloak-bay was full of sleeping bags, bags and other needs. It looked like we were going on camp again, I mean it was packed. Some children brought one bag and the other 3 or 4! Then we had some snacks. We had chips and chocolate!.Then we started watching a movie "Wreck it Ralph",  it wasn't a bad movie at all. Most of the children already saw it but the bad thing was it played then stopped played then stopped but we still enjoyed it. Half way through the movie we had Milo and  biscuits, they were chocolate chip biscuits. Then when we were done we went outside and played flash light it was very fun but also cold and dark.I was hidden in a tree, I was at the very top I couldn't see a thing when I was climbing I didn't notice that I was that far up in the tree.Then someone spotted me in the tree and when I looked down I saw that I was at the top it's a far way down! The children
showed lights at me to let me get out. I got one scratch that's all, I liked that tree.Jessie's feet was numb, he said so he said he can't feel it because of the cold .Everyone enjoyed it (I hope). After spot light we went inside Room 4 and watched the movie further.There was 17 children that means more food and snacks. We paired up in to groups of 2-3 so that every group can have a packet of pop corn of their own.When the movie was done it was dinner time we had sausages and chips with tomato sauce. It was so yummy. After that we had free time,
almost everyone was on their laptops playing games or watching videos. After that we watched half of another movie... then lights out for everyone. In between movies and brakes we had pillow fights to.This sleepover wouldn't have happened without Pamela and Liam P they planned the whole sleepover what we would do, the notices, the snacks and money. The whole class thank's them for making this sleepover come true. Mr Matthews also helped. The next morning everyone watched the other half of the movie and packed up their stuff .Miss Gibson helped the girls with their hair and Mr Matthews helped with getting their sleeping bags rolled up in their bag.Then the buses arrived and school started, all the fun was over but we will do that again sometime I suppose.I guess everyone is going to have a tough time carrying their stuff to the bus this afternoon!

By Marlene


Cultural Experience By A Sleep Over.

Yesterday on the 12th of June Room 4 had a sleep over. Not an ordinary sleep over it was one to remember for ever. This sleep over was held at school and we had a blast of a time. Also the sleep over was for the 40 hour famine,we raised money for Bougainville this year. this whole event was jam packed with tons of food. I think the two year 8s who organised it Liam P and Pamela made this event awesome.

Joshua's weekend

 On the weekend I played a soccer game at Garin College. I was the most important player on the pitch which was midline defence it was fun!
Our team is called the Mapua Falcons and the team that we were versing were the Nelson Conquers.
We lost unfortunately 3/4 except we had the best game of the season so far!

On Sunday afternoon I went to the Mapua skate park to hang out with my friends. I landed at least 12 360’s and almost did a double tail whip!
I crashed two times one time I hit my knee cap and the second time I sprained my ankle!

Soon I went to the shop to get an ice block since it was a hot scorching day!

By Joshua

Class Sleepover!

On Wednesday 12th June 2013 Room 4 had a sleepover in our class to learn more about
Papua New Guinea, where the money that we earned for the 40 Hour Famine is going. We also played spotlight and watched two movies, one before bed and one in the morning. We had lots of snacks like popcorn, lollies and cookies. For dinner we had sausages and hot chips. In the morning we woke up and the adults said we could play on our laptops, phones and iPods. It was lots of fun!
This is us before we went to bed.

This is us in bed.

This is us in the morning.

cultural expericne

last night room 4 had a class sleep over.

At our class sleep over we learnt about papa-new-guinea.Pamela and Liam patu made a presentation about the 40 hour famine.

It was a cultural experience  when we watched the presentation.

we had three adults at the sleep Mr M ,miss Gibson and miss sum bee it was really cool.

from liam 

The Class Sleep over. :)

Here is everybody eating tea.

On Wednesday the 12th of June 2013 there was a sleepover at room four. We learnt about Papua New Guinea and their life in a place with dirty water, and how we can help them with the 40 hour famine. On the same night as that we played spotlight and watched a movie. We had fish and chips and sausages in bread for tea and lots of junk food. In the morning we made toast and milo for breakfast and watched another movie. Miss Gibson did all of the girl's hair in French Plats and she is really good at it. Pamela had to run around giving people tomato sauce and her arm started getting tired. I loved the sleep over I wish that we could do this every year. Pamela and Liam. P made this all happen thanks guys.:)
Here is everybody having supper.