Monday, 28 February 2011

For the People of Christchurch

We wanted to let the people of Christchurch know that we are thinking of them and praying for them, so we decided to each use our strengths to encourage them.

From Karene

Dear Christchurch,

We hope that all the people who are trapped will be able to get out alive and that there will be no more earthquakes, so you can clean up the city.

We have heard about the robberies and feel sorry for you because you do not deserve any more grief than there already is.

From Hannah

May God give you "the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of despair".  Isaiah 61:3
From Asher

From Tania

                            Dear Lord Jesus
Christchurch has just had a very bad experience of a 6.3Earthquake. May you please help all the family and friends that are trapped in buildings and I pray that Christchurch will stop having earthquakes.
May you please bless everybody living in Christchurch and that you will heal all the people that are in hospital from having buildings
collapse on them.
Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path”
  Psalms 119:105 
By Aroha P

By Jayden

From Tui
By Aroha

From Monica

By Ella

By Pamela

By Tangiwai

Dear People of Christchurch,
I have heard about the earthquake. I’m glad people from different countries are helping people get out of rubble.
I’m very sorry if you have loved ones who have died or are still trapped.
I’m sorry for some of you that have lost your jobs in Christchurch I’m sorry if you got hurt in the earthquake.
We are thinking of you praying for you and raising money for you.
From Cameron

From Abby
By Risaleaana

By Tori

New and Improved

To start 2011 we have a new blog because we have gone up a class and are now Room 4.  We are pretty excited about this, and especially Mrs Rolls who has been in Room 3 for 9 years now, and finally feels like she has graduated up!