Thursday, 14 April 2011


Fells like a warm blanket wrapped around me on a cold day,
Sounds like the light pitter patter of rain on the roof,
Tastes like homemade pumpkin soup,
Looks like a carpet of red fallen leaves,
Smells like wood burning on a bonfire…

By Tori

Summer Sports

What I really enjoyed about this term was Summer sports.
My favourite activity was Playball, because I kept on getting long hits and home runs and I also showed Cameron (team captain) up. It all started when we versed Mot South; they had 11 players and we only had 10 which meant that one person in our team had to go twice.
So, Cameron, Kase and I were all arguing over who should go twice. Everyone said that I should bat twice because I’ve been making many home runs, but Kase said that Cameron should go twice because he was team captain.
It was Cameron’s turn and we already had 2 people out so it all relied on Cameron. Cameron went to go do his AWESOME bat and got a strike, so he tried again and got another strike, so he tried one last time and got the whole team out and we had to swap sides.
So I went up to Cameron and said, “That’s why everyone wanted me to bat twice!”
That’s why Summer sports was my favourite time of the term.
By Tui

What I Enjoyed

This year I really enjoyed lots of things. I enjoyed swimming, summer sports, Motec, the interns coming, Abel Tasman walk, and best of all Mrs Rolls.
For  swimming I enjoyed winning my freestyle race and coming third in my backstroke race.
For summer sports I enjoyed competing with others and hanging out with my friends.
I really enjoyed the Able Tasman walk, just seeing all the waterfalls and finally reaching Apple Tree Bay.
What I enjoyed with the interns was playing treasure hunt games. I found two lollies.
By Tangiwai

The New Net

On Monday my Grandad and Uncle Ross put up a new net for TBCS school playground.
We all love the net, so now it’s a mission to climb to the top especially when people are sitting on the top and they won’t move out of the way so you can climb down the other side. But it’s still fun to get there first and be able to climb to the top and get down the other side.
By Tania Rose.


Term 1

This term we did lots of cool stuff. We played Summer Sports, we got to do SRA, we got to have the Interns come in, and on the last day Ryan (ne of the Interns) showed us his whip. And we did more than that.
Summer Sports was on the 7th April. We played three games, ‘Play ball,’ ‘ Volleyball’ and ‘ Ultimate Frisbee.’
SRA is a cool learning program that helps you with your reading. With SRA you read a story that is given in the box 3a or 2b, whatever box you are in, and you read a story and at the end you are given questions.
The Interns were AWESOME!! They came every Wednesday and played with us doing, art, soccer, rugby and you name it.
We have been doing MOTEC this term and the year 7’s were in Mr Young’s class. MOTEC is a place were you can learn about technology and you have different units to do.
We have also got a new climbing net. Our playground is getting there, and soon it will be done.
 Mrs Rolls has  been an AWESOME teacher for this term and I can’t wait to see her next term.
By Shanara

Our Awesome Team!

Autumn Tree



Red, Green, yellow and orange leaves,
Fluttering to the ground,
All different autumn colours,
Filling the air,
What a wonderful autumn day,
To go outside and play.

Autumn Weather
Sunny days,
Warm bright
Playing, laughing, running
Chasing away the rainy days
Freezing, boring, pouring
Cold dull
Rainy days

By Pamela


Red , Orange , yellow , Brown
When you  hear these colours you know autumn is in town
Leaves fall from trees  making a colourful carpet
Colours here  colours there
Colours swirling everywhere
The colours dive , swirl and swoop
The fireworks of the early setting sun

Autumn - By Karene


Yesterday me, Asher, Pamela and Mrs Rolls went to the library to get out same books and to get me a library card. 
Once we got there we found out that the library doesn't open until 9.30 and it was 9.14.  So, we went down the street to see the others at Motec. 
We surprised them and got to see them making their cupcakes and their boxes as well. 
Once it was 9.30 we walked across the road and went to the library. 
As soon as we got there I got my card and them we got Ella's card.
I chose 3 books: Charlie Small, Cows in Action (World War Moo) and Guardians of Gahool.
Me and Asher tried to search Diary of a Wimpy Kid but the computer came up with nothing.
After that I got out my books and hopped in the car then Asher got his books and got in the car too. Pamela also got out her books and we went back to school.
I really enjoyed going to the library.

By Jayden  

New Net

Our  new net is so cool.  It’s not even cool… it’s awesome!  It’s big and out of this world.
You can climb all the way to the top and roll back down. You can even sit on the top.
But it is really creepy when people wobble it, because you fell like you’re going to fall into to a deep dark pit.
It’s just about as tall as 200 of me. I know!  It’s huge!
If you ever come to my school I know you will love it.
I wish it could  be bigger though…      
By Hope


Autumn to Winter

Crisp, golden, yellow, brown.
Falling, fluttering, to the ground.
Chilly winds, and cold morning air,
Now we know that autumns here.
Winter too, is closing in,
We start our fires, so we are warm within.
– Hannah


At Motec I am making a box.  It is going to fit my DS and my games.
I have put polarfleece inside and on the bottom and my lid goes over the box.  
I need to put my hinges to hold the lid to the box. It looks awesome and I have oiled it a little bit and it still looks the same.

By Ethan


It’s  AWESOME  how  the  trees  have  different  colours.  There’s  red,   yellow, green  and  brown.
They have  started  to  make  big  piles  of  leaves.  As  the  piles  get  bigger  the  more amazing  it  is  AWESOME !!! 

By  Ella                                                                            



On Wednesdays the year 7 and 8’s get to go to Motec.  Aroha D, Tui, Tori, Karene, Cameron, Ethan and myself are the year 8’s. Risi, Aroha P, Hope, Tania, Lincoln, Kase, Tangiwai, Hannah, Ella, Shanara and Monica are the year 7’s.
The years 7’s were starting with cooking and we were starting with a wooden box.
I enjoy cooking and sewing. Although I am not good at sewing I still enjoy it. Next term the year 8’s will be doing sewing or cooking. 

By Cora

The Interns

Yesterday the Interns came and we made cards for them to thank them for everything they have done.  When they got here we gave the cards to them.  I made a card for Josiah because he is ‘the’ man. 
We played long ball for the game because Dave wasn’t there. 
After that Ryan had his whip here so he was using that and he said, “Someone hold this flower up,” and Jayden Frost ran up and Mrs Rolls said, “Noooo, Jayden!” and we all laughed.
And then Mrs Rolls said thanks for coming and Miss Aldridge said, “Hip Hurrah, Hip Hurrah, Hip Hurrah!” and then we went inside and they left and that was it.
By Cameron

Wednesday Special

On Wednesday Mrs Rolls took me and Jayden and Pamela to the library, but it was not open. So, we went to get the new headphones and then after that we visited the people from TBCS that went to Motec.
The Yr 7’s were baking muffins and the Yr 8’s were building boxes for pencils and other stuff.  My friend, Ethan, showed me the ramp that Mr Young built for the Motec people and it was really cool.
Mrs Rolls decided that we should go to the library after that and it was open.  We were in there for half an hour.  I got cows in action books and choose your own adventure books.  
Since we were so good Mrs Rolls bought me, Pamela and Jayden an ice-cream then we went to school again.

By Asher

The New Net

On Monday Mr Troughton  and Mr Grainey  put a really cool net up. It’s really fun to climb on it, but little kids have to be careful because they can slip and fall. Sometimes it’s really hard to climb down because there's people coming up and they shake it. We all love the new net! I think it’s the coolest thing in the playground.
By Aroha P


Autumn is colourful
Autumn smells like rain and dirt
Autumn sounds like rustling leaves
Autumn looks like falling leaves
Autumn fells like frosty dew on the grass
Autumn taste like a hot chocolate
That is Autumn to me.
BY AROHA xxx :)


Friday, 8 April 2011

Sports Poem

Sports, sports, sporty sports

which will I choose?

there’s hockey, soccer, rugby too.

Aww there’s too much

i’ll choose this one

maybe that one


Here we go again 

I should pick  every single one then because I cant choose.

Oppps I chose girls skating

hey wait  it’s time for hockey see ya later.

By Asher

Flight Lollies

Don’t you love it when you’re on a plane and all you have to do is find your seat and then just wait until the assistants come to you and ask, “Would you like SOME lollies?”
And then what you do is take a big handful of lollies and then say to the assistant “Oh don’t worry, mam, I’ll be back for more!”


Do you like pies? I love pies especially in winter.  They are one of my favourite things to eat. I sit there.  I feel the warm packet.  It feels so good. I open the packet, blow on my pie and take a big bite...YUM! 

Now, by this time I've nearly finished my pie.  There’s meat dripping  down my face and there little bits of pastry all around my mouth.
I look at what’s left of my pie. One more mouthful of pie left.  I brace myself.  I open my mouth and.... yum I ate a pie! 

If you have achieved this task of eating a pie then congratulations!   



By Monica ;D

Summer Sports

Yesterday we did summer sports.  We had  to do playball, Ultimate Frisbee and volleyball.  We left at 9.30 am and came back at 2.20 pm.  My team was great at playball.  We only lost one game out of three games all together.  We rocked in volleyball. We lost one again in four games.  We did three games in Ultimate Frisbee and lost one game and in the whole entire thing we came second in Ultimate Frisbee.  The score for one game in playball was three points and all together we got six points.  In volleyball our first game we won.  We did so GOOD!!!  


Autumn Weather Diamante Poem


By Pamela

Summer Sports

Yesterday we had summer sports. It was so much fun and there were heaps  of  schools: Mouteka South, Lower Moutere, Tapawera, Brooklyn, Parklands, St Peter Chanel, Mahana, Tasman, Mapua, Dovedale, Ngatimoti and Tasman Bay Christian School.
My favourite thing was playing Ultimate Frisbee because our team was working really well!!

By Aroha P



I am looking forward to the holidays because me and my family are moving into another house.
The only thing I don’t like about moving is we have to do a lot of work.
There are 20 more days until we move into the other house. I am so excited to move into this new house.
When we do move into the house Asher, Keilah and I will get picked up later than the original time.

By Cora.

Summer Sports

On Thursday 7th April we went to Summer Sports day.  We played three games, Ultimate frisbee, volleyball, and playball.
At Summer Sports we saw Abby, who used to go to TBCS but moved to Dovedale School.
We got fairplay in all our games and we enjoyed being outside and playing other schools.
At the end we won a packet of chocolate fish.
Playing Summer Sports was a fun day and everybody enjoyed being there.
By Shanara

Summer Sports

Yesterday on Thursday 7th April Room 4 went to Summer Sports. It was so fun and there was more then 400 people there.

The first game of Playball we played was against Mot South, but that was really bad cause I was versing one of my friends.  It was ok though cause we beat them.

Next we versed Upper Moutere. They were really good but we didn't finish our innings so it was a tie.

The last team we played was Lower Moutere. They were the best team we versed and they kept on getting home runs, but they only won by 4 because we didn't finish our second inning.

The people who were in my team were  Risi, Jayden, Ethan, Aroha, Tania, Ella, Tori, Hannah and Lincoln.

By Tangiwai

Summer Sports - Volleyball

I’m sitting on the cold wooden floor of the Rec Centre.  I absentmindedly take a bite of my hazel nut muesli bar.  I hear the squeaking of sneakers and the sound of volleyballs hitting the ground. I love volleyball
But I’m glad to have a by.  The whistle blows and teams explode with cheering and laughing. My team, the Cute Kitties (NOT my name choice by the way) get up; we are ready for the next game.  I put the remains of my muesli bar in my lunch box and stand up.  We walk over to our court and the whistle blows, game on. I promise myself to get the ball over the net and not to be afraid of it. I stand in front of the net, Jayden (our team captain) does paper, scissors, rock with the others team’s captain and they win. The girl at the back serves, the ball comes towards me, I spike it over the net… SUCCESS!!! Our team wins, 8-9. I laugh. If I hadn’t got the ball over we would have lost. What an EPIC day.

By Tori

Something That Inspired Me

I have been playing guitar for about a year now and I think I’m doing pretty well so far.  I really enjoy playing,but sometimes I just feel like giving up when things feel impossible.
Anyway Mrs. Rolls put this YouTube video on our blog of this guy playing guitar.  I found it very inspirational.  So this guy that’s still quite young is playing a master piece and he didn’t even have lessons!  When I watch this video I just go WOW.  It inspires me not to give up and shows me persistence (which I will need a lot of if I want to be that good one day!)
So have a look and you will see what I mean!

By Karene

Summer Sports

On Thursday the 7 of April we went to summer sports at the back of the Rec Centre.
We played ultimate Frisbee, then playball then volleyball. We won all 5 of our playball games, one of our volleyball games and one of our Ultimate Frisbee.
We came first for fairplay. We got a chocolate fish.
When we got back at school we got to have a Juicie.             
By Kase


My awesome thing is pizza with stuffed crust.
You know when you’re  eating absolutely ravishing  pizza and it makes your mouth water with excitement. Suddenly you remember you’re getting stuffed crust so your mouth waters with more excitement
Finally you get to eat some and the cheese starts oozing its way out but you catch it with your sharp teeth.

and finally you finish.
By Hope

Summer Sports

On the 7th of April, the awesome Yr 7s and Yr 8s went to the summer sports at the recreation centre. We had 2 teams: TBCS 1 and TBCS 2 and we had 3 games in rotation.
Some teams started on volleyball, some teams started on Ultimate Frisbee and my team, which was TBCS 2, started on playball and we had a great time versing other teams from other schools. 
I loved volleyball the most and our team won 2 volley ball games.
We versed lots of people we knew and we saw people we knew although we didn’t verse them but we still got to say hi to them at lunch time.

By Tania Rose

Summer Sports Haiku

Yesterday we were
Doing summer sports all day
And we got a prize.

Summer Sports

On Thursday 7th April we went to Summer Sports day.  We played three games, Ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, and playball.
At Summer Sports we saw Abby, who used to go to TBCS but moved to Dovedale School.
We got fairplay in all our games and we enjoyed being outside and playing other schools.
At the end we won a packet of chocolate fish.
Playing Summer Sports was a fun day and everybody enjoyed being there.
By Shanara

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Summer Sports

Don't forget it is summer sports tomorrow, so wear your sports shirts and sneakers.  Bring plenty of food and a drink bottle too.

Will be fun! 

Let's hope it is not raining again...

Friday, 1 April 2011


For those of you who had a spelling related personal goal, check out this site!

Has fun games and activities. 

Make sure you tell me what you think.

Check this out!

Hey guys!  Missed ya today, but I had fun on my course.  You know I get all excited about E-Learning and techy stuff!  Anyway, check this guy out!  You musical kids will love this and anyone can appreciate how clever he is. 

Question:  What amazing gifts do you all have to share with the world?