Thursday, 31 May 2012

Discribing words

Light sun peeps through the gap of a Small hole in the leaves like the spotlight on stage.
Loud squawking noises through the forest of birds like a steaming pot.
The aroma sweet mango floating through the forest like a fresh fruit salad.
Tangy fruit fills the mouth of a bird as it squeezes the juice of a kiwi fruit like fresh juice.
sludge mud fills my toes as I step into a big mud puddle like a cow pat. GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Ngarua Caves

On monday the 6th we (room 3 and 4) went to the Ngarua Caves for part of our topic, "God is the owner of the earth".

Before we (room 3 and 4) entered we had to put a blue or yellow safty helment on but the guide wear a white helment.

As we (room 3 and 4) got to the "moa bones" they looked like brown and small and very old.

As we (room 3 and 4) got to the cathedral when the lights turn on it was beautiful the stalecmites were white gold and brown and they where on the roof and they were everywhere. When the guide turn off the lights it was black and you can't see your hand in front of your face!!

When we got to the end there was signatures on the cave, it was in pencil and it was at the end of the cave.

Ngarua caves

On Monday we (room 3&4) went to visit the Ngarua caves as part of our topic "God is the owner of the Earth.

We had to put on a blue safety helmet, because hard rocks could fall down & hit your head. Except from the guide (Amanda) she had a white helmet.

When we walked into the big cave, we had to go through a brown gate. To lead us into the cave we had to walk on slippery skinny stairs.

Inside the cave there were yellow shiny lights. They had switches on them to turn them on and off.

The cave was sort of cold like a frosty morning. Once you start to walk you get used to it.

Since there was bright lights, when our guide turns them of the cave is very dark. Before she turned the lights of, we all put our hands in front of our eyes and when the lights went of we couldn't even see our hands

Friday, 4 May 2012

The last time 8yr and 7yr see Harold

On Friday the 4th we went to see Harold. We talk about what to do and what
not to do and what drags and smoking does do to your body and live. We watch a movie that this woman that has been smoking four 30 years and is had cancer and she was 45 years. Their was stars on the roof and we got a bracelet each and we are going to ask Mrs Huff if we can wear them. We got to watch a sing a long with Harold and we got a Harold in room 4.

By ella

Harold the giraffe

We went and sore Harold the giraffe we learnt about. Making choices it was very encouraging to be taught what to do and what not to do. We watched a clip about a girl named Anna and her friends. Her Friends where wondering if she would come to  the skate park. And she was meant to be going to see her sister. but she went any way and they where all smoking YUK!!!!!!!!.But in the end she stopped thanks to her friend. And her other friends quite to. YEAH!!!!


Today was the last day with life education and we learnt about making choices and we watched a clip about a girl who had to make choices about what to do like to smoke like her friends or to ignore them and say no. Also we learnt about what is in energy drinks and beer and cigeretes and what happens to people after they use them. Also Harold sung a song about him and everyone loved having him here sadly most of us want see him again because we will be off to high school next time he comes. And we watched clips about people who smoked for along time and they still smoke now. At the end of it all we got bracelets and Mr Matthews brought a small harold for our class. He now lives at the front of the class.

By Asher

Harold the Giraffe

For two days we have had the Life Education truck here. Harold the giraffe is NOT a puppet. He’s a real giraffe. We have learnt a lot in the two days. We learned about smoking & alcohol. We also learned about our bodies. We learned that smoking is not good for you and it can affect your lungs. We got a book that has lots of information in it about our bodies. When they turned the lights of there was lights on the roof, they are really cool. Everybody has different imaginations so the stars look like heaps off different things. For me they looked like Harold and it spelt education. The lady that was teaching us in the truck, gave us yellow bands that remind me of all the fun we had.
From Aroha

harold the hero

on thursday and we went to see harold the graff and we saw the braslit and there was the stars on the roof because it has lights and there is amini movie and it comes to your school every two years but sadly it does not come to your school when you go to high school and we all had a free braslit is well.


On Friday the 4th we went to see Harold. We talked about what to do and what not to do
and what drugs and smoking dose to your body and life. we got to lisen to Harolds song and in the song there where little aliens. After that we got a braclet. then we left. By Liam W


Today Room 4 had a visit with Harold and Victoria,( the Life Education teacher). The Topic was about making good choices. Victoria talked to us about how drugs affect our body. She also showed us a picture that showed tar on a liver of a person that didn't smoke , but had breathed in, and then Victoria showed us a picture of a liver covered in tar from a person that had smoked alot.My favourite part of both sessions was when Victoria shut off the lights  and stars appeared on the ceiling that either spelt Harold or they just made a picture i'm not too sure.Yesterday we watched a  movie of a girl named Anna. Anna was getting  peer presured from some girls at her school,they were forcing her to try and smoke and steal,this caused her in alot of trouble. One day while Anna was smoking, a boy had seen her smoking at a party and told her that she didn't have to be like the other girls and he also said that  his grandfather died from smoking because he got cancer. In the end she decided not to smoke. I really enjoyed   learning  about making good choices. At the end, our class got some rubber bracelets  and a mini Harold for the class. 

By Risaleaana

harold the hero

from 3rd of the may and forth the may life and education came and told us about smoking and drunking because the thing is when you  drink  coke it has nine tea spoons of it and there was this women that smokes two pakets for a day and she is only 45 years old and she started smoking from 15teen years old and I think she likes it and harold the graff is the puppet because she puts her arms around.

Last Day with Harold

Today on May 4th we went to see Harold for the last time this year. We learnt about drugs and cigarettes and how they can be really bad for your body. We were able to ask questions and put the answers on the wall next to the question. Yesterday we watched a clip about a girl called Ana and how her " friends " used peer pressure to make her do stuff, notice the word " peer " does not mean the fruit pear it means they say things that allow pressure to seep through and make someone think that they are uncool or that they are missing out. Anyway back to the story, So Ana's friends used pear pressure to make her think she was missing out. So Ana and her friends went to the skate park and Ana found out that her friends were smoking, YUCK! So yeah she had a choice to make, not to do it, or, to do it... she did it and later on at the disco she stopped because someone told her what smoking could do and how it could really harm you. That was the topic making choices.
Today's lesson was about our health and how a normal person who does not smoke has a nice clean liver but when you smoke you get tar on your liver and it goes all black creating cancer. We also learnt about some of the drinks we have and how they contain drugs and nicotine. All of these things are bad for you and I have to say that if you want to smoke or drink alcohol then you should be aware of the dangers and try not to smoke. Drinking can be just as bad because instead of drinking healthy water you drink caffeine or any other drugs that can be mixed in with your drink. This makes your brain say " We need to start getting messages through faster." After dealing with this, your body starts to go down rapidly and you feel the urge to drink more caffeine. At the end we got to see Harold, he sung us a song and then we left saying goodbye to Harold for the rest of the year.


On the 4th of May 2012 Tasman Bay Christian School room 4 went to Life Education to learn about drugs and bad stuff for the body.
At first Life Education said take a seat in the trailer and then we closed the door.
They showed us about how bad sigarets are and achole and we watched short clips about smoking and drinking at the end of the seshons we saw Harold the mane character and pretty much just look at him then we would exit the trailer.

By Josh of room 4

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Morning with Harold

 Today room 4 spent the morning with Harold the giraffe, everyone enjoyed seeing their old friend back for more fun facts and education, room 4 listened to Victoria the nice teacher who taught us about choices and the consiquences they come with she even put a little movie on about a girl called Anna who was really good at netball and got pearpressured into smoking, Victoria stopped the movie a couple of times to ask us questions about what just happened and what she will do next, afterwards she put the stars on which is when she turns the lights off and then turns some little lights on and they look like stars and mr Mathews even took notice off what the stars said, Victoria turned the stars on three times, two times for mr Mathews to see the word Harold and once more for when we walked out of the large van thing, but before we left Victoria told mr Mathews to pick someone to grab the books, mr Mathews picked me (Tania) so i got up and grabed the books then Victoria told me to come sit beside her and Harold, Harold whispered to Victoria to ask if he was able to pat me, I said yes, so he started patting my shoulder, then he whispered to Victoria some more then Victoria spoke up and said to me " do you want to pat Harold?" and I said yes so I patted him and said " Hello Harold," everyone started to laugh. We thanked Victoria for the wonderful time we had with her and Harold then we walked out the door.