Monday, 30 July 2012



For room4s topic we had to choose someone in the olympics and get the basics like weight, height, full name and stuff like that and i chose Kurt Pickard and he is a bmxer from New Zealand.

by Asher Delany

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Ella's holiday!!

My family and I went going down south to see all my family (Well most of them!).

On the way down south we stopped in Blenhiem and Kaikoura. We saw some seals while we had lunch, and then we went to Christchurch and stopped in to see my uncle Matt and his wife and my other uncle Zayne.Then we went to Ashburton for Dinner and it was really foggy! By the time we got to my grandma's house (were we were staying) it was 7:30 to 8:00 pm.

During the week we meet all of my family and had a great time and back!! 

By Ella   

Cross country

Next week on Thursday is the cross country at Rabbit Island. All the year six to eight students will be going, and competing against all the other primary schools.
The whole school has been training. On sunny days room three and four go out and run up Williams Road, which is precisely six kilometres (three on the way up and three on the way down.) The younger students do not have to run as far, and can stop when they feel tired!

Some of us (including me) are not really looking forward to the cross country! but I'm gonna give it good crack! :-)
That reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: " To win the race, you've gotta be in the race." -Meaghan Martin

By Hannah T

Cross Country

On the 19th of July the whole school of TBCS went with Tasman school to practice our cross country by the Moutere highway.
This event took place at 1.30 in the Afternoon.
At that time TBCS got on the bus to head off to the event.
The bus stopped near Tasman school and then an older kid held a junior and walked to where the cross country started.
Since it was late in the afternoon they didn't send us off in our age group because that would be a big waste of time the organisors sent us from 5 to 7 year olds to 8 to 13 year olds.
At the end we walked back to Tasman school and had at least 20 minutes play and then we went into the Tasman school hall and handed out the 1st,2nd,3rd certificates this time in our age group.
After that TBCS left Tasman school and headed back to the buses. And then went home.

By Joshua

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Every monday afternoons our Principal Mrs Hough comes and teaches room 4 French. So far we have learnt how to say bonjour (hello), bonsuier (good night), salut (hi) and mama and papa. we use a DVD with lots of different units. There country is known for eat frog legs and snails. My Favourite part of France is the Eiffel tower and how dogs have an important part in France.  

Monday, 23 July 2012

my holladay

in my holladays i went to my pool to see what there was in it i thourt it wood be ice so i though an oreng and it bounsed on the ice so i went in the pool earea and eat some it is yammy

Kids of Character Cross Country

This term the main focus is being Kids of Character e.g
Explain how our learning impacts others,
Acknowledge rights and wrongs and
Display the fruits of the spirit Gal 5:22.

Last Friday, Tasman Bay Christian School was invited to have a Cross Country practise with Tasman School at the Domain. In my race it was aged 8-13. My plan was to get a tie with Shanara but she got injured so it didn't work out. I really enjoyed it because there were some really cool obstacles like running through a creek, up a steep hill and over some fences.I came first overall and in my age. I felt in needed to be further and harder because I was so used to running further for practise at school. I am looking foward to the real Cross Country at Rabbit Island.

By Risaleaana


On Friday 20th Tasman Bay Christian School got on the bus at around 1:00pm and headed down to the Domain. At half way we got out and a senior buddied up with a little kid and hold hands along the road. As we entered in the Domain Tasman School kids welcomed us. Judy Farthe ( parent of three of the kids that went to Tasman ) stood up on the haybails and welcomed us again and said thank-you for participating. The course was start at the cones and run to the tree, from there we crossed the bank and went through the creek in which many were not happy. Then it was under the tunnel and through to the other side, over a fence and up a steep hill through a gate and down again, through the tunnel again and then over the haystack and into the finish ( for 5-7 year olds ) other than that it was another lap for the 8-13 year olds.The 5-7 year old girls went first, our first girl to cross the finish was Bella of Tasman Bay Christian, then the 5-7 year old boys in which and Jonti came first as well. The 8-13 year old boys went and Fletcher of Tasman Bay Christian came first out of all the boys and his age group. 8-13 year old girls was Risi of as you can guess it was our school coming first in her age group and the whole race. After we went to Tasman School and played with them, then we got called in for assembly and they played a song on the recorders and then it was the certificates. We sayed goodbye afterwards and walked down the drive to the buses from there the took us strait home.  What a great but tiring day!

Maye Pole

Me and tangiwai are doing this thing that will help the Maye Pole becouse we are used to using our school jesersys to make it comfortable for us to play on. So we made up some ideas and now it will be more  comfortable for all of us to play on. We have not confermed the ideas yet.

by liamp

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

kids of character

we are learninig to learning kids of character   we are doing how to explain how our learning empacts others.
and Display the fruits of the sdprit { gal 5:22 }

and we are learning god is holy and pure.
and wants us to holy and pure!!
john 12vs 21
Kids of character

This term we are doing kids of character and we had to chose out of three topics this term.There was acknowledge right and wrong, explain how our learning enquires others or explain the fruits of the spirit. And i chose acknowledge right and wrong because it seems easy.

By Asher