Thursday, 17 April 2014

Anzac posters

Room 4 went to some war memorials because wanted to make some think for the people how died in world war was so fun because you had to go through different web sites and instead of writing a hole lot of information on a peace of paper we just copped and pasted it on Microsoft word.  

Anzac Poster

Room 4 has been making posters for Anzac day and they are going to the Library so everybody can see them and see some information about them. It has been really exciting and practically a journey to me because we had to write down information, look at web site's, go place's and put things into sentences.The bad thing about this was that we had to put them into sentences and that sound's quite easy but it really wasn't so we had to put in a lot of effort but in the end the posters looked great.So over all I really enjoyed this journey.
By Kiriwai.

Anzac Posters.

Room 4 has made some posters about people who died in World War 1.We each had made a poster about one person from World War 1. We had on it, Personal details and stuff about the War.
By Keilah.


Easters here every things okay but here comes the Easter Bunny.


Room 4 did the Sumdog Contest which was a mix of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and word problems.

The Sumdog Contest runs for seven days and each student has 1000 questions each to answer and you have to get as many questions right as you can out of the 1000 questions.

If you get some questions wrong you get put down on the scoreboard and if you get more right out of 1000 you get put up on the scoreboard. The school with the best score wins the contest. The school that gets the most points wins the contest gets a certificate for winning.

Anzac posters

Room 4 went to some memorials because we wanted to do something for the people that died in world war 1. So we made some posters to put up in the library.


 Miss Mansell has been invited by her friend Fern which is a missionary person and she is working with a family called the Greenwoods family in Peru to help teach a school because Fern said that they are struggling a little bit and they need some help. So Miss Mansell will be going there in term 2 to help out and then she'll be coming back. The place that she'll be going in Peru is Andahuaylas that's an hour away from Lima in Peru.
By Kiriwai

Posters For Anzac Day

Room Four has made awesome posters about Anzac day and World War One. We went to three different memorials so that we could write down three names from world war one, we went to Mapua, Motueka.  We also went to lower Moutere but the names weren't there because they got moved to Upper Moutere. We then looked up information about the certain person that you chose and made an awesome poster and we also had to find out where the person we chose got buried and a map of where it is. The posters will be put up in the Motueka and Mapua library.


This term our classroom has been making puppets for a puppet show. We all got into groups and got to look online to look for a script. Me and my buddy found a script for our show. I was a boy named Ralph and Jessiah was my talking dog named Dudley. Our script was about Noah and the ark. Some other people did David and Goliath also an different group did a play about two best friends. Some of us showed our plays at assembly on Friday the 10th of April. We got a mini puppet theatre from our office lady named Mrs Clark.

Pen Pals

This term room 4 have been writing to a group of kids in Ohio their school is called  Grove City Christian School they are year 3's and 4's that means they are mostly 7 to 9 year olds.

Survival Swimming Sports

for swimming sports we did a survival day. we had to take our PJs to school and then to Saint Peter Channels to swim in them. when it was our turn we had to jump in the pool and then take our PJs off when we had done that we had to tie a knot in the bottom of our PJ bottoms. it was so funny watching other people trying to tie a knot in the bottom and then filling their pants up with air.

Survival Swimming Sports

For swimming sports we did a survival day were we had to take our P.J's to school. We also had to take
them to Saint Peter Channels to swim in them. When it was our turn we had to jump into
the medium pool. In the pool we had to take our P.J's of and tie a knot in the bottom of our P.J bottom,
also known as the place you put your feet in to give them fresh air. It was so funny to watch others trying to tie a knot at the end

Monday, 14 April 2014

Anzac posters

Room 4 are doing posters about Anzacs. We went to the Motueka, Lower Moutre, and Mapua memorials and found a few names to write about. We got information about the people from the cenotaph,, and CWCG. We found information and we are writing about them. We are writing about their personal information, their family, their information about the war: their rank and other facts, and their burial. Once we have finished, we will probably put them on the walls of the Motueka library.
One of the  memorials.

This term room 4 did a sports competition called Summer Sports. We did three sports which were Touch,Volley ball and Ultimate Frisbee. Volleyball was the most fun for me. We (the competitive team) won all our games except one. Everyone tried as hard as they could even though sometimes they would not get it over the net. I think it was fun serving and hitting it back. The school also had a social team they did quite well but they had very good sportsmanship.

Memorial Visit

In term 1 room 4 was learning about World War 1 because Anzac Day is coming up. So we decided to go for a little trip what we did is we planed to go to three different memorials. The first memorial we went to was in Mapua we each got three different names the names I got were C.J Harvey T.L Field  and F.G McKee. The second memorial we went to was in Lower Motere. But, this was very strange when we figured out when we got there that there was NO NAMES! That was very strange. so we went to the Motueka memorial luckily there was some names I picked three but only used 1 I used R Lynch. When we got back to school we had to figure out where the Lower Motere Memorial got moved to.
thanks for reading you can find more information at the following websites.
thanks :)
by Mia  


On Friday 11th of April a lady came to take Mr Matthews place so she did art with us. She taught us how to blend the colours and then we waited for the paintings to dry. After all of our paintings had dried we drew some birds on a piece of paper then painted it on our paintings.

Bird Paintings

On Friday a lady called Mrs Deck came onto our classroom. We did bird paintings with different coulers and shades. It was really fun. 


On Friday Mrs Deck came in with us to do Art. First we covered our page with different colours then we blended it in from the middle is light and from the side it was dark.We then let it dry and then we drew pretty black birds on the page to make it look like they are flying away or flying to you.Here is my painting.

swimming sports

This term, Room 4 has been practising swimming sports. They include over arm ( freestyle), back stroke, and breast stroke. We only had two weeks of practise and then we had to compete against 5 other schools. The school that we race at was upper Moutre.