Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Here you have it I need all sorts of rugby cards and I am willing to pay for them. If you have any then that's  great! Maby you're a student at Tasman Bay Christian, if you would like some money then I will pay you for your rugby cards too!!!                                    Thanks,

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Pinny pin pin

As you may know out there im a big bunny lover so im trying to bribe mr mathews into getting a real one its working but mr mathews is still not convinsed yet so we have a cute rock pet called pinny pin pin and mr mathews likes him because he likes pigs and i like bunnys so i mixed them together and came up with pinny pin pin and mr mathews has a home (i made for it but pamela helped) for it and inside it has a bed hope made out of pink paper and outside i made a little garden of two flowers and a mud bath for the pig side of pinny.
so i hope you learned more about pinny pin pin and hope i can post more of him up on the blog.

Monday, 12 December 2011

On Friday 9th of October Rm4 went to kaiteriteri for the day. We went there for water safty with Whenua-iti. They took us Kyaking, raft building and canoeing. We had 6 groups of 3. My group was Tangiwai, Tui, Cayden, Ethan, Asher and I. We built the raft in the picture. it worked really well, Tangiwai and Tui were in the back yelling we're going to sink! 

Rugby Cards!!!

Hi  everyone,
I as I mentioned in my other posts I am still doing a survey on peoples favorite places in New Zealand. If you don't mind letting me know yours that would be great. I am also collecting all sorts of rugby cards and stamps that people don't need. So leave a comment.
The True Meaning Of Christmas

The true meaning of Christmas is love. God loved His own and provided a way—the only Way—for us to spend eternity with Him. He gave His only Son to take our punishment for our sins. He paid the price in full, and we are free from condemnation when we accept that free gift of love. "But God demonstrated His own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us"

By Aroha D

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Tuesday night

On Tuesday night I was supposed to be going to the celebration night but Mum had to work so she couldn't take me. Instead of being at celebration night I was at home. Then I found out it was dinner time, so I went to the table and had dinner with Abbey, Levi, Dad, and me. After dinner I watched the amazing race on tv, and at 8:30 I got ready for bed and read a book.

Celebrations Night

On Tuesday TBCS had a Celebrations Night. We had fish n chips in the Rooms because of the weather. We would of had it on the deck. I brang my Mum and Dad too. After we had tea, Mrs Huff called out to everyone that we had to fill out a sheet around every Room. Room 1 and 3 have got an Ipad2 in there Rooms. It's kinda dumb that Room4 doesn't have one. After every Class went Room4 had there after snak, it was really good.   

By Cameron

celebration night

On Tuesday TBCS had a celebration night. but i had  subway in room 4 and then we went in to all of the other classes  we had to fill out a question sheet. Then once u had done all those in each class we gave it to our princabul and at the end of the night she droded out a couple of prizes and i got the first prize I got a free family pas to the aquatics i was so happy. after that room 4 had a Little snack that we bought for our celebration. by ethan

Celebration Night!!!

On Tuesday the 6th of December we had a Celebration night at T.B.C.S. The celebration for Room 4 was God is Faithful. There was alot of familys that went and alot of students. We had a BYO fish and chips for tea. Room 4 also had a little party so we had to bring some food for that. It was alot of FUN!! From Aroha P :D

Bmx tricks

there are lots of different tricks these are some cool tricks:

celebration night

On Tuesday TBCS had a celebration night. we all had fish and chips in room 4 and then we went in to all of the other classes and we had to fill out a question sheet. Then once u had done all those in each class we gave it to our princabul and at the end of the night she droded out a couple of prizes and i got the first prize I got a free family pas to the aquatics i was so happy. after that room 4 had a Little snack that we bought for our celebration. the end by kase :D


celebratiion night!!

Last night at our school all parents and students were invited to come to the celebration night where would show off what we we have learnt and have fun.At 6:15pm everybody met at school and had dinner there,after that we had to fill out these litlle passports by going around to different class rooms and awnser some questions. I filled one out with my dad and brother,I really enjoyed it. When we had finished we had to put it into a litlle box and we would go into a draw to win,an Aquatic centre family pass, Wow mueseum pass and a free coffe or tea from the Jester house. Me my dad and my brother won a ticket for a free coffee.Thanks to all the people that made that night possible.At one point Tui was on the maypole and tried to grab the rope but fell into the water, and got soaked it was really funny.
Yesterday our class had decorated our desks and the classroom for the celebration night. I had also decorated my desk and made the desk tidy. Our family coudn't go though so we decided to stay home and have our fish. My mum and dad didn't feel like going because it was to wet. We had to show our parents the work that we done so far this term and celebrate God Is Faithful. I heard that everybody had a great time.

Monday, 5 December 2011

First Day of School

First Day of School
It was the first day of school. The muted morning light was still new in the sky when I woke up. For the past few weeks I had been so excited bout starting school at West Hill High but this morning I didn’t feel like even getting up. As I was lying in bed trying to come up with a excuse for not going I realized that there was absolutely no way mum’s gonna let me out this one. I sat up in bed and pulled my warm woollen blankets off me and felt the stinging coldness in the house, the new house was freezing, especially this time of the year and my room didn’t get any sun during the day. I stared out the window at the thick forest just outside at I wriggled into my new school uniform. It was hideous, the way it hanged on my like a curtain and the yellow of the top made my skin look pale.
Mum had offered to take me to school in the car but I needed some fresh air so I decided to walk. I knotted my long red hair into a shift bun, grabbed my school bag and headed out the door.
Early morning fog blanketed the world in blue-ish grey as I walked across our yard towards the forest.
By Karene

Saturday, 3 December 2011


I am having heaps of fun at my aunty's house in Nelson! It is very cool!

Friday, 2 December 2011

New Zealand

Hi i am doing a survey of whitch town, city, or village in New Zealand  is the most popular By our School. I would really appreciate it if you could leave a comment of whitch place you like best! I need 30 people to let me know. You can put where you live!      
                                                       Thanks Lincoln Russ

Shell Rugby Greats card collection and Book!!!

Hi everyone,
 I Have an awesome old card collection in excellent condition that includes the 1905 ALL BLACKS, World
Cup 1987, Great rugby tries, great kickers and more. I don't know for sure when this album was published but my dad thinks around 1987 after the world cup. Any way if you wan't it its yours for as little at $6.50.
Any questions? Just leave a comment. this could be yours.
                                                             Regards Lincoln Russ

Thursday, 1 December 2011


                                 CELEBRATION NIGHT NEXT TUESDAY
                Byo fish and chips dinner along with an awesome evening don't miss out!!

Also I am collecting all sorts of rugby cards from the weetbix packs! Also if you need any rugby cards new or old then leave a comment below.
                                                                    Thanks Lincoln


I'm a room 4 student at Tasman Bay Chrisian School. My church (Desteny) has an awesome event on the 18th of December, our variety show. Its contains performences, theese are the ussual, Kapa Haka, kids worship team singing, Pasifac Island performane, church link group performances and more. So come along at 10AM or 6.30PM. Same show morning and night. Each show lasts around 90 minutes. SEE YOU THERE!!!   


This Term we have been doing handwriting, I have already finished mine for the year and as a result this is some of the handwiting I do (In the picture above)


On the 6th of December the kapahaka group will be going to Lower Moutere to perform what we have learnt with our kapahaka teachers(Kevin and Lofi Pouri-Lane)and then they will show us what they have been taught.This is the plan of the day.First they will greet us on with a powhiri and then we will sing some songs to them, as soon as we have finished that they will sing a couple of songs to us then we will have a BBQ with them and sing one more song, after that we will be heading back to school. I am really excited to see what their kapahaka is like.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Yesterday the 17th of November Tasman Bay Christian School went to athletics. Since it was raining on the Saturday. We had it on the Thursday. Miss Aldridge was the one who made all the teams for the rellays. We only had the rellays, Taylor Martan trophie witch is the fastest girl, Rsa Peace Sheild witch is the fastest boy, Peace sheild witch is the second fastest boy. Risi ran the Taylor Marton sheild and came second! Fletcher ran the Rsa peace shield and came 3rd! Andre ran the Peace shield and came 3rd! We were very proud of them!! For the relays the junoir ball relay came 3rd! The Senior ball relay came 3rd! The junoir baton relay came 3rd and the senior baton relay came 5th! Well done Tasman Bay!!! :)

Activities this year!!

This is just some of the activities that Room 4 and the school have been doing this year.

wild self- Tamgiwai

this is my wild self.We had learnt how to do these with mrs Rolls.

From Tangiwai

whenua iti at kaiteriteri

On friday the 9th of december room4 and whenua iti are going to kaiteriteri and we will be going kayaking and canoeing and we will also be building rafts. By Asher

Monday, 28 November 2011


This took a pretty long time to do but it was fun.!!You should try it out at

A wet day

This Term Rom 4 we have been learning about Gods Faithfulness
it has been so much fun we even have a poster heres some photos

we have had lots of fun doing this and we can't wait till next years topic.
by Hope


Athletics this term, yay! It is now term4 and we have got Athletics this term. It is also going to be a short term too so that is also good. But anyway, back to athletics. Athletics is this saturday and we are all going to be doing fun things like high jump, long jump, sprints, long distance running, relays, shotput and tenis ball throw. I can't wait!


Rugby cards are a very fasinating thing. I have 1995 rugby cards and 2003 cards, 2004 cards, the new cards and more. Parents, have you ever felt like throwing rugby cards out becsause your kids don't want them? Well I am collecting all sorts of rugby cards and I would appreciate it heaps if you might happen to have some that you don't need. Also maby if you have some family memembers that might happen to have any than that would be great. So if you could let me know if you have any them that would be awesome. THANKS A HEAP!!! 
                                                 Kind Regards,
                                                               Lincoln Russ
0n Friday the 4th of November Aroha, Cora, Tui, Ethan, Kase, Asher, Risi, Pearl, Liam, Petoru, Pamela, Tangiwai, Me and Monica went to Nelson to play Ki-O-Rahi.
 There were many teams but we only got to verse three teams.
We lost two of our games so we didn’t get in to the final.
On our last game against Nelson Intermediate  they cut
it was an awesome day. Our game was short because it was starting to rain, but we would have won if we had a full game.

By Kase


Sunny days
under trees
my head is hot
my dress is in the hot wind
eating ice cream
rain will not come for a few days

what we have been doing in room 4

In room 4 we have been researching on how god is faithfull and celebrethins
And we have been creating cards on how god is faithfull
by Hope 
Tuesday the 29th was a chaotic day for all as kids bustled around buzzing with excitement. Tasman schools from all around were all getting ready for a day of winter sports. The sports that Tasman Bay Christian competed in involved netball and soccer.
The weather turned out wonderful with a sunny sky. All schools were enjoying the sun before they all had to run onto the courts or fields. Soon teams were huffing and puffing around already exhausted before lunch break.
The schools that competed in winter sports were TBCS, Riwaka, Mapua, Parklands, Upper Moutere, Tasman, Lower Moutere, Brooklyn, St Peter Chanel and Motueka South. All the schools competed brilliantly.
The end result in netball was that Parklands won 1st prize and Mapua, Upper Moutere and St Peter Chanel came 2nd in a 3 way tie. The day was fun for everybody but by the end of the day everyone was glad to go home.
By Shanara

Friday, 18 November 2011

My Bookr

This is my bookr. I hope you like it.

Pearls Cockatiel Bookr.

Pearls Bookr

Making a Poster

This term our schools main focus is 'God is Faithful'. Mr Mathews asked me and a couple of other people to create a poster that includes, 'The big idea - God is Faithful', 'The Key Understanding - Gods Faithfulness is worth celebrating', and 'The Focus Question - What can we celebrate about God?'. So me, Tori, Asher and Risi packed on the task of making the poster.

At first we had to decide on the layout, fonts and colours we're going to use. I said we should write the 'big idea' in block letters, Risi then said it should be written in an arch. Tori decided on the colours and choose a light blue backround with yellow, orange, red and green lettering. We all agreed that our plan looked great and that we should start on the poster.

As we created our poster it was looking better and better, we were really happy with our god work.
When we finished, we all took a step back to look at our poster and it was amazing. Iwas quite surprised that I was part of making it! We were all pleased with it and showed Mr. Mathews and he loved it. We then decided we should put it up on the back wall of the classroom.

I really enjoyed making the poster and I am proud of it. :)

By Karene 


I really love bunnies, I love them so much i'm trying to bribe my teacher into getting one as a class pet but he doesnt want one, he always says ' Why dont you have a rock pet or get a pet that we can eat like a pig,' but that doesnt stop me from getting my all time favorite pet as a class pet.

Better than other pets
Unique to me
Noble king
Nice soft fur
Intellignt brains
Excellent pets
Super fast


Yesterday at 1:05pm Risi, Aroha P, Tui, Shanara, Ella, Pearl , Kase and I went to participate in the relays and other races. I was in the ball relay. We came 4th in our race. I saw Monica at the sports ground. Risi came 2nd in the fastest girl and Fletcher came 3rd in the peace shield. I had a great time.

By Cora.

Go T.B.C.S!!!

Yesterday  was an extremly exausting day for me  as I had to race in the Baton relay, Nuedorf shield relay and then the fastest girl race.

On the fastest girl race I was really close from winning but the girl next to me won  by a foot.Even though I came second I enjoyed giving it a go and hopefully I will get another chance at it next year. The results for everything else was fantastic.

Junior Ball Relay: 3rd place
Senior Ball Relay:4th place
Junior Baton Relay:3rd place
Senior Baton Relay:5th place
Nuedorf Sheild Race:3rd place
Fletcher ran in the fastest boy race and came in 3rd place
Andre ran the second fastest boy race and came in 3rd place
And I came in 2nd place in the fastest girl race.

Well done everybody!!

By Risaleaana.

To Mrs Rolls

Hi Mrs Rolls

we miss you alot. Hope you're having fun. We have recently been doing athletics but we didn't get to go,but the weird thing is Miss Aridrige gave us a 0 for high jump. Even though Mr Mathews gives us way more lollies and he lets us go on friv he can never replace you. Hope you can come down and vist.

From Tangiwai


thursday the 17th of november. On thursday a group of people from room 4 and 3 whent  on the big bus to athletics. we had a ball realy and a batton realy and about 4 girl and boy races. we came 3rd in most of aur races but apart from that we had a amasing day

from kase :p

Athletics in the field!

The hand bell rang and the top fastest kids in our school went on the bus at 1:00pm and headed to Upper Moutere to compete in the Athletics cups. Such activities were... the junior ball relay, the senior ball relay, junoir batton relay, senior batton relay, fastest girl and the fastest in the school. Miss Aldridge was talking to us about since we are a Christian School we should show our behavior in the way we act. As we headed to the field they people holding the Athletics day talk to us and then asked us to come to the front of the building to show our respects to those who went to the war and lost their lifes to free our country and also to sing the National Anthem. Children from diffrent schools went and put flowers around a statue and then stepped back and for a couple of secounds in silence bowing their head to remember them before going back into the crowd. After the tNational Anthem we walked back to the field and the sports began. First up was the junior ball relay and we came 3rd in that, then there was the senior ball relay and we also came 3rd in that. Couple of minutes later the junior ball relay was on and they did really good coming 4th as for the senior batton relay we came 3rd again!!
Fastest girl was Risi coming a whopping 4th place! Go Risi! And the for the fastest in the school was Fletcher who ran really well and came 3rd!!
Over all we came 3rd in the whole thing!!
On the way back Miss Aldridge told us how well we all did. Nexts year I'm hoping to do the whole Athletics not just the ones for the cups.

Big celebration night!

Celebration night! There is going to be a big celebration night on tuesday 6th December where all the kids parents can come along and have fish and chips on the deck at 6:15 pm at school followed by an open class time where the kids can take the parents round all the classes to see the work that they've done over the last term!      See ICT in action and try some of the neat programs; And be entertained by some of the awesome writing the students have been doing this year. Your child will show you how to solve some tricky maths problems. And we will have a summary of the topic areas we have covered and some of the events and activities that made up those topics.
The celebraton night is going to be really cool so make sure you and your family come along.
By Hannah.T and Ella.S


Yesterday the 17th of November Tasman Bay Christian School went to athletics. Since it was raining on the Saturday.  We had it on the Thursday. Miss Aldridge was the one who made all the teams for the rellays. We only had the rellays, Taylor Martan trophie witch is the fastest girl, Rsa Peace Sheild witch is the fastest boy, Peace sheild witch is the second fastest boy. Risi ran the Taylor Marton sheild and came second! Fletcher ran the Rsa peace shield and came 3rd! Andre ran the Peace shield and came 3rd! We were very proud of them!! For the relays the junoir ball relay came 3rd! The Senior ball relay came 3rd! The junoir baton relay came 3rd and the senior baton relay came 5th! Well done Tasman Bay!!! :)
From Aroha P xx

Quotes :)

What is a friend?

A friend is someone who you think your life would be different if they didn't exist. A friend is someone who never leaves you out, you are always included when you are with them. A friend is there for you, no matter what!

Dose this desribe your friend?

Believe in each other.
Exchange silly stories.
Share favorite clothes.
Tell it like it is.

Find the answers.
Rely on each other.
Inspire bravery.
Encoarage dreams.
Never stop caring.
Devise crazy schemes
Stand by each other.

All my friends mean alot to me :) xxx

By Aroha D :)


Athletics was a great success yesterday. {17:11:11}
Junior Ball Relay, 3rd place,
Senior Ball Relay, 4th place,
Junior Baton Relay, 3rd,
Senior Baton Relay, 5th,
Nuedorf Shield race, 3rd
Risaleaana 2nd in fastest girl,
Fletcher 3rd in fastest boy,
Andre 3rd in second fastest in the school.
 Miss Aldridge was very proud of everyone and it was very exciting.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Mrs Rolls This is for you

hi ms rolls
we miss you so so much and are having so much fun.
from hope 

Friday, 9 September 2011

Term 3 Topic

Last week Mr Matthews set Room 4 a homework task, and we had to make a poster about an amazing animal of our choice. It was really fun but all of us were rushing! Some people didn't get theirs done though and are still not finished! luckly that is not us!
By Ella and Hannah :)

To Mr and Mrs Rolls!

To Mr and Mrs Rolls.
Mr Matthews set Room 4 a topic task for homework last week, and we had to make an animal of our choice that had some thing awesome about it.

To Mrs Rolls =]

Hi Mrs Rolls,

We hope you are enjoying Hawkes Bay.
This term for topic we been researching animals we think are amazing. It has been awesome.
Soon we will post pictures of our presentations.
We are also planning a trip to Rabbit Island to practise our compass directions.
We are still looking out for your book of New Zealand coffee shop reviews!
We are missing you heaps and heaps! 

From Tori and Karene xx

To Mrs Rolls.

Dear Mrs Rolls,
It's Cameron's Birthday today, So can you please accept his friend request on FaceBook. He's 13!!!! Yay!
Also, we hope you are having a good time in the Hawkes Bay. We are all missing you here at school.

From Asher (And Cameron.)

To Mrs Rolls

Hello Mrs Rolls.
We are missing you dearly and we thought that we could write our first blogging for this term to you.
We are having so much fun with Mr. Mathews but still wish you were here to enjoy the 4 weeks left of this term.
We have been doing heaps of cool stuff with our topic which is GOD IS GENEROUS. We have been doing an animal topic and we will hopefuly be able to show you pictures of our finished work.
We also do family groups every Friday which are when we go to another class room and do lots of art things.
We hope you are enjoying your new life,
From Hope and Shanara

Mrs Rolls we miss you!!!!!

To Mrs Rolls
Hope you are having a great time in Hawkes Bay. We have been missing you.
How are the coffee shops?
From Ethan

Hey Mrs Rolls.
It has been fun with our new teacher :) but we have been missing heaps. :(
From Kase

To Mrs Rolls

To Mrs Rolls.
We miss you so much. Since Miss A taught us how to write messages to you on the blog, we can stay in touch.
Mr Mathews is great, he even taught us a new game for PE.
From Aroha P and Tania.xoxo

To Mrs Rolls

Dear Mrs Rolls
We have been missing you heaps, but still have been enjoying our time with Mr. Matthews. He's a really fun teacher and very intelligent. He taught us a new game called Danish Rounders, and it's a really cool game. We hope that you have settled in and have been enjoying your COFFEE up there.
We know you miss us alot.
We miss you heaps too.
Love Tui and Risi.

To Mrs Rolls xxx

Hi Mrs Rolls

We are missing you heaps!! We hope you have settled into your house.
Have you been enjoying the COFFEE!! shops?
Is it sunny in Hawkes Bay?
How is Obi? Is he out of the vets yet?

Love from Aroha D and Monica xxx

Hi Mrs Rolls.

Dear Mrs Rolls,
I miss you heaps and heaps. I hope you are having a good time. Have you settled into your new home? School is almost back to normal now and I think Mr Mathews getting to know us a bit more.
Have a great weekend.
From Pamela

Hi there. I hope you are having a good time in your new house.
Room 4 is missing you heaps and we are glad that we can write messages to you.
Mr Matthews is a great teacher, just like you were.
Have a great time.

From Pearl

Hi, Mrs Rolls!

To Mrs Rolls,
This is Ella and Hannah.
We are missing you heaps!
Miss A has come in to teach us how to post blog stuff and we thought we would write to you!
Hope you are having a good time up in Hawkes Bay going round and testing all those coffee shops! We bet you $5.00 that you have already found at least 10 to 15 awesome coffees!!! lol.

Lots of love,
Hannah and Ella!

To Mrs Rolls

Hi Mrs Rolls
Hope  you're having a great day in Hawkes Bay.
We miss you heaps. We are having a great time at school with Mr Mathews.
Hope you come and visit us soon.

From Cora and Tangiwai.

Mrs Rolls This is for you

Hi Mrs Rolls and World.
In Room 4 this morning we are learning how to upload blogs by ourselves.
Since we are missing you heaps, we thought our first blog posts would be messages to you.
Sit back, relax and stay tuned!
From Miss A and Room 4

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Check These Out

Hey guys, check out these fun websites and let me know what you think:

The Origami Club - Learn the art of paper folding.

Phrase Up - If you can't come up with the right words, type in the incomplete sentence and the site offers options for finishing it.

Grammar and Vocabulary - Great place for learning grammar and words.

Yale Digital Commons and 4 Free Photos - Like MorgueFile, so you can use these for free.

Pyramid Challenge - Have you got what it takes to be a pyramid builder?

Historvius - Helps you discover the world's historic sites.

Poetry Through the Ages - For those of you who want to learn the development of poetry.

PrintFriendly - Helps you edit out junk from a website if you want to print it.

DoppelMe - Make a virtual version of yourself.

Give them a go.  If you like them leave a comment recommending them to others.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Wild Things

Go to this site and create a wild thing version of yourself.  I want to attach these to the bottom of your posters, so make sure they reflect your personality.

When you are finished, call me and I will email it to the class account.

Wild Self

Have fun and go wild!

Here is mine:

Monday, 4 July 2011

Basic Facts

If you are one of the people who set 'basic facts' as one of your goals for your Snapshot, then this link is SO for you.  Some great activities and we can even print them out at school if you would like to have a go at them.


See what you think.

Thanks, Mrs King, at Appleby School!

Friday, 1 July 2011

My Awesome Thing

My Awesome Thing.

You know when you’re using felts and one runs out, so you have to get another one? Instead make your own. “But how do you actually make it?” you ask. This is how… I really don’t know, ask a professional, they’ll know.
Don’t ask me. Well, you could but I don’t know.
Let’s just get back on the subject…
By Hope

Helpful Hints for Punctuation



Love is red
Love tastes like chocolate
Love smells like roses
Love feels like a big hug
Love sounds like a party
Love looks like a smile
Love is awesomeness


At MoTec I am making a calendar and my subject Is Pok√©mon. I have to finish it soon. I am going to have lots of work to do. 
Cam has done motorbikes on his calendar and I have made a cushion, weetbag, box and now a calendar.
My calendar is going to have 2 months on one page I don’t know how many pages I am going to have.

Island Poem

Island poem
In the middle of nowhere
Sand everywhere
And ocean
-          By Hannah

Winter Poem


Awesome Thing

Awesome things: Spider
Don’t you ever wonder why people get scared of a spider? I know they look pretty scary, but why do you get scared over a little spider? It is so small and it can’t eat you in one gulp. It’s really weird how some people get scared or an 8 legged bug that is the size of an eye ball.

My Calendar




A Long Trip




Friday is here.
Rain is clear.
I've got to get out of here.
Day is done.
Are you sleepy?
You`re not going to say you`re sleepy, but you will.

By Ella



Broken Leg




The Big Jump

Broken Nose

Important Moment


Last week at MoTec I finished off my cushion.

My cushion is black and has a dog with a bone on it.  It took me two sessions at MoTec to finish it.

Now I am making a foot stool.  We have to sew two straight rows down a piece of square fabric. After that we have to make up a square frame, then we have to stick the fabric onto the frame.

It is going to be fun to make it and it will look good.

By Kase

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Fullstops and Capital Letters

Today we were focusing on capital letters and fullstops.  When you have finished the activity you can have a go at:

 Basic Punctuation:

Capital Letters

And then you can play:
Basic Punctuation:

Capital Letters:

Have fun!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Hi Guys

Hi guys, I am at the course today. Hoping you are all being good and having a fun day.

I am looking forward to sharing what I learned about with you guys tomorrow.  You know you are going to have to put up with tons of video clips!  Sorry bout that.

See you tomorrow.  Year 7 and 8's don't forget it is MoTec in the morning and also that you need to bring your interview forms back.

Monday, 27 June 2011


When you have finished your work on apostrophes you can take the quiz.  See if you can do level 1, 2 and 3.


After you have done the quiz you can play the games:


Have fun!  Hope you have lots.

Friday, 24 June 2011


Today, I laughed and laughed when I saw what the children were wearing for mufti day. 
I was standing in the staffroom when I saw Hannah and Shanara walking along the deck wearing their mufti gear.  Hannah was wearing a long, curly blond wig and I thought she was dressed as a singer or a movie star. I didn’t even know there was a theme. 
The girls came in to get a key and I asked them what the theme was. They just giggled and so I said to Hannah, “Hmm, who has long, blonde, curly hair?”  Then I clicked and asked Hannah, “Are you me?”
She laughed and said, “Yes!”
Then they told me it was ‘Dress Up as Mrs Rolls’ day.  It made me laugh seeing what the kids turned up in and I was so impressed.  They came as me, or one of my family or in my fav colours or things. 
We had an assembly and I gave out prizes and we got some great photos! 
I want to thank the staff, parents and kids for such a fun day!

Mrs Rolls Mufti Day

Today we had a Mrs. Rolls mufti day so we had to dress up as Mrs. Rolls or her favourite colour or any thing else to do with her.  I dressed up in her favourite colour green.
Mrs. Rolls didn't know we were going to dress up as her or something she likes but she did know that we were going to wear mufti, until Hannah and Shanara came into the staff room to get the key for our classroom and Mrs. Rolls saw Hannah and she had a blonde curly wig on and Mrs. Rolls guessed that they were dressing up as her and she was right.

By Tania

Rainy Day


The sky was dark and gloomy; the sky was covered in ash-like colour. As the school children sat inside listening to the rain, they were doing their work but they had other things on their mind.
“Psst, Hope,” whispered Shanara.
“It’s raining really hard.”
“I know, I really wish we could go outside and play in the rain,” Hope said.
“So do I!”
“If I was in the rain,” said Shanara, “I would go stand right dead smack in the middle of the field and poke my tongue out. I would play and play until I was covered in wet dripping puddles. Oh, how I wish to play in the rain.”
If I was in the rain, I would run and run until the teacher called us in,” said Hope. “The rain looks so tempting to play in.”


Rainy Day


Mrs Rolls


Rainy Day

Today is Thursday. It is a very cold miserable day. The rain is bucketing down. You can see drip after drop down the window, the whole place is a wet mess. The deck is wet, so is the playground.

“Isn't it a wet, yucky day?” Ethan said.
“Yes it is, it is a wet, soggy day,” I said to Ethan.
“I hate wet days, we can't  play outside,” said Ethan.

“What would you do if you could play in the rain?” I said to Ethan.
“I would jump in the puddles, and do bombs in the ponds of mud and get saturated.”
“Same here,”  I said in a exited voice.       
                                                        Written by Kase

Inside on a Rainy Day

My Twin's Fav Food

My Twin’s Favourite Food.

Lindor Chocolate
Apple crumble
Hot chips

Mrs Rolls Mufti Day

Mrs Rolls Mufti Day!
Today when the kids from Mapua hopped off the bus, Mrs Rolls got a big surprise!!!  I walked up the balcony in my blonde wig dressed all in blue green and purple and when I got to the staff room where all the teachers were I stopped and flicked my hair! All the teachers were laughing their heads off!

It didn’t take long for her to guess what the theme was either! It was pretty easy to tell that the theme was her when you looked at my blonde curly wig!!!    

All of the other kids did a great job of dressing up too! One kid had made a cardboard coffee cup! A girl in my class went in a cardboard book that she made, because Mrs Rolls LOVES reading. - Hannah. T J

Rainy Day

Today is a rainy day and the wind is blowing and the trees are falling. I like the rain.

“I like the rain,” said Ethan.
“I hate the rain,” said Asher.
“Why do you hate the rain?” asked Ethan.
“Because there is nothing to do,” said Asher.
“I like the rain it sounds nice and you can relax,” said Ethan.

I like the rain because you can jump, get all muddy and get soaked and feel the rain hitting your face.
By Ethan

10 Things I Know Abut Mrs Rolls

Paragraphs and Speech Marks

Paragraphs and Speech Marks

Today it`s a rainy day and everyone in school has to stay inside.

“Why does it have to rain?” said Hannah.

“Oh well, we can watch the movie,” I said.

“If I was playing outside I would jump in the water!” yelled Hannah.

“If I was playing outside I would try to drink the rain!” I said laughing.  

Rainy Days

1st. It’s a misty day with puddles everywhere. There are people with really wet shoes.

2ND . When I was talking to Asher, Ethan said “Cameron, Do you like rainy days?”
“No, because then I can’t go on my scooter,” I said
“Ok,” he said.

3rd . I don’t like rainy days because you get stuck inside. All I do is watch movies and play on the computer.

10 Things

Ten things you might not know about me
1.      I love music
2.      I hate smart cars
3.     I love Skylines
4.     I hate injuries
5.     I love dirt bikes
6.     I hate soccer
7.     I love a challenge
8.     I hate apples
9.     I love graffiti
10. I hate sharks                    

Ten Things I Know Abour Mrs Rolls



10 Things

Ten Things

1. The after taste of peanut butter makes me feel like I'm going to spew.
2. I HATE eggs.
3. I'm fast in sprinting, but I'm slow at  long distance running
4. I prefer marmite over vegemite.
5. I LOVE singing in the shower..
6. I've got a scar on my left knee, by playing in the kiddies pool at QE2
7. I HATE seafood.
8. I think rock melon has no taste.
9. I was believed that Osama and Obama were brothers.
10. I think McDonalds chips and soft served ice cream is a good combination.

Ten Things

 Image003 Image004

Wednesday Trip

On Wednesday, while the year seven and eights were at MoTec, Asher and I went to the library. Well, I guess I’d better be truthful. We actually went to Hot Mamas for a hot chocolate and then we went to the library.
At Hot Mamas it was really nice, there was a fire was going, the hot chocolates were huge and we got marshmallows with them.
After the hot chocolates we walked down to the library with very full stomachs and I got four books called 'Mascot Madness', 'The Dark Rider' and two other books I can’t remember the names of.
So that was our Wednesday morning!