Thursday, 15 September 2011

Mrs Rolls This is for you

hi ms rolls
we miss you so so much and are having so much fun.
from hope 

Friday, 9 September 2011

Term 3 Topic

Last week Mr Matthews set Room 4 a homework task, and we had to make a poster about an amazing animal of our choice. It was really fun but all of us were rushing! Some people didn't get theirs done though and are still not finished! luckly that is not us!
By Ella and Hannah :)

To Mr and Mrs Rolls!

To Mr and Mrs Rolls.
Mr Matthews set Room 4 a topic task for homework last week, and we had to make an animal of our choice that had some thing awesome about it.

To Mrs Rolls =]

Hi Mrs Rolls,

We hope you are enjoying Hawkes Bay.
This term for topic we been researching animals we think are amazing. It has been awesome.
Soon we will post pictures of our presentations.
We are also planning a trip to Rabbit Island to practise our compass directions.
We are still looking out for your book of New Zealand coffee shop reviews!
We are missing you heaps and heaps! 

From Tori and Karene xx

To Mrs Rolls.

Dear Mrs Rolls,
It's Cameron's Birthday today, So can you please accept his friend request on FaceBook. He's 13!!!! Yay!
Also, we hope you are having a good time in the Hawkes Bay. We are all missing you here at school.

From Asher (And Cameron.)

To Mrs Rolls

Hello Mrs Rolls.
We are missing you dearly and we thought that we could write our first blogging for this term to you.
We are having so much fun with Mr. Mathews but still wish you were here to enjoy the 4 weeks left of this term.
We have been doing heaps of cool stuff with our topic which is GOD IS GENEROUS. We have been doing an animal topic and we will hopefuly be able to show you pictures of our finished work.
We also do family groups every Friday which are when we go to another class room and do lots of art things.
We hope you are enjoying your new life,
From Hope and Shanara

Mrs Rolls we miss you!!!!!

To Mrs Rolls
Hope you are having a great time in Hawkes Bay. We have been missing you.
How are the coffee shops?
From Ethan

Hey Mrs Rolls.
It has been fun with our new teacher :) but we have been missing heaps. :(
From Kase

To Mrs Rolls

To Mrs Rolls.
We miss you so much. Since Miss A taught us how to write messages to you on the blog, we can stay in touch.
Mr Mathews is great, he even taught us a new game for PE.
From Aroha P and Tania.xoxo

To Mrs Rolls

Dear Mrs Rolls
We have been missing you heaps, but still have been enjoying our time with Mr. Matthews. He's a really fun teacher and very intelligent. He taught us a new game called Danish Rounders, and it's a really cool game. We hope that you have settled in and have been enjoying your COFFEE up there.
We know you miss us alot.
We miss you heaps too.
Love Tui and Risi.

To Mrs Rolls xxx

Hi Mrs Rolls

We are missing you heaps!! We hope you have settled into your house.
Have you been enjoying the COFFEE!! shops?
Is it sunny in Hawkes Bay?
How is Obi? Is he out of the vets yet?

Love from Aroha D and Monica xxx

Hi Mrs Rolls.

Dear Mrs Rolls,
I miss you heaps and heaps. I hope you are having a good time. Have you settled into your new home? School is almost back to normal now and I think Mr Mathews getting to know us a bit more.
Have a great weekend.
From Pamela

Hi there. I hope you are having a good time in your new house.
Room 4 is missing you heaps and we are glad that we can write messages to you.
Mr Matthews is a great teacher, just like you were.
Have a great time.

From Pearl

Hi, Mrs Rolls!

To Mrs Rolls,
This is Ella and Hannah.
We are missing you heaps!
Miss A has come in to teach us how to post blog stuff and we thought we would write to you!
Hope you are having a good time up in Hawkes Bay going round and testing all those coffee shops! We bet you $5.00 that you have already found at least 10 to 15 awesome coffees!!! lol.

Lots of love,
Hannah and Ella!

To Mrs Rolls

Hi Mrs Rolls
Hope  you're having a great day in Hawkes Bay.
We miss you heaps. We are having a great time at school with Mr Mathews.
Hope you come and visit us soon.

From Cora and Tangiwai.

Mrs Rolls This is for you

Hi Mrs Rolls and World.
In Room 4 this morning we are learning how to upload blogs by ourselves.
Since we are missing you heaps, we thought our first blog posts would be messages to you.
Sit back, relax and stay tuned!
From Miss A and Room 4