Friday, 31 May 2013

Nelson English Reading Books By Renee

Our Nelson English reading books (NERB) are the books we use for reading they are fun because they give us questions and they also give us a story to read I am on reading book 5 and story two it is so fun.

Marlene Naude last 4 weeks

Marlene Naude 

Okay let me tell you something we did the last 4 weeks we started 

with a idea for maths so we can do better at it and focus on it.Mr Matthews and room 4 came up with a brilliant idea for getting into groups and the goal is to see who has the most marbles (1 task = 1 marble) then the team with the most marbles wins a trip or movie.After all the planning we went to making or writing a recount a recount has a introduction  paragraph and a conclusion.Then this week 31/05/2013 Mr Matthews came up with a plan of making a poem into a rap so you can do it in groups or you can do it alone if you want to,me,Olivia and Brooklyn is in a group we made a Mc Donald's rap it sounds so cool. That turned out good and when we were done with that we went for a fun game outside I was still new with this game but got the hang of it in the end.The sevens team are playing rugby on the 31/05/2013 we hope they win!Today was a fun day here in TBCS the last 2 weeks was very cold for me.The mountains are covered with snow a specially mount Arthur 
From Marlene Naude Room 

from Jessiah

Jacob, Josh and Harry's rap poem

this is our (Josh, Harry and Jacob) pizza rap poem we had to do for writing it was really fun!!!

Jacob: Pizza rap!!!
                                                    Harry: Pizza is nice
Harry: All yo need is just a slice!!!
Josh: Pizza fills yo tummy
 Harry: So stop being a dummy

Jacob: You should you would you could so why don’t you
Jacob: You know you want to you know you need to
But you never do!
Josh: Pizza is good pizza is nice so why don’t you just take a slice!

 Jacob: have some pizza YEAH! Harry: Have some pizza YEAH! Josh: some pizza YEAH



Gummy bears are chasing me
Gummy bears are eating me
One is Red
One is blue
The yellow one ate my shoe
The blue one has a butcher knife
Gummy bears are eating me.
Gummy bears are on my bed
Gummy bear are on my head

We did poem/raps for are writing we had to make a poem that rimes and then we had to rap it.

     Volcano Adventure

               Mysterious Adventure
                               Levi Smith 

In the holidays on the first week it was a stormy Sunday night. I was with my friend in his mum’s car driving to church when about a kilometre away lightning stroke.  We came in to Richmond with water about waist deep. We saw house’s flooded around us. The rain was pouring down making rivers flooding, massive puddles and threatening flooding heights.

After church some people that lived in Richmond couldn’t get home so our pastor said “If anyone can’t get home they can stay the night”. Raymond’s mum didn't want to stay there so they came home with us.

We got to my house and had a biscuit and some chips then Brooklyn’s mum couldn't get home so she came around to.

After two hours some roads in Richmond opened so Raymond and his mum could get home also Brooklyn’s mum. After fifteen minutes they text us to say they got home. They were lucky they could get home.  When it was time to go to bed I said to my mum” That was one scary night”. I went to brush my teeth and went to bed. The End           

Gummy bears.

This is hilarious gummy bear with knife is cute.

Gummy bears.

Abcdefg gummy bears are chasing me one is red one is blue one is peeing on my shoe now I’m running for my life cuz the red one has a knife.

Mc Donalds Rap

Mc Donald’s
I want a number 6 super size
with a sprite and large fries
Mustard ketchup only please
but don’t you forget the cheese
I got a sweet tooth but im in a hurry
Can you get one mc flurry
I need a ice cold ice cream tease .
Exuse me ma’m did you get that  , can you tell me baby did you get that?
(his order)
Was it to fast?
(his order)
Cuz I don’t wanna come back
To the drive thru ,Cause I wanna big mac.
Can you hear me
(his order)
Cuzz if its m,c n d then please I’m lovin it
Badda ba ba ba Im lovin IT !!!!
This is Olivia and Marlenes and Brooklyns Rap. It is totally awesome. :)


In term 1 room 4's reliever Mr's Parsons showed us
how to make home-made slime out of very few
materials such as water and tree gum and even salt!!!
In the end it was very green and some where blue
My colour was yellow but it didn't turn out right if you don't stir well enough it will be lumpy!
We all had a great time making it!!!

By Joshua!!!